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Chapter Seven.

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okay, look, I SUCK at summaries. This is yet another crazy day. :]

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Day 254

Mikey's POV.

sigh To tell you the truth. I'm starting to get a little scared. Yes me, Mikey Way, scared. Here, I'll explain...

A couple days ago the doctor came in. I was in a half daze, having only about an hour of sleep the night before. He took me into the bathroom, of course, and helped me take the straight jacket off. I really don't like this guy! He creeps me out man! So, after that, he told me to go. I stood there. He looked at me. I only stood there. I wouldn't just become a slave to anyone, I don't just respond to commands. He was starting to get angry, so I uh...well. I hit him. But!! Listen! He came after me first! I saw a glint of silver and so I hit him across the face. He did some sort of twist and fell. I heard something hit the ground and looked down as a needle rested at my feet. I don't know what came over me, but I picked it up. I knew that was a big 'no no' but...I did it anyways. There was a crystal clear liquid inside it. I watched as the liquid drained away when I pushed on the one part of the needle. I saw the guy start to wake up, I guess I punched him harder than I thought. After all the liquid drained away I filled the needle with air. I knew what would happen. The guy got up, and advanced on me. I had the needle behind my back, once he got close enough I attacked. I cried out and put the needle into his neck in one swift movement. I let the air enter into his bloodstream. He looked at me fearfully, knowing what would happen. All I did was smile that crooked smile. That crazy smile if you would, and watched him fall to the floor. Dead. Lifeless. Not alive.
Okay, I admit that last one sucked. But I can't think of another one. Give me some slack people.
Anyways, so after that I just stood there. Then, for some odd reason, I started laughing. But the weird thing is, I couldn't stop. So there I stood laughing manically. Laughing, laughing, laughing as the other doctors rushed in and took me away. Soon enough I was back in my straightjacket. Back in my little corner, back in my insane mind.

Honestly, I'm scared for tomorrow. I'm scared to see what's going to happen. I don't even know what's going on anymore. Within that little 'episode' I just told you, I couldn't control myself. It's like I was watching it from a movie. And that scared me...

Day 258

Mikey's POV.

Gerard came in crying. I didn't have any idea what was going on. He just came in crying, but the doctors wouldn't let him by me. They said I was 'dangerous'. Pssht, as if. I looked up, I still didn't want to talk. But my eyes, they showed my fear and my concern. Gerard was just balling his eyes out, trying to talk through his hiccups. I was just confused and scared at that point.

Gerard's POV.

I heard the news and I had to get to Mikey before they did it. When I got there I checked in and ran to Mikey's room. The doctors wouldn't let me near him like he was some sort of dangerous animal. I was crying hard, I couldn't bear to lose him! I couldn't! They would not take him from me! They can't! I couldn't form sentences, and every time I got close to being able to tell him the doctors shushed me. At one point I punched one of the doctors, I couldn't take it anymore. But, then I was escorted out of the room. Then they had the nerve to tell me I wasn't allowed back! As if! He's my fucking brother! I'm not going to not come back!!

Mikey's POV.

Gerard was getting a little on the crazy side. He punched the one doctor because he made him stop talking for the fifth time. They escorted him out, leaving me behind. I stayed quiet, a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. I was scared, REALLY scared...

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