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Chapter Five.

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yet another crazy day, seriously suck at summaries over here... :P

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Hey, yeah, I'm really liking this story. This is going to be a fun one. :]
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Day 245

Mikey's POV.

They took the chains off. They said I've been good. I still refused to talk to them. They kind of hinted at that I was going to get a visitor today. I've been waiting in my corner. I really like this room. It's cozy. The padded walls are nice, I don't get hurt when I try to hit my head against the wall to keep the voices at bay. The only tough part is going to the bathroom. I hate being watched, but they say I have no choice. Secretly I think that my doctor person might be gay. I wouldn't dare say anything though, he might get all offensive.

"You don't deserve this Mikey. You don't deserve these people, you deserve a better life. A richer life, a nicer life..."

There was that damn voice again. Sometimes I think about what it says, and I actually agree. This was one of those cases. I mean, who was I to disagree?! I did deserve a better life than sitting in this stupid corner with a straight jacket. Uh oh, I hear someone fiddling with the locks that are on the door. Wonder who it is...

Ray's POV.

I stood there, being escorted to Mikey's room. I felt terrible. I really wish I could just help him! Just like make him snap out of it! You know what I mean? I walked in and saw him. He was in the corner of the white padded room. God was it bright, how can he deal with that? What got me was seeing him in that straightjacket.

"Has he gotten that bad? Seriously? To have to be forced into a straightjacket? I feel worse. Maybe I can get him to talk today..."

Mikey's POV.

I saw Ray walk in. He, once again, tried to get me to talk. I said nothing to his petty attempts. "Hi are you feeling?" I only looked up at him, offering nothing in return.

"How does it LOOK like I feel Ray?"

Ray's POV.

I sighed after many more attempts of trying to get him to talk. He just wasn't going to. I tried a few jokes, sarcasm, talking, questions, anything! Nothing worked. Not one single thing. We had all failed. By 'we' I mean me, Gerard, Frank, and Bob. We had failed him. And we could only watch as he spiraled further down...

Yay, another one is done! Ahaha, I really like typing this story. Man, I should have thought of this one ages ago!! lol!
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