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Chapter Eight.

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Day 263

Mikey's POV.

I kept getting weird looks from everyone. Like, all the doctors and my visitors. I just stared back, saying nothing. It's not like I could do anything! I had to sit there all day! It was not fair. Of course, the way my life was looking, nothing was fuckin fair anymore. So there I was, sitting. In my corner, doing nothing. All I could do anymore was think, and that got really boring. It sucked being in a straightjacket in a loony house. Don't try it people, it really sucks. And the food isn't as great as it could be. Anyways, back on track, so I was sitting there right? And then out of nowhere my door just suddenly SWINGS open. I heard alarms going off and I smelled something funny. I was confused because then the sprinklers overhead went off. I got soaked, but I couldn't exactly MOVE. But then a miracle brother, covered in soot and ash, ran in.

Gerard's POV.

I admit, I did something I shouldn't have. But there was no way in hell that I would let them kill my brother off. NO WAY. Yes, I am the one who started the fire. But shhh, nobody needs to know. And yes I pulled the fire alarm. I ran straight to Mikey's room. He was still in his corner, getting soaked. I knew that this might go totally wrong and we both might die, but I had to take that chance. I couldn't bear to live without him. No way. I ran in and grabbed him. I had to go through a bunch of burning hallways, so I was covered in ash. That fire spread faster than I thought...

Mikey's POV.

Gerard came in and saved me. He SAVED me, ME. Who had been there for MONTHS. I guess I just couldn't believe it. I was finally getting my second chance at life. Finally. He quickly helped me out of the straightjacket, but then we realized something. The hospital was on fire. FIRE. Honestly I don't think Gerard cared at that moment. He was hugging me and telling me everything was going to be okay, everything was fine now. We didn't realize the time we had wasted until AFTER we smelled the smoke. Uh oh...

Gerard's POV.

I realized that I probably should've gotten the whole 'reunion' thing done AFTER we got outside, but it was too late by then. I could even feel the heat coming from the fire itself. We took one look at each other and then bolted off running. Finally it dead ended. We were stuck in a flaming hell. I knew that it could have happened. I knew it. But what sucked was that I didn't REALIZE it.

Mikey's POV.

Once again, I was scared. Dead ended in a hallway that was caught on fire. I thought it was the end. I was shaking and ready to break down again. And then to make it all the worse, there was that god damned voice again...

"Mikey, run, run through the fire. Leave your brother behind. If you're fast enough you can make it through that opening right there...Shut up! Shut up!!! SHUT UP!!! No, Mikey, no don't tell us what to do. You need us, yes Mikey you need us. NO I DON'T!! SHUT UP!!! SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!"

After that everything was a blur. I remember falling to my knees and Gerard rushing to my side. But then after that, it got really fuzzy...

Gerard's POV.

I saw Mikey clutch his head and wondered what was wrong. I tried to ask him why he was hurt, or whatever he was doing, but he just was screaming shut up. I was utterly confused, until I saw him fall. I was quickly at his side, trying to pick him up. I could tell he had blacked out. That was neither the time, nor the place to be blacking out. The fire was getting closer and the smoke thicker. I had nowhere to go! It seemed as though I had met my fate. Tears slid down my cheeks as I held Mikey in my arms. I cried into his shoulder when I heard something crack. I was coughing because of the smoke. Some pieces of plaster rained down on us, one hit my head and I became very dizzy. I saw an outline of a person loom somewhat close as my vision went fuzzy. The last thing I remember was falling...

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