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Chapter Four.

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one more crazy day?? ugh, yes my summaries suck. :(

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Hi guys! How are ya? Good here, oh no, let's not get me started lol. Okay, here's another chapter! :]
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Day 235

Mikey's POV.

I got out of my bindings yesterday. The doctors had a fun time catching me. I got one of them with a spork I found when I was in the cafeteria. Straightjackets aren't all bad. They kinda hurt the first few hours because you're not used to them. But then afterwards they feel like the bindings on the beds they have you in. The new room they have me in makes me laugh. They think I'm dangerous. There's bars on the doors and the lock only opens to a certain voice. It's funny. I still don't know why I'm here...

"You crave it Mikey, it's been too long. Far too long..."

There's that voice again...I sort of know what it's talking about. Sometimes I'll black out for periods of time then wake up and not know what happened. The first few times I woke up, I was covered in blood. I didn't know how it got there.

I think I'll have a go at trying to get out of this damned straightjacket. I wonder if I'll get any visitors today...


Day 239

Mikey's POV.

I have no idea what happened last night. But I've been moved again. This time I'm chained with a straight jacket. That makes me laugh more. I blacked out again last night, I don't remember what happened. But I saw a lot of blood. I remember blood, but nothing else. I'm beginning to think something might be wrong...

"There is something very're locked up. You don't deserve to be locked up Mikey. I know I don't. But they won't listen. Yes, of course they won't, and what do we do to people that won't listen?? We punish them..."

And there was that crooked smile on my face again. I stayed silent, but was laughing on the inside...they would be sorry. They would be sorry for all they've done. They deserve the fate I shall give them...

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