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chapter 2

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chapter 2

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Humor, Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro, Other - Published: 2007-07-05 - Updated: 2007-07-05 - 732 words

Chapter 2

The bell rang THANK YOU! I thought as I rushed out of remove room to wait for Mikey, then I saw Parker again and remembered that I would have a bruise by now bollocks! But before I could run to the bathroom and cover it in makeup Mikey had got hold of me in a one armed hug and started to walk me towards the field, "that was awesome! You where like fuck you miss with out saying it you know, fucking awesome." I smiled politely and tried to cover the bruise up with my hair. Mikey instantaneously knew that something was wrong with me. "What's wrong you haven't scolded me for swearing unnecessarily"
"Nothing I'm-," I could quite say 'fine' before Mikey had stopped me and pulled back my dark brown hair to reveal my bruise and bust lip.
"That fucking basted!" Mikey swore loudly, the proceeding to scan the field in look of Parker, bingo he found him! As soon as I could stop him Mikey had marched up to him and smacked him in the square jaw. O fuck I ran up to Mikey trying to stop him from jumping on top of Parker and strangling him. For someone of Mikey's build he was surprisingly strong, I was struggling to keep him back when saw a mop of black hair pull Mikey back so that he was in-front of him. Mental note to thank Gerard for stopping Mikey. I saw the rest of the guys appear at this point to hold back Parker. "Get your hands off me you freaks!" Parker yelled as if Ray, Frank and Bob had a contagious disease, they slowly let go.
"This isn't over you cant hide behind your brother forever!" Parker yelled while slowly retreating from the scene.
"What the fuck where you thinking?" Gerard said in a low and angry grumble, while walking back over to 'our' section of the field.
"I was thinking that Parker is an ass whole who needed to be hit!" Mikey yelled at his brother who had now gone back to his usual position of being propped up against a tree. "What's knew? He's that anyway!" Gerard said in a monotone, while I sat down next to Gerard, trying to keep out of Mikey's sight. "What's knew is this!" Mikey yelled as he stomped over to me trying to pull my fringe back, but I swatted his hand away from my face in time, before he could reveal it. Gerard looked at me curiously, his eyes where so soulful stupid twat he knows that I cant stop him when he looks at me like that. Gerard gently pulled my hair back from my face and tucked it behind my ear revealing my bruise and bust lip. All the guys inhaled sharply as they looked at me. I looked at all their reactions but I was most worried about Gerard. I know what he can get like sometimes he doesn't lash out straight away like his brother, he plots. His expression was hard to read, maybe he was stunned?
"That a fucking dick wad," Frank exclaimed.
"Just leave it." I said refusing to meet the guy's eyes.
"This isn't the first time it happened is it?" Gerard said slowly, his tone wasn't questioning it was more of a statement. I looked up to meet his gaze but then quickly drew my eyes back to my converse. I hate Gerard and his stupid eyes!
"No, but he hasn't hit me before" I said simply.
"How long?"
"About two years now," I said still refusing to look up at the guys
"Fucking hell ash! Why didn't you saying anything?" ray said getting angrier by the second.
"Because I knew you would react like this, now drop it!" I said storming off from the guys.
"Ash! Wait!" I heard bob yell from the crowd but I didn't turn around, I felt strong arms hug me from behind about 3 seconds later.
"Bob just leave-," it wasn't bob who was hugging me it was Gerard. This was the very first time Gerard had ever shown any affection to me beyond being his little brother's best friend and It threw me. All the other guys where my friends to, not only Mikey and Gerard's, but Gerard had never had anything really to do with me, ever!
Whoa I could get used to this
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