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Chapter Eighteen – Parents

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Sarena meets Pete Wentz, and that leads to meeting the guys from Panic! At The Disco... what will happen when she and her best friend Ele are in the mix? (This summary suck, I know... just read th...

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That night, Ele was lying on her bed in her hotel room. Sar was in her room sleeping, while Brendon and Ryan were somewhere, hanging out with their friends. Both girls had stayed behind because Sar wasn’t feeling so good, and Ele decided to keep her company and to make sure she wasn’t alone if something happened.
She had a lot to entertain herself with – a huge TV, with pay per view channels, a stereo, anything really – but she just lied there, playing with the ring that was now on her finger. She knew she had to tell her parents sooner or later, and she felt like the more she waited, the more it was gonna eat her up in the inside.
She picked up the receiver of the hotel’s phone and dialled her parents’ number, waiting patiently for someone to pick up. Finally, after a couple of rings, her mother picked up.
“Hello?” was her welcoming voice.
“Mom?” Ele choked out, really afraid of her possible reaction to the news.
“Ele, honey! What’s wrong?”
“Hum… nothing, I…”
Her mom cut her off. “How’s Vegas? Dad wants to know if Brendon is behaving?” she laughed.
“Vegas is cool, and yeah, Brendon is totally behaving… I just met his parents today…”
“Oh really? Wow… how was meeting them?”
“It was alright, I guess… they’re really nice… his mom reminds me of you most of the time…”
“Well, then she’s a cool mom!”
Ele laughed lightly, getting quiet soon after. “Mom, I have to tell you something and you’re probably gonna be pissed off at me, but please, promise me you’ll keep in mind that I indeed grew up and even though I’m only 20 I’m very responsible and…”
She cut her off again. “Ele, you’re scaring me, just… say it, I guess…”
“Alright…” Ele sighed. “Well, last night me and Brendon went out with some of our friends and we… got drunk… and while we were in our drunken state of mind we… we got married…”
Her mom was silent for what seemed like an eternity, before she spoke up again. “Honey, I… do you love him?” she simply asked, making Ele smile.
“Yeah… I love him, with all my heart. As cheesy as it sounds, but I really do…”
“Then I trust you’re gonna do the right thing… Ele, I honestly do not approve of you getting married so soon but as you just said you’re 20 and well… as long as you take your responsibility and stay out of trouble, I will try and be happy for the choices you make, cause really, it’s your life and I know for sure that my opinion is not that relevant as it used to be when you were little and you had to choose what Barbie you wanted for Christmas…” she said, and Ele could tell she was crying. “My baby got married!”
“Yeah…” Ele replied, smiling a little. “Mom? Thanks for understanding and being cool about it…”
“No problem… I love you honey…”
“I love you too mom… Bye…” Ele smiled hanging up.
She sighed as she felt as the huge burden she was carrying had been magically lifted off of her. It was nice to know that her parents were allowing her to make her own mistakes and decisions.
The door opened and she looked up to see Sar walking and jumping on the bed with her.
“Ele, how the hell am I supposed to be telling my parents this? They’re gonna disown and disinherit me…”
“Sar, I know it’s hard but you have to tell them sooner or later… actually sooner than later because you’re gonna start showing in a while, and what are you gonna tell them then?”
“I’ll tell them when you tell your parents…”
Ele just laughed, handing her the phone. “I just got off the phone with my mom… she knows everything so…”
“Listen Ele…” Sar started, standing up, with her hands on her hips. “I’m not exactly you, so since I don’t feel ready to tell my parents, I won’t! Goodnight!” and with that said, she stormed out of the room, just as Brendon was walking in. He eyed her confused, before walking towards Ele, pecking her on the lips.
“What happened with Sar?” he asked sitting on the bed and removing his shoes.
“She just got mad at me because I got enough nerves to tell my parents we got married…”
Brendon stopped abruptly and turned around to look at her. “You did? You told your parents?”
Ele sighed. “You know what? Yes! Yes, I did tell my parents. And you wanna know why? Because I just couldn’t keep this away from them. Hiding something from the fans is one thing, but hiding something to your own family is just… wrong!” she said, then went to the bathroom, leaving a confused Brendon behind.
He got up and followed her, standing in the doorway, just waiting for her to say something.
“… and if you’re going to say that I am regretting us getting married, you’re wrong…” Ele said, turning around to look at him. “I know we haven’t been dating much, and I believe that everything happens for a reason… but I’m scared, Brendon… I’m scared because everything is happening so fast and it’s like I’m on slow motion right now… we don’t have a house, we never even talked about marriage… how do we know everything is going to stay the same? That we’ll still love each other when you’re going to be on tour or living your life here in Vegas?” she got everything out in a rush, almost without breathing between one sentence and another.
“Baby… I know this is hard but we’ll work everything out… I can’t promise you everything will always stay the same, but I can guarantee you I’ll do everything in my power to remind you everyday that I actually love you and that this is all worth it…” he spoke gently and Ele just hugged him.
“I love you too…”
They stood there for a few minutes, before Brendon let go to look into her eyes as he spoke up again.
“I told Pete, Spencer and Jon about us… they were pretty happy for us…”
“Yeah… and Pete pretty much found us a house in LA…”
Ele just stared at him. “He did?”
“Yeah… it’s in the same area as his house…”
“Oh Gosh, that’s awesome…”
Brendon smiled. “Yeah… I’m moving out of my parents house! Give it up for me!” he screamed and Ele laughed, cheering for him.
Maybe, things were going to be fine after all.
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