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The end, finally!!

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Well... unless you want me to add a chapter for more closure or whatever. But I kind of like it this way xD
Anyway. Thanks for those of you who've actually read it this far xD I really appreciate it.


I turned over the next morning to find the bed empty. My heart immediately sank. I knew it had just been another dream. I actually thought that he was here... he cared, how stupid could I get?
I balled the thick blankets in my hands and buried my face in them. I choked back a sob and screamed at myself in my mind. I'd woken up countless nights alone. This was no different.
I sat up and rubbed my eyes fiercely. I wouldn't let myself cry, not again.
I got up and walked out to the kitchen. My heart leapt as I saw the redhead resting his head against the cabinet.
He was leaning over the stove, cooking something, apparently. I walked over to him and put my hand on his shoulder. He jumped and almost knocked me over.
He turned around to see if I was okay and an immediate sadness washed over me as I saw his red, puffy eyes and strands of his messy hair clinging to the dried tear streaks on his face.
I reached up and grabbed his face gently. I pulled the hair free and brushed it back into its proper place. "Die... don't cry, please."
He looked down to the floor and quickly fell forward into my arms. "Shinya... I'm sorry. I just... I miss her so much, it's not fair."
I ran my fingers through his hair softly, "I know... it's not fair, but please, it hurts to see you crying."
He hugged me, "I'm sorry... I know. I'll just get going..."
I let go of him and stared into his eyes, "No, stay here. Alright? You can finish your breakfast and we can do something today, how about that?"
He smiled at me and nodded, "Okay... well, let's eat breakfast and we can figure out what we want to do."
As we ate, there were many suggestions, but we both decided on the beach.
Die decided that he would go home and clean up and we could begin driving there around 4. We would arrive just around sundown and it would be very beautiful to see.

We sat in the car in almost complete silence, save for the soft sound of the radio aiding as background music.
The silence was broken by my cell phone ringing, "Hello?"
"Hey, do you know where Die is? I was trying to call him," It was Toshiya.
"Yeah, we're driving to the beach."
"Ooh, are you going to try anything?!"
"No... listen, I'll call you later though."
"Alright, fine, bye."
I hung up and turned to Die, "That was Toshiya... he was trying to call you, apparently."
Die shrugged, "Oh well," He smiled slightly, "We're almost there."
A little while later, he pulled up in a parking spot and we walked out on to the sand.
We took a seat and it would be only a little while before the sun would set over the water.
"You know, Die, I like this."
"That we're just sitting here enjoying the scene and each other, and everything, you know?"
"Yeah, it is nice, isn't it?"
I looked down slightly, "I don't want you to get mad, but I think you're better off without Reina and you can find someone much better."
He was silent and kept his eyes pointed towards the water.
I looked away from him and watched as the sun sank and as it began to set, I looked around and saw many couples on the beach leaning close and giving their lover a kiss.
I glanced sideways at Die to see if he was watching the sunset and saw him staring straight at me. I turned my head and he touched my face softly. He leaned forward and brushed his lips against mine.
My heart nearly burst in my chest from the excitement. I stared blankly at him as he pulled back.
I saw him smile slightly, "You know, I'm beginning to think you're right."


For Lindseyyy
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