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chapter 5?

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chapter 5

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Humor, Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro, Other - Published: 2007-07-05 - Updated: 2007-07-05 - 862 words

Chapter 5

The next day was awkward, very awkward. I only slept with bob because.... I don't know. Gerard upset me? It hate how much I'm hurting him. The guys had band practice at bobs house, so I tagged along, Gerard was awful, he got there and drank the equivalent of the Atlantic sea in vodka after he found a condom packet on the floor in bobs room. The guy's just teased bob about who it was he was shagging, little did they know it was me, I couldn't let the guys find out, I don't want them too think I'm some slut, I'm not. I have never slept with anyone besides bob and the reason we stayed friends with benefits was because we thought it would be too awkward when we broke up. Gerard kept slurring the words and forgetting them, they got to the end of vampires will never hurt you and Gerard threw the mike at Bob, forcefully and on purpose. "What the fuck is your problem Gerard!" bob shouted, walking towards him. O god please don't fight. "Speaking of fuck...." Gerard said turning to me with a vile smile on his face. "Guess who's been getting into Ash's pants?" Gerard slurred loudly at the group then turned and looked at bob. The band looked from me to bob, before ray said "yeah right," quietly.
"No really, bob has been fucking ash for a long time, fucked her last night didn't you?" Gerard said getting angrier by the second, I thought he might hit bob. Bob didn't reply and neither did I, I didn't want to lie to the guys. The guys all looked gob smacked, "so what if we did, it's our business and not yours Gerard, we can do what we like." Bob said forcefully he obviously hit a never because...
"Let me guess she wouldn't go out with you, so she shag's you out of sympathy instead." Gerard mocked him openly, what happen next was a complete shock to me, bob punched Gerard! It knocked him out! Bob had never so much as playfully hit anyone on the arm let alone punch someone!
"Get him out of my house!" bob said to Mikey in a low growl.
"Guys can you help me," Mikey asked ray and frank who obliged, leaving me in the room with just bob. His hand had started to swell up a little. "Bob let me have a look at your hand." I reached out and took his hand, which he surprisingly snatched away from me. "What have I done?" I asked him, I was so confused, I couldn't take him and Gerard and the guys all being mad with me.
"I'm not stupid you know, we both know that the only reason you came over last night was because you had a fight with Gerard, you didn't and don't want me." I was surprised and a little hurt at bob. I was so confused about Gerard, how could I talk about something I wasn't sure of myself. "Last night was the last, I don't want to be friends with benefits anymore, its too complicated, especially now the guys know." Is all I could manage to say.
"Bob I'm-,"
As I walked out of bobs house, tears started to roll down my face until I reached the ways house, I new that if Donna didn't already now, she would now, so I pulled myself together and walked into the house. I could here Donna watching TV in the living room, so I snuck quietly to the basement door, where I met ray, frankie and Mikey at the top of the stairs. "We've just put him down, he's still out of it but it looked like he was coming round so we left, he must of sobered up a bit now. Why didn't you tell us about bob?" ray