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Chapter Six.

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Hey guys! Guess what!? I can whistle! Man that rocks doesn't it?? It only took me like 15 years to figure out how to. :]
Anyways, that was totally irrelevant to the story. So here you go, without further adue I bid you chapter SIX! :]
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Day 249

Mikey's POV.

Yet another boring day in the life of me. I sleep, sit and take my damn meds. I breathe, that's the most exciting part! Pssht, who am I kidding? My life sucks. Why can't anyone bail me out?! This is not fair! I heard something else at my door. I looked up as Bob walked in. I still wasn't going to talk to anyone.

Bob's POV.

I walked into his little room. It was way too bright in there. My eyes finally adjusted and there I saw him. In the corner. In a straightjacket. I had a bad feeling in my stomach...

"I can't believe that Mikey's here. Out of all people in our little group, Mikey!? What did he ever do to deserve this cruel fate?"

I said hi and tried to get him to talk like the others. Man, I bet I sound like a broken record, but nothing was getting him to talk. Not. One. Single. Thing. It was a little nerve wracking. After more than a half hour of silence, he looked up at me. He opened his mouth to speak and I looked at him, waiting. We've been waiting for him to talk for the past few weeks. He whispered something. I couldn't hear him. "Mikey, what? I can't hear you." He looked at me, and said it again, barely audible. I was about to ask him again what he said, but the doctor came in and cut me off telling me I had to leave. Great huh?

Mikey's POV.

I sat there quietly. Oh so quietly, under Bob's eyes. Finally after sitting there, I couldn't stand it. I was about to break down, I had to tell him. I just had to. I talked, but since I hadn't used my voice in forever it was rather weak. I couldn't get my voice to go above a whisper. Bob couldn't hear me, and then...the stupid doctor came in a cut him off. I sighed mentally and looked down, avoiding Bob's stare as he walked out. "These voices...they won't leave me alone. They threaten to hurt me. Please...someone help..." Why couldn't they just leave me alone?? For one day??

"Mikey, you know we can't do that. Yes, Mikey, we wouldn't want you to get too sane..."

And there they were again...tormenting me for the thousandth time that day...

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