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harvard isn't for little shits like us

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a light story about mcr in highschool you might love if you want to read something fluffy/fun/dramatic. if you want a real summary: Kerry is a huge flirt amoung her five best friends (the mcr boy...

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Heres the thing...when you are a girl, and all your friends are guys, people automatically think you're a slut.
I's fuckin retarted, but its HIGHSCHOOL. no duh, immature fucks like us would think that way.
But, in all fairness, the 'slut' theory isn't all that bogus.
When you're a girl and you're surrounded by guys 24/ duh you're gonna wanna flirt. ITS FUCKING HUMAN NATURE. So, as a result to 'flirting' may do stuff thats not all that innocent...
but nothing like sex. It's something a little closer to 'feeling each other up' or 'makingout'.

Anyways, i have five bestest friends in the whole wide world...and guess what?? They're all guys. And guess what else? i've been to second base with ALL of them. Does this make me a slut? No, it just means i can 'bring the boys to the yard'.
sorrry...a bit of an (bad) inside joke.
Anyway, back to topic...
even though i may makeout with my five bestest friends every once in a dosen't change anything cause we all are so close, we know it really dosen't mean anything like...romantically. its just all fun. sexual tension is we participate in it every once in a while.
BESIDES, if any of them are in a relationshop or is seeing someone...i respect that.
Therefore, im not REALLY a slut. just a partial one.
=). heard me right.
It was a monday morning and i was so fuckin tired. i seriously didn't feel like going to school, but my mom dragged me out of bed anyway saying something about 'Harvard'...
i hated to tell her that 'Harvard' was never gonna happen cause i skipped half the time and my grades were shit. Eventually...i lazily got out of bed.
After taking a shower, i slipped on a plain black shirt and my favorite black hoodie with red stars. Looking at the clock, realizing i would miss my ride if i didn't hurry...i quickly pulled on my pair of tight black skinny jeans and a studded belt, racing out the door with my backpack.
'See ya mom. Bye dad!' i said quickly before stepping outside on the porch. They both waved goodbye as i slipped on my worn out converse.
'Toro' i called, waving at the car that was now sailing down my street. His car stopped in front of my house, and he rolled down the window.
''re not late,' Ray said, obviously impressed.
I walked up to his car, letting myself in.
'Yeah well, apparently, im going to harvard, so i gotta stop acting like a little shit,' i replied sarcstically, waving to the rest of the guys who were crammed in the car. I sat next to Frank who was sitting in the middle. He was the shortest and the smallest, so we all agreed he was the one who should sit in the middle. On the other side of Frank was Mikey, Gerard's younger brother. He was a real geeky guy. Big glasses...asthma...but all that seemed to make him charmingly cute. Ray, there, the guy who was driving....we called him 'the fro' cause he was like this white guy with this huge fro hair. It was fun so play with. And then Gerard and Bob were in the shotgun seat, obviously uncomfortable.
'Your mom still into that Harvard bullshit?' Frank asked, scooting closer to me flirtaciously.
I shoved him to the side, automatically squishing Mikey.
'Back off, iero. Im too tired for your hormones,' i joked, leaning to the front to turn up the music.
Angelfuck by the misfits blasted in Ray's car as i sang along to the words, loudly.
'Shut up, kerri! You're fuckin tone deaf,' Gerard snapped, turning down the music.
'And this is comming from Peter Pan...' I giggle, remembering that movie Donna showed us on Gee's 13th birthday. She totally embarrassed him.
'im fuckin serious! now shut up, my sexy whore bitch. I got some homework i gotta finish...' Gerard replied, playfully squeezing my cheeck before returning to his work.
'Fine,' i whinned, pouting.
'Heyyy, Kerbare?' Mikey said, tapping me on the shoulder.
'What, Mikes?? And didn't i tell you never to call me that?' i say, still pissed at Gerard.
'Sorry...but do you think your awake enuff for frankie's hormones now, cause he's squishing me!!!' Mikey, replied, squirming under Frank's weight.
'No, im fuckin tired. leave me alone!' i snap, looking out the window.
' it cause of um...ya know...girl issues??' Ray asked, raising his eyebrows. Sometimes i seriously wished i had female friends.
'NO RAY!!! I DO NOT HAVE PMS,' i shouted, whacking him across the head. He flinched at the word 'PMS' which made me giggle.
'its just that i got like, 2 hours of sleep last night so now im fuckin exaughsted,' i complained.
'It's called Red Bull. HAVE ONE,' Bob said, handind me one from his lunch bag. I took it gratefully and drank.
'Yummmm' i said, sighing. 'thankyoo. you're such a sweet heart,' i kissed bob on the cheeck and finished off the rest of the red bull.
By the time i did, we were at school and immediatly harassed my the brainless jocks and cheerleaders. i know it sounds so utterly cliche, but...sometimes the truth is cliche.
'Well Well Well. What have we got here?' Brent asked, as soon as our car was parked. He leaned his body on Ray's car, looking at us through the window.
'Freaks on wheels,' one of his friends remarked, smirking at us. Their chearleader girlfriends with fake ugly blonde hair cackled at the comment. I couldn't help but roll my eyes.
'Fuck off Brent,' i snapped, stepping out of the car.
'make me,' he said, pervertedly looking at my ass.
'prev!' i yelled. Ughh....jocks.
The six of us then walked to the school building, off of the parking lot. All of us, giving them the finger before leaving them behind.
'We'll catch up later!' Brent shouted, walking off with his group of mindless drones.
'motherfuckin bithes,' gerard mummbled, before taking my hand and leading me to the tree we usually hang out by.
'Kerry and i are skipping first period...anyone else in?' Gee asked, as we sat down.
'Awww, i wish i could, but i gotta pass english this quarter,' Ray said, as he walked off to the school building.
In the end it was only gerard and me ditching.
'I didn't have any breakfast, gee...' i said, as i raided his lunch bag. I pulled out his peanut butter and jelly snadwhich and started unwrapping it.
'Heyyy...whats my lunch!' Gerard complained.
'Awww, come on Gerard! im fuckin starved...' i then shove the pb&j sandwhich in my mouth.
'Fine! But it'll owe you...' Gerard replied, smiling as his face came closer to mine. My mouth was stuffed with sandwhich and i seriously had no idea he was refering to something sexual.
'Fuck Gerard! I'm flat out broke, and didn't i just buy you a limited edition 'X-men' comic book?' i asked, taking another bite of sandwhich.
'Dont play innocent,' he laughed as he got ontop of me.
'AGH! eating!' i say, holding up the half eaten sandwhich. He took a bite out of it.
'Heyy!' i whined.
'My Snadwhich!' he argued.
'Not anymore,' i say as i take a huge bite.I chocked on it. He laughed.
'You're such a sexy whore,"
'Well, you're this sexy whore's bitch so i'd shut up if i were you,' i replied, giving him an eskimo kiss. His long black hair tickled my nose so i giggled.
'Welll i dont seem to be getting any!' he said, as he leaned in to kiss me. I moved my face away.
'im not that easy!!!' i laugh, playfully moving away from his kisses.
'Aw, darn. I guess i got you all wrong...'
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