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chapter 3

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chapter 3

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Whoop Whoop! Hey um hope you liked the second chapter, I know that bob wasn't around when they were in high school but you know! You can't have a mcr fanfic and not have the bob mister! Okay just a mental note the characters in this fanfic are purely fiction and story's I don't know mcr okay then enjoy the next chapter.

Chapter 3

The day after it was as if everything was everything was back to normal, the guys hadn't said another word about Parker and I had double art today and it was the weekend tomorrow so it was all great!
"What we got now?" Mikey asked me as the bell rang for third period.
"Art then its lunch isn't it?"
"Oh yeah...."
"You yellow turd!" I mocked playfully hitting him on the arm.
"Right that's it, for that nasty comment you are getting put in a bin." Before he could catch me I ran from him, I ran about 100 meters before I looked behind me for Mikey, BANG! I hit someone and fell over on top of them.
"O I'm so sorry I wasn't looking and-," I looked down beneath me to see those beautiful eyes, Gerard's eyes. Somewhere in the distance I heard Mikey's laughing and a crowd had gathered I noticed as I tore me eyes away from Gerard's. I could see the small red colour creep into his cheeks as I got up off of him. This is weird, I've never seen gee get embarrassed before. Wait gee? Where did that come from?
"Sorry, I wasn't looking, Mikey was chasing me and you're very comfortable and-," so many things were racing through my head at that moment that I just kind of just slipped out. Gerard looked then shocked and then I thought I saw that a smile on his lips? I turned away smacking myself in the head at what I had just said. How stupid can you get? As I walked away I could hear Mikey saying things like "save it for the bedroom gee, I don't wana see you and my best friend in the corridor"
"Shut up Mikey," Gerard said moodily.
Art, right must focus on art and not Gerard Way. Art not Gerard, art not Gerard, Gerard not art. Right no wrong, o fuck it!
"Ashleigh? Will you go down to LRA4 and get the print outs of these please?" miss toddle asked me. "Ill leave the room open at lunch for you to catch up okay?" she stated as she handed me the keys to LRA4.
"Yeah, sure no problem." I said before I left the room and headed to LRA 4. I open the door and stepped into the dark room, I didn't bother turning on the light, I like the dark and I sat there waiting for the copies. Suddenly the door flew open and three jocks waltzed in, Parker leading the gang. I couldn't run for it, there was only one exit and they where stood in front of it. Here goes nothing, I ran at them hoping that the blow might shock them and might get me out of there. No such luck. The next thing I knew was I was being thrown into the teacher's desk, everything slide off of the desk and I lay still on the floor for a minuet or so before I was picked up and slammed into the board on the wall. Parker's two lacky's held me pinned against the wall. Parker stood in front. "I want everything you've got today and I mean everything."
"No Parker I'm not giving you it, you can go to hell if you think I'm giving you all my savings," I said struggling to break free Parker sighed then back handed me across the face "I thought that you would have learned from yesterday, apparently not" he hit me again and I fell to the floor. I felt the blood pour from my lip as it reopened, wham a kick in the stomach, I keeled over again, another kick and another. Blood slowly poured from my mouth. I braced myself for another kick but it never came, Gerard . He swung at Parker and hit him square in the jaw, but that's all he could manage before the jocks got hold of him and beat the living shit out of him, "GET OFF HIM!" I yelled at them but they wouldn't stop, I thought they where gonna kill him. I tried to get them off him but Parker held me back. "STOP IT!" I was now screaming and sobbing at the same time. "The money on Monday or we finish what we started on your freak of a boyfriend." At this they departed and left Gerard and me. Gerard was in such a state; He could hardly stand up. The bell rang and I got him back to the art room, he was barely conscious. I sat him down and grabbed a cloth and water. "Fucking hell Gerard, you know what those guys are like," he didn't say anything, as I started to mop up the blood around his nose and head. "Are you okay?" he suddenly asked me, looking at my bust lip, he reached out and touched my face, gently brushing his thumb over my lip. It felt oddly familiar and but new, "I'm fine," I said, staring into his eyes and him into mine, I don't know who was moving towards whom but we where an inch away from each other's face. "Whooooo!" I heard frank and bob come in and say. Gerard had his back to them but they saw the bloody cloth and water. "What's going on?" bob asked indicting the water, frank looked extremely alarmed at this and moved around to face Gerard, he had cut on his forehead and a bloody nose.
