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Chapter Nine.

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now what happens? Yes yes, I do suck at summaries. :]

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Oh no, I left you guys on a BIG cliffhanger. Hopefully you don't hate me! Lol. Well, here's your next chapter. :]
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Day 1 - Out Of The Mental Institution

Mikey's POV.

I groaned waking up. I heard sirens and smelled something burning. My eyes snapped open and I tried to jump up, but something held me back. I looked around, I was on a stretcher. There was a paramedic, "It's alright, don't worry, you're fine." He gave me a small smile to reassure me. I nodded, but then I remembered Gerard. "Gerard!" My voice came out in a choked whisper. The paramedic looked at me, "What?" "Gerard!", I tried again, my voice still barely above a whisper. Damn me and not talking for that long. I looked around frantically, trying to find him. The paramedic finally caught on, "Oh, you mean the other guy the firefighters got out?" I nodded, finally happy that he understood me. I saw him point to a figure lying on another stretcher. I quickly got up, ignoring the paramedics protests and went straight over to my brother. I looked down at him, he was out. I could tell he was still breathing, but I was still sad. "I'm so sorry", I still couldn't talk above a whisper. I guess I would have to work on that...


Day 7

Mikey's POV.

I was so glad to be out. So happy, but...was I really ready? Honestly? I mean sure, the voices haven't really talked to me much. But does that mean that I'm cured? Can I even be cured? I was staring at the table in the living room. We were at our house. Me and Gerard I mean. I always had the habit of staring off.

Gerard's POV.

I swear he doesn't listen. "Mikey! Are you even listening!?" He snapped his head up, finally hearing me. I sighed. He looked at me, confused. Honestly, I had no idea what he was doing. It's like I have a mime for a brother. He doesn't talk. At all. "From now on you're being called Mime." He smiled. That tells me nothing. I asked him for the thosandth time, "Do you want to eat something?" He nodded yes. "What do you want?" He shrugged. I sighed again. "Forget it, I know what you like. I'll go find something." He looked up at me questioningly. Somehow I got what he meant, "Yes, fast food Mikey." This time it was his turn to sigh. I crossed my arms, "Would you rather cook?" He looked up nodding with a smile. I wish he would TALK. "Then go cook." He got up and went into the kitchen. I sighed again. Somehow I knew these next few months might be kind of hard...

Sorry about the shortness of it! So what do you think? Yes, no? Is Mikey cured? Is he still crazy? Does he need help still?? Hehe, this and more, in the next few chapters coming up! Or, at least I!! I'LL GIVE YOU A VIRTUAL GOODIE IF YOU REVIEW MY STORY!! YOU PICK WHAT YOU WANT! :] holds out virtual basket filled with treats Yummm. :) hehe. okay, I'll shut up. :]
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