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Chapter 38: I'm Sleeping My Way Out Of This One

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Patrick finds out a secret

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Chapter 38: I'm Sleeping My Way Out Of This One

Bobbie walked over to Allison. "Hello." "Hi Bobbie. How are you doing?" "To tell you the truth, I don't want to be here." "I'm sorry." "I didn't tell Patrick that I was meeting you. What do you want?" "I want to tell you how sorry I am for everything. I should of known better. I hate myself for breaking you two up." "Patrick was to blame to. Hell, we all were. I didn't want to listen or forgive." "Well, I knew what I was doing. I was waiting for a time to get him back. And then when you guys got married. I feel so ashamed. Kevin had this big plan of him getting you and me Patrick. What an ass. You and Patrick belong together." "Well, thank you."

"I should be telling Patrick this, but I wanted to tell you, so you could tell him. I'm afraid to tell him." "What? I can't tell him your secrets." "Just hear me out. He'll take it better from you." "Well, what do you want me to tell him?" "I know it doesn't matter now or maybe it will. When Patrick and I were together the first time I cheated on him with Kevin. I got pregnant." Bobbie couldn't breathe. "What the fuck? Are you kidding me? Why would Patrick want to know this?" "I want to come clean with things. Just listen. I was too young. I really didn't know if I loved Kevin or not. I went to his house to talk to Patrick. I wanted to tell him about Kevin. He wasn't home, but Kevin was and I talked to him and told him about the baby and decided to get an abortion. Kevin went with me and it was soon after that, that Patrick found us." "Oh my god. You want me to tell him this? If you want to come clean why can't you tell him? Why do I? He's going to be upset." "I know. But hopefully he won't. Please Bobbie. Tell him. He needs to hear it from someone who loves him. I screwed everything up. I didn't care about anyone except myself." "Let me think about it. It's not something I can come out with. What am I suppose to say, oh Patrick, by the way your ex girlfriend didn't only cheat but also got pregnant by your brother." "I know. There's another thing. Bobbie, will you forgive me? I don't expect us to be great friends or anything. I just need to know you forgive me." "Anna, I can forgive. But it's still hard to forget." "That's all I ask. Thank you, Bobbie." "

Bobbie finished her water and left. She didn't know what to do. She knew Patrick would be upset. Even if he was young, he probably would of wanted that child. Even if it wasn't his. She got home and laid on the couch. She closed her eyes. Next thing she knew someone was rubbing her stomach. "Hey babe. How was meeting with your friend?" "Good. How are you?" "Great now. I missed you. When did you get home?" "Thirty minutes ago." "Why didn't you tell me?" "You were downstairs and I didn't want to disturb you." "Are you alright? You look a little worried or something." "No, I'm fine. Just a little tired. I think I'll go upstairs and rest." "Bobbie, are you sure you are alright?" "Yeah, just tired." "Okay." Patrick watched Bobbie go upstairs. He was worried about her.

Eric and Patrick ate supper. Bobbie was still resting. After they ate Eric did the dishes and Patrick too some food up to Bobbie. "Hun, are you awake?" "Yeah." "Then why are you sitting in the dark?" "Just thinking." Patrick put the tray of food on the nightstand and sat on the bed next to her. He put his arm around her. "Now talk. Ever since you seen your friend you have been really down. What did she say?" "Nothing. Patrick, it's nothing. Just forget about it." "Forget about it? My wife is hurting. I can tell. Plus, it's not just about you anymore. There is our son downstairs and our child in your belly. I want you to tell me about it now. I'm not leaving until you do." "Well then you will be here a long time." Bobbie got up and was about to leave.

"Oh no you don't. Now spill it." "Fuck you. I don't have to tell you anything. Let go of my arm." "Bobbie, what is wrong." Patrick let go of her arm. "Allison called last night. She is the one I went to see." "What? You didn't." "I went to see what she wanted. Patrick, she's changed." "Seems like it. You are so upset." "She told me something. She wants me to tell you. She was afraid to tell you." "Oh god. What is it?" "I don't know how to tell you or if I should." "Just tell me, Bobbie." "When you and Allison were together the first time she got pregnant with Kevin's baby. She didn't know what to do. She went to see you to tell you about Kevin and the baby, but Kevin was home. She thought maybe you and her could raise the child as your own. She talked to Kevin and he convinced her to have an abortion. He went with her and it was after that you found them together." "What the fuck? I gotta go." "Patrick, wait. You need to calm down." "I'm seeing Kevin." "Patrick, stop." She was too slow. He was already out the door. By the time she got to the door he was in the car squealing down the road.

