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Chapter Three.

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once again, another crazy day... yeah, i suck with summaries. I know. :P

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Yet another day in the mind of a crazy Mikey Way.

Day 232.

With Gerard and Frank.

"How long has it been since he's talked?", Frank asked nervously. Gerard sighed, "A couple weeks." Frank looked down, "Don't suppose he'd talk to me would he?" Gerard shrugged, "Just go try." Frank sighed and walked in.

Mikey's POV.

I looked up as someone walked in. It was Frank. I once again was not talking. I had figured out a way to loosen my bindings and was planning on using that to my advantage. "Hey Mikes." Frank smiled at me. I looked at him, but said no reply. I watched Frank take the seat beside me.

"Rip, tear, want to taste the blood on your lips. Feel it run down your throat and on your hands. But...Frank is my friend. Mikey, you have no friends. You need no friends. You just need the thrill. Hehe, yes that's all I need."

I look over at Frank. He was sitting staring at me as if I was a bug. He asked me, "What's been up Mikey? You look kinda terrible." I said no reply, but merely looked up at the ceiling once more. I heard Frank sigh.

Frank's POV.

I had walked in and said a few things trying to get Mikey to talk. Nothing really worked though. I was worried. "Now what? He won't say anything. Not even to his brother! What am I supposed to say?!" After I sat there for a while, I got bored. I tried to get him to talk, but he said nothing at all. He just stared at his little spot on the ceiling. I sighed and got up. I guess I gave up...I'm not one to easily give up either. But I walked out, I couldn't sit there, looking at him like that. All bound to the bed and shit...I just couldn't.

Kinda short. Sorry about that guys. So ya like? Next one's going to be interesting man. :] Reviews are very much appreciated!! :]
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