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boobs and crushes the size of craters

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mikey is in love and apparently so is kerry.

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After first period was over, all the guys came back to the tree to meet me and gerard before second period.
I think we caused Mikes to have a heartattack cause when they all walked up, me and gerard were making out pretty heavily and mikes gets embarassed SO easily.
One time when i was 14, i was over the Way brothers' house, and i started playfully kissing Mikes cheeck. At the time he was 13, and oh SO was adorable. As we started to get some tounge action, he stopped and said,
'I don't mind meeting your mom, ya know.'
i burst out laughing and said, 'Chill, mikey. we're just having fun...'
I swear he blushed 500 shades of red.
lol. that boy was so sweet.
He actually thought me making out with him meant we were going out..
man, mikey was bound to break a few hearts one day.
Thats why i wasn't suprised when i heard this...

'Hey, guys. Guess what?? Mikey has a crush! Mikey has a crush!' Frank chanted as he grinned cheekily. The bell for second period rang loudly as i broke away from Gerard and gathered my books.
'For seriously? Who is the lucky girl?' i ask, grinning. Mikey softly shoved frank, glarring at him.
'Her name is Alicia...and she's neww...'Frank went on, dodging Mikey's embarrased slaps.
'Awww..thats so fuckin cute!' Gerard said, grabbing mikey, and giving him a sideways hug.
'I know...not to mention Alicia is a HOTTIE,' Bob added, giving a perverted wink to the guys.
'Aghhh, she's not hotter than me, is she?' i asked Bob, pretending to be hurt.
'No one's as pretty as you, gorgeous,' he replied, kissing me on the cheeck.
'Awww...your so sweet,' i than gave bob a wet one on his lips.
'Hey, get your hands off my girl!' Gerard joked.
'You got plenty of her ditching while we were in class working our asses off!' Bob argued.
'Anyways...' i say, interupting Bob and Gerard's play fight 'Tell me more about this Alicia chick, Mikes'
I put my arm around his shoulder and lean my ear in, like he was about to tell me a secret.
'she agreed to see a movie with me,' he mummbled.
'No fuckin way!!!!' i shout.
'I know, can you belive it? She has like these HUGE boobs and these awesome legs...damn. I dont even know how mikey got so lucky,' Frank said, smiling.
'Hey,' Mikey snapped, slapping Frank on the shoulder.
'Stop slapping me!' Frank shouted, moving away from mikey.
'Than stop looking at alicia's boobs!' mikey replied. He immediatly blushed. Probably cause he said the word boobs...
' can you NOT look at them. They're the size of craters,' Ray added. Even RAY was blushing at the thought of this chick alicia.
'Ewww....can you all please not have you're perverted guy talk infront of me?!! Sometimes i wonder why im friends with you all...' i shout. The late bell then rang for second period.
'Shit...i can't miss math!' i exclaim as i rush to the school building.
'Heyyy, wait up Anna!' Frank called.
'Hurry up, Frankie. We're late for math!' i shout as he runs up next to me.
As we walked into our math class, Ms. Harrison was pretty pissed at us.
'You're late,' she said, glarring at me and frank.
'Yeah. We are,' i say, as i sit down in the seat farthest in the back. Frank followed me.
'BOTH of you haven't shown up for the past three classes, and now you're late. Can you please tell me why?' Ms. Harrington snarrled as we took a seat next to each other.
'Cause we got some really good Weed from Down Town for really cheap.and it's been lasting us for a while. Questions?' Frank said, sarcastically. I would have laughed, but there was actually some truth to it.
'Frank! lunch detention. You too Kerry!' she barked. She then filled out the pink slips and handed it to us.
'Fuck,' i mummbled, slouching in my seat.
Just then, a girl i've never seen before came walking in the classroom. Her tits were HUGE. This girl had to be alicia.
'Hey, frank. is that mikey's date?' i whisper, pointing to the new girl. Frankie smiled and nodded. Fuck she was gorgeous.
'You're late!' Ms. Harrison barked, looking at alicia.
'I got lost...'she replied quietly. Now i knew why mikey liked her...she was just as shy as he was!! ahha....perfect.
'I'll let you slide, because you're new, but don't let is happen again,'
Alicia then sat in the empty seat in the front row.
After third period, it was lunch. I made my way to the detention room, handing the monitor my pass. He nooded and told me to take a seat. I sat down next to ray who already had his head down on one of the desks.
I ruffled his fro a bit.
'Hey, toro. What are you in for?'
He looked up lazily, he was obviously just sleeping.
'the sub from yesterday told the teacher that i skipped,' he mummbled, putting his head back down to rest.
'Aw, come one ray!! Dont sleep!! i wanna talk to you!' i say, shaking his shoulder. He peaked at me from under his arms and smiled.
'But im tired,' he said. Oh god, his smile was killer.
'I dont care! i wanna talk to you! im lonely,' i say, scooting my chair closer to him.
'talk to frankie,' he said, pointing at frank who just walked in the detention room.
'I dont wanna talk to frankie!!' i say, shaking ray to put his head up.
'then talk to gerard!' he shouted. His voice was muffled because his head was still down.
I looked at the back to see gerard drawing in his sketchbook.
'But Gerard is drawing and he gets mean when he draws!' i complain.
'How do i get mean?' Gerard asked after hearing our conversation.
'you never let me see your drawings and everytime i look you snap...' i say, recalling the time in art class.
'Fine!!! i'll get up so i can talk to you,' Ray said, sitting up in his chair.
He looked at me and i didn't say anything. I didn't really want to say anything either....what i really wanted was to kiss those full lips of his. I couldn't though, cause we were in detention and that was pissing me off.
'Welll...?' Ray asked. 'What do you wanna talk about?'
'Umm....i dunno,' i admitted.
i was getting nervous infront of Ray Toro.
the guy i've known for half my life.
the guy who was there when i got my first period...and even helped me clean up the mess on the couch.
ew. that was probably why everytime i was moody he blamed PMS.
i dunno!!!
'ummm. im gonna go talk to gerard,' i say, before getting up to sit next to gerard all the way in the back.
'oh wow. now that im up you dont wanna talk to me anymore...thanks,' ray said sarcastically.
'Hey Gee...' i whisper. He quickly slaps his sketchbook shut and looks at me.
'I think i might like ray,'
'No, really? its not like you've been friends for 8 years...'
'Gerard! stop being weird. you know what i mean. i think i might 'like like' RAy!' i whisper, making sure ray can't hear.
'You're joking...'Gerard replied, giving me a weird look. 'Why?'
'I dunno! its just nervous around him...and and, i feel like attracted towards him. Lately i've had the urge to just like, kiss him. Not like flirt kiss REAL kiss' i say worridly.
'Ewwww,' was all gerard said.
sometimes i really really really wished i had a female friend to talk about boy problems with..but all i had was Gerard and the guys =/.
'Come on, Gee. What should i do??'
'I dunno!! It's kinda weird thinking you like ray cause he's like one of you're best friends,' Gerard replied, looking at an unsuspecting Ray.
'Yeah...i know. but what should i do? should i just ignore it?'

oh god.
i could either tell her to go for it and wish ray and kerry all happiness....
or i could be totally selfish and tell her to just ignore the feelings, so i can have her all to myself.
what the fuck should i do???
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