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Chapter Sixteen – What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas

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as the title say

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The following day Ele and Sar talked about going to Las Vegas with the boys, especially because they had to be in the studio and were not able to leave with them, but two days after their departure.
Spencer, Ryan and Brendon were going to Vegas by car since Brendon had his car in LA, while Ele and Sar were going to take a plane ride, so Brendon and Ryan could go pick them up at the airport, instead of having them drive around the town without knowing where to go. Because Ele and Sar could get lost easily. For real.
So, three days after, the two girls were boarding on a plane to Las Vegas. It wasn’t their first time there, but they never had a chance to go see the city, and that’s what they wanted to do once they would get there.
“Thank God me and Ryan don’t drink, because I have a feeling that if we did, we’d end up married somehow…” Sar said as the plane took off.
Ele just laughed. “You and Ryan getting married would be the ultimate event of the year!”
“True!” Sar laughed along. “But I wouldn’t mind marrying Ryan one day…”
Ele just rolled her eyes. “Yeah, and next you’re going to say you want to have his babies soon, right?”
They just looked at each other before they burst out laughing, with the whole plane staring at them as if they were completely crazy…
“What if YOU ended up drunk and married Brendon? How would you like that?” Sar exclaimed trying to get back at Ele’s last joke.
“Nah, that’s not gonna happen… me and Brendon are very responsible kids so I can bet a billion dollars he’s gonna ask my hand to my father first… AND we are too young for that, really…”
Sar just shook her head. “I have a feeling that something’s going to happen soon… I just can feel it…”

Brendon and Ryan picked the girls up at the airport and took them to the hotel to leave their luggage. They were going to stay at the hotel because Brendon was staying at his parents’, while Ryan was at Spencer’s. The only thing they never bought ever since they had became famous was a home, and now they had intentions to do so. Plus, they could just spend the night with their girls without anyone interrupting them… Also, the plans for the week was that they would be on the set of GCH’s video with them, then going out on the evening, and then the following day it was all about meeting the parents – which both girls dreaded.

The girls kept laughing their asses off watching their boyfriends shaking their booties dressed up as animal – Brendon as a dog and Ryan as a lion. It was the most entertaining thing ever, the ultimate experience.
When the shooting ended, they patiently waited for the two boys to go shower and get ready.
They went to eat at a nice restaurant located in the Palms complex, then the girls got back at the hotel to get ready, while the boys returned home to get ready as well.
They were going to be hanging out with Pete, Travis from GCH and a few more people at a club called Moon.
They danced, laughed, kissed and basically just had a good time. At around 3 AM Sar and Ryan decided to go back to the hotel so they said their goodbyes and left. Ele and Brendon left soon after, drunk and laughing hysterically. Definitely amusing to see.

Sarena woke up feeling nausea invade her body. She jumped out of bed trying not to wake Ryan up, and ran to the near bathroom, emptying her stomach in the toilet. She coughed as she sat up, leaning against the bathtub, grabbing a towel to wipe her mouth. She felt tears trickle down her face as realisation hit her. This wasn’t the first time she woke up to throw up in the morning. At the beginning she thought it was some kind of food poisoning but now she had no doubts that maybe food wasn’t the reason.
She almost didn’t even hear the soft knock on the bathroom door.
“Sar, are you ok?” was Ryan, talking to her from the other side of the door.
“Yeah, I just…”
“Were you throwing up?” he asked without waiting for a reply. Concern was evident in his voice.
“Yeah, I’m not feeling so good, I think it was something I ate yesterday…” she said before opening the door.
“Aww babe, come here…” he opened his arms and she happily went to hug him. If only he knew… She desperately needed to talk to Ele about all this…

Brendon and Ele were woken up by loud poundings on their door. Brendon just groaned, covering his head with a pillow.
“Brend, open the door…”
“Nah-uh… last time I did your dad was there…”
Ele didn’t reply, because finally the knocking was over. “My head hurts…” she said simply.
“Mine too…” replied Brendon.
They were about to get back to sleep when the person on the other side of the door was determined on making their presence felt. “Ele, open the door, I know you guys are there, I can hear you talking!” said none other than Sar.
“Go away, Sar, we’re sick…” Ele shouted back, quickly regretting it because now her head was hurting twice.
“It’s important Ele! I think I might want to cry now… Please!”
Ele just groaned as she slipped on a few clothes before going to answer the door.
“What?” she asked a little too harsh at Sar, who was standing there on the verge of tears.
Sar quickly made sure no one around them was watching before showing her friend a pregnancy test. “I took it a couple of minutes ago but I just can’t do this myself…” she said sobbing. “Will you be there with me to find out the result?” she chocked out.
Ele just hugged her. “Sure, babe… Let’s go to the bathroom, Brendon’s sleeping anyway…” she said, because she could almost hear him snore.
They locked themselves in Ele’s bathroom as Sar took out the test, handing it to her friend.
“I can’t do this, you look at it…”
Ele took the white stick and was about to turn it to see the result when Sarena stopped her, grabbing her left hand to inspect it. “Ele, what the hell is this?” she asked pointing to a ring sitting on her ring finger.
“What is… oh shit!” she screamed as soon as realisation sunk in.
“You got married?”
“I… I… I don’t know!” Ele cried out, panicking.
“Ele calm down… can we solve one problem at the time… I might be pregnant, remember?” Sar said, snatching the stick out of Ele’s hands, and looking at it. “Oh my God…” she breathed out, letting the little white stick fall to the ground. “It’s… it’s… positive! Ele it’s positive! I’m fucking pregnant…”
“Sar calm down, it’s not 100 percent sure… it could be wrong…”
“It turned out positive!”
Ele sighed. Sar freaking out was never a good thing. “Sar, I think you should talk about this with Ryan… You guys need to get through this together and well… I need to find out if I really got married anyway…”
“Ok, hum...” she paused to think about what to do. “I’ll call you later so we can update each other…”
“Alright… later babe…”
They hugged before parting ways.
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