She went back to the house and slammed the door. She called Allison. "Well, I told him." "How did he take it?" "How the hell do you think? He's off to see Kevin." "What? No! He wasn't suppose to see him." "Well, he is. You better hope nothing happens to Patrick." Bobbie hung up and called Pete and told him what happened. He went to find Patrick. A few minutes later Eric came into the living room. "Mom?" "Yeah. What's up?" "Are you and dad fighting?" "No, just something in the past came up and your dad is wanting answers." "Where is he?" "At Uncle Kevin's." "Can I tell you something?" "Sure. You know you can tell dad or me anything." "I know, but I just don't want to hurt dad's feelings." "What is it?" "I don't like Uncle Kevin. He isn't like dad." "I know. Dad and him don't get along much either. I wish they did. Just try and talk to Uncle Kevin. I know it's hard. We don't see him a lot and I really doubt if we will now." "Does this have to do with Uncle Kevin?" "Yeah it does. Don't worry about it. Things will work out. It's past your bedtime. Why don't you get ready and I'll be in." "Alright." Bobbie got up and went to Eric's bedroom. After that she went to call Pete, but all she got was his voice mail.

She went to the living room and sat on the couch. She was so worried. Finally at AM she fell asleep. Two hours later the door opened. "Be quiet. She's probably asleep by now." She heard Patrick. Bobbie got up and turned the hallway lights on. "Decided to come home." "Hey babe." "Don't. Enjoy your night down here. See you later Pete." Patrick watched in disbelief as she went upstairs. "Who the hell was that? That wasn't my wife." "Good luck in the morning." "I need it. Thanks Pete for everything." "Anytime. Just don't get into anymore fights you can't finish. Megan won't let me see you anymore." "Funny. Bye." Patrick couldn't believe Bobbie didn't ask about what happened much less about his face. He went to the bathroom. He looked like shit. He put some cream on his face that Megan gave him. He went to Pete's to clean up so Bobbie wouldn't see him all bloody. He finished up and walked by the bedroom. He put his hand and ear to the door. He could hear Bobbie crying. He went in.

"Hun?" "Get out. I don't want you here right now." He got in bed. "Are you deaf?" "No. I'm sleeping with my wife. No matter what she says." "Why, Patrick? Why did you fight him. You can't be doing this. You have a son. What is he going to say in the morning when he sees you? Do you know what you are going to say to him?" "Bobbie, I needed answers." "So what you beat them out of Kevin?" "No, but god. I thought you would of been understanding of this." "What? Of fighting. No Patrick I'm not. Of the secret both Allison and Kevin kept from you. I'm not understanding of that. But you need to not fly off the handle." "Bobbie, I needed to hear from him. He flew the first punch. Not me. Was I suppose to just take them until he killed me. Would you of wanted that?" "Of course not. I was so worried about you." She started crying again. "I'm sorry." He took her into his arms. "Look at me. Please forgive me." "I do. I thought something terrible happened. I called Pete and never got an answer. How are you feeling?" "Better now. I mean, I am upset that my brother got my ex girlfriend pregnant and they kept it from me all these years. But I'm going to have my own child soon and I have a son down the hall." "Patrick, I'm sorry about Kevin. I wish he could be a better brother to you." "Yeah, I guess. So, can I sleep in here." "Yes, Patrick. I love you." "I love you, too." Bobbie fell asleep in the most comfortable spot. In Patrick's arms.

The next week went well. Patrick explained to Eric what happened and how he shouldn't fight. Bobbie was getting bigger everyday. She had a doctor's appointment and Patrick was going with her. "Mrs. Stump." The nurse called her. The nurse weighed and checked her blood pressure. "Dr. Jacks will be in shortly. You should take your pants and panties off. Here is a sheet to cover yourself. You'll need an exam." "Okay." Bobbie got undressed and Patrick helped her on the table. A few minutes later the Doctor came in. "Hello Bobbie, Patrick." "Hi, Doctor Jacks." "How have you been feeling?" "Tired, but good." "Yeah, you are starting your third trimester and will be getting more tired. Is the baby moving a lot." "Yes. Especially a night when Patrick sings." Bobbie looked over to Patrick. He blushed. "I'm a singer in a band." "I know Patrick. My 15 year old loves you guys. Should we listen to the baby's heartbeat?" "Yeah." Bobbie said. She laid down on the table and the doctor put gel on the instrument to listen to the heartbeat. It was beating real good. Then it stopped. "Is everything alright?" Patrick asked. He got up and went to Bobbie's side. The doctor moved the instrument around. There was still no heartbeat. "What's wrong?" "Patrick, it alright. Calm down and let the doctor do his job."

Finally, it picked up the heartbeat. "Likes to move around. And Daddy needs to calm down. Babies like to move even at this age." Everything with the heartbeat was good. The doctor did an exam and that was fine too. "Did you two want to know the sex of the baby? I know we are late in finding out, but we never had to do an ultra-sound." "Yes." "No." "Patrick, I thought we decided to find out." "I know, but now I want to be surprised." "Go with Daddy I guess." Bobbie laughed. "Okay. I do want to do an ultra-sound to check the dates and make sure the baby is growing." The doctor moved to the ultra-sound machine and got the gel and the instrument. "Everything looks good. The baby is at the right weight and height. I'll print out a few pictures." The doctor gave the pictures to Patrick. "Bobbie, make an appointment for two weeks. If anything comes up call me." "Okay, thank you doctor." Bobbie got dressed and her and Patrick left the doctors office looking at the picture.
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