"What the fuck happened?" frank exclaimed getting more agitated by the second.
"I saw Parker kicking the living shit out of ash," Gerard said simply. Frank and Bob exchanged glances of worry "we'll go and keep Mikey out of the way or there will be another way in the hospital," bob said then left with Frank.
"Have you got another top in your bag? This one is soaked in blood." I asked Gerard. "Yeah" as he proceeded to undress,
"Fuck me" escaped my lips as I saw Gerard's torso; not only because it was gorgeous, but also it was covered in bruises, he was a mess. He looked at me in a sexy smile and said "maybe later." I could feel the colour rise into my cheeks, I'm liking this new side to Gerard.
"Gerard I-," and in walks Mikey unannounced, he takes one look at his brothers bruises and tries to storm out before being stopped by Ray, Bob and Frank. Ray and bob where trying to push Mikey back into the room while frank was on his back trying to make him stop, it looked pretty funny if it wasn't under the circumstances . "Mikey stop, its my fault." I said suddenly.
"No its not, he was hitting you, what was I supposed to do keep walking?" Gerard said forcefully. "That fucking bastard! He beats my best friend up twice and then my brother!"
"And again on Monday if I don't give him all my money that I have been saving up for my rent while mom travels" they all looked at me.
"How much money is that?" ray asked suddenly.
"I've saved $200 out of $600 and that's got to last me 3 months, $200 a month, when I give him the money ill be month short and I'm already a months in dept"
"What do you mean when? You cant seriously give him that money!" Mikey said in disbelief. "They're gona hospitalise Gerard if I don't! I'm gona give him the money, its not an option not too." I avoided meeting Gerard's gaze, which I could feel on me.
"What are you going to do." Mikey signalled for Gerard to leave the room with him.
"I don't know," I sat down and felt a hot tear ran down my face. "Just give us a minuet will you," I heard Bob say to Ray and frankie. I heard them leave and felt bob's wait next to me and his arm creep around me. Good old bob, "can I do anything to help?" He asked. I sighed heavily
"Not unless you can conjure up $400?"
"No, but I can make you feel better, come over to mine tonight I have the house free, stay over" I suddenly got his drift, bob and me where 'friends with benefits' we hadn't shagged each other for at least 6 months though. "Bob I don't think it's a good idea, but thanks" I kissed him lightly on the lips just before the way brothers came back into the room. I thought I saw Gerard looking murderous but; know he was fine I must have imagined it. Mikey was positively beaming, "you weren't gone that long," I stated amused at Mikey's sudden change of heart.
"Your coming home with us, mom said it would be okay for you to stay at ours until your mom comes back or whatever," Mikey said brightly.
"Guys I don't want to intrude..."
"Your not intruding, you're saving me a lot of pain, so stay." Gerard said smiling yet pouting slightly, his eyes positively pleading. Only if it's in your bed! "Only if it's in your bed," I was thinking out loud. "O fuck did I say that out loud, fuck!" Gerard was apparently the only one who heard this comment because bob had spilled paint everywhere and on Mikey, thank god Mikey didn't hear. Gerard gave me one of his sexy smiles again and sat down next to me.
"It can certainly be arranged," he whispered into my ear his hot breath on my neck.
"Guys I'm fucking hungry lets get some food!" frankie reappeared in the door. Him and food and he is still a bean poll!

Well that's chapter 3, I'm making this up as I'm going along if you can't tell so basically R&R please. Ideas are always appreciated. Thanks x.
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