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Chapter Fifteen - Is he really doing this?

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Sarena meets Pete Wentz, and that leads to meeting the guys from Panic! At The Disco... what will happen when she and her best friend Ele are in the mix? (This summary suck, I know... just read th...

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Sar, Ele, Andy and Josh were sitting in a waiting room in the Decaydance Records building. Pete and his associates were discussing about them in another room, so they were pretty nervous about their final decision... they were waiting for the verdict: either in or out Decaydance. They had decided to call their band "GATD", which was the acronyms for "Gangstas At The Disco" because, pretty much, it was all thanks to Brendon and Ryan if they had decided to start the band to begin with.
They waited for about thirty minutes before Pete emerged from the room, calling them back into the room. They took a seat at the meeting table and waited for Pete to speak up.
"Me and these guys discussed about this and we decided that..." he paused, making everyone go crazy, especially because he had a solemn expression on his face. But when he broke into a grin, there were no doubts left. "Congratulations guys! You made it!!"

"So now you are officially GATD, uh?" Ryan asked later that night when they all went to celebrate at Andy's club.
Sarena nodded, smiling at her friend, who was too busy making out with her boyfriend.
As Brendon let go of her, and as the other two members of GATD joined them at the table in the VIP room, they happily proposed a toast to the newly band.
"When do you guys start recording?" Brendon asked.
"Hopefully tomorrow..." Ele answered.
"We have tons of ideas on melodies for Ele and Sar's lyrics..." Andy added and Josh just nodded.
"Awesome!" Ryan smiled snuggling closer to Sar, who giggled as she let her arm around his waist.
Everyone frowned as the music suddenly stopped and Dan, Andy's other best friend and co-owner of the club went on stage, a mic in his hand.
"What's up everyone!!" he screamed as the crowd went crazy. "That's great... And I have some exciting news about my man Andy, his sister Ele and their friends Sarena and Josh... Give it up for GATD their new band who got signed today at Decaydance Records and Fueled By Ramen!" he shouted as everyone made as much noise as possible.
"Woo, congratulations guys. I think it's time for you to come on stage and show us what you got!" he demanded and the only thing GATD could do was satisfy them.

Three months later...
Panic! At The Disco had finally released their second album. It was an instant success and the boys couldn't be happier about it. Especially because GATD album was almost done as well, which meant that there was a small chance that Pete could decide to let GATD tour with Panic.
Ele and Sar were at home, resting because of the weekend. Sar was taking a shower while Ele was in the living room watching the TV, waiting for her friend so they could start thinking about dinner together - usually that meant a discussion about what takeout they wanted.
She didn't hear the house phone ring, not until she acknowledged the answering machine going on. As she went to pick up, she stopped to listen.
"Hey Ele, this is Aaron... hum, I just wanted to congratulate with you and Sar for the band thing... I am throwing a party for you guys at my house tonight so please make sure you get your beautiful asses here... bye..."
She desperately wanted to pick up the receiver to tell him to fuck off but decided against it. Especially because Sar was just emerging from her bedroom, with her hair dripping wet.
"Who was on the phone?" she asked.
Ele just pressed play on the answering machine and watched as Sar's jaw dropped in disbelief.
"That son of a..." she said.
"I know... Does he really think we're going to forgive what he did to us?"
"Well, one thing for sure is that I'm not going. It's just a party with a bunch of losers like him..."
"Exactly," Ele agreed. "jerk..." she murmured pressing the delete button.

"He what?" Ryan asked. He had the same reaction that Sar had.
Brendon just sighed. "He's got some problems, I mean... there's no need for him to do that... it's not like you guys are buddies or something..."
"I know, I'll let Andy know about him so he'll probably talk with Nick and hopefully he'll leave us alone..." Ele said. "Can we go now? I really want that ice cream you promised me..." she asked standing up.
Brendon smiled as he stood up as well. "See you guys later!" he called after the other couple, who were too busy making their way into Sar's bedroom.
Thirty minutes later they were walking hand by hand, both licking happily on their ice cream. "You know, Panic will make a cameo in Gym Class Heroes new video..." Brendon told her.
"Really? That's so cool! When?"
"We leave in two days for Vegas, and I wanted to ask you... if you... maybe wanted to come with me... I know for sure Ryan's asking Sar, but I really would like for you to come... Especially because I'm probably gonna be staying in Vegas for two weeks..."
"You are?" Ele asked confused. He never mentioned going back to Vegas, and it kinda made sense since he lived there. But just thinking about him moving back there made her sick to the stomach.
"Yeah, well... I want to move out of my parents' house - even though I've been away for almost two years now - but I also want to spend some time with them so do you feel like coming with me?"
Ele looked at him, and smiled. "Yeah, if you want me to, I'd love to..."
He grinned and leant in to kiss her. "Thank you..."
"What do I get in return?" she asked licking teasingly on her ice cream.
He watched carefully her every move, and before they knew it, they were back at the boys apartment, making out on Brendon's bed.
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