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Chapter Ten.

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Day 11

Mikey's POV.

I sat quietly in my room reading a book. I had another funny dream last night. It really freaked me out, I saw myself hurting all my friends. I didn't want that to happen. Ever. I shut myself in my room this morning, I don't want anyone by me until I can get those thoughts out of my mind.

Gerard's POV.

I had been trying to get Mikey out of his room for the past hour. It really sucked, I had no one to talk to. Not that he really talked, but he did listen. Finally I gave up and called Frank to come over. He did and we sat in the living room, watching TV and talking for a while. He gave Mikey a new nickname. 'Mimey'. Kinda stupid, but it's funny. Only god knows what tomorrow will hold...

Sorry, kind of another filler chapter. Hopefully you like. :] Sorry if it's boring guys. It'll get better. :) Reviews are nice!! :D I'll make the next one extra long since this one is so short! :]
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