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Chapter 37: Drop A Heart

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Winding down!

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Chapter 37: Drop A Heart


Bobbie was showing quite a bit. She finally got over the morning sickness some and was feeling a lot better. She quit teaching and was going to stay at home with the baby. Eric was finally an official Stump. The adoption was final in July. Patrick went on a small tour in August. It was for a month. He was home and wasn't going to leave until after the new year. Bobbie and Patrick were sitting on the couch. Eric was at a friends house. "Patrick, we need to start thinking of getting the room ready for the baby." "We will. Pete and I have talked about painting one of the rooms." "Good. Ow." "Are you okay?" "Yeah, the baby just kicked." "Let me feel." Patrick put his hand on her growing tummy. "Right here. There. Did you feel it this time?" "Yeah, amazing." Patrick had a huge smile on his face. "Hey peanut, it's daddy. I love you." He looked up at Bobbie. He kissed her. "I can't believe it. In a few months we are going to have a baby." "Yeah. I want you to spend some extra time with Eric. I think he might feel left out or feel that we don't love him because he's not our blood child. Do you know what I mean?" "Of course." He kissed her nose.

"I'm going to start some supper. Eric should be home soon." Bobbie was about to stand up. "No, I'll do it. You sit here or lay down and get some rest." "Patrick, I am pregnant not sick." "I don't care. You are pregnant with my child. I want you to rest." She knew she couldn't fight him. "Alright. I'm going to lay here." Bobbie laid on the couch and Patrick covered her up with a blanket and went to the kitchen. Bobbie fell asleep right away. Patrick got out chicken and started to get it ready. Eric came home 20 minutes later. "Mom, Dad." "Hey Eric, your mom is resting so keep it down a little." "Oh, okay. Sorry." "It's alright. Do you wanna help me make supper?" "Sure." Patrick and Eric made supper. They put everything on the table. "Eric, why don't you wake up your mom." "Okay." Eric went and woke Bobbie up. They had supper and did the dishes together.

"Thank you, Eric. Are you all done with your homework?" "Almost. Have math yet?" "Finish that up before you do anything else." "Alright mom." Eric ran to his room. There was a knock on the door. Bobbie went to open it. "Hey Bobbie. How are you doing?" "Good. How are you, Pete?" "I have something for the baby." "Come in." They went to the living room. "I know you still have 3 months to go, but I wanted to get you some stuff." "Pete, you didn't have to." "I know. But I wanted to. Where's Patrick?" "In the Studio, downstairs." "I'll go get him." Pete left and went to get Patrick. Few minutes later Patrick and Pete came to the living room. Patrick sat next to Bobbie. "Here you two go." Pete handed Bobbie two gift bags. Inside were all kinds of baby sleepers, blankets, and bibs. "Peter, you shouldn't have." "Hey, my two best friends are having a baby. I need to spoil him or her. And speaking of spoiling where is my nephew." Even thought Patrick and Pete weren't related he considered Eric his nephew. "He's in his room." "Eric!" Pete yelled. "You could of gone to his room you know." Patrick said.

Eric came to the living room. "Hey Uncle Petey. How are you?" "Good. I got you something." He handed Eric a bag. He opened it. Inside was a new video game. "Thanks. It's the one I've been wanting for awhile now." "Pete, you need to stop spoiling both our children." Patrick said. "Stuff it, Pattycakes. The Uncle can do whatever he wants. Right, Eric?" "Right. Can I go play this?" "You have a hour before bed. Okay?" "Thanks dad." Eric ran to his room. "Thanks Pete. Even though you didn't have to do it." "Anytime, Bobbie. How are you feeling?" "Good. A little tired now and then." "Good. Well, I should go. Megan is home alone. Talk to you both later." Patrick walked Pete to the door.

Patrick came back and sat next to Bobbie. He kissed her neck. "Look at how tiny these sleepers are. I can't believe we are going to take care of a tiny baby. Patrick, I don't know if I can." "Oh babe, you will to an amazing job. You are going to be a great mom." "Thanks. I'm so nervous though. What about you? How are you feeling?" "I"m nervous too. I know once the baby is born everything will fall into place." She smiled at him. "Patrick, kiss me." He bent down and kissed her lips sliding his tongue in her mouth. "We have to stop." "Why?" "For one thing Eric is still up and another I'm huge." "I don't care about you being big." "Oh, so I am." She got up leaving Patrick alone. Bobbie went to the bedroom.
Patrick told Eric to go to bed. He then went to Bobbie. She was laying on the bed crying. "Honey, stop crying." He laid on the bed and rubbed her back. "Bobbie, I didn't mean it. I mean, damnit. I don't know what I mean. Let me start over. You are big, but you are carrying my child. That is sexy as hell." Patrick moved his hand to her belly. "Don't you know how much I love you. I would do anything for you. Anything." Bobbie turned around. "I'm sorry, Patty. I overreacted. It's the hormones. Do you forgive me?" "Yes. So how is peanut doing?" "Kicking me like crazy. But when you talk the baby calms down. Must know Daddy is in charge." "Funny. Why don't you get ready for bed and I'm going to turn off the lights and I'll be back in a few." "I'm going to take a shower." "Be careful." "I will." Patrick was by the door. "And stop rolling your eyes." Bobbie laughed and went to the bathroom.

A few days later Patrick was in the studio at home and Bobbie was resting. The phone rang. "Hello?" "Bobbie?" "Yeah, who's this." "It's Allison." Bobbie got sick to her stomach. "What the hell do you want?" "I want to talk to you. Could you meet me tomorrow at 2pm." "I don't know." "Please. I need to tell you something." "Okay. I'll meet you at Coffee Time at 2." "Thanks. Bye." Bobbie laid back down. She didn't know if she should tell Patrick. Especially, since he's been so overprotective of her. "Baby, who was on the phone." "Just an old friend. I"m going to meet her for coffee tomorrow." "Oh, have I met her?" "No. She is a high school friend." "Okay. Be careful driving." "Oh my god. Patrick, stop it. I'm not even going until tomorrow. I know you are doing what you think is best, but I'm not going to break. And the baby is protected." "I know. I'm sorry. I'll try and lighten up a little."

The next day Bobbie got ready to meet Allison. She was nervous. She didn't want to see her, but Anna sounded like she had something important to tell her. Hopefully, nothing to upset her. Bobbie parked the car and got out. She walked into the coffee shop and order a water and a muffin. She seen Allison. Her stomach lunged. She couldn't go through this.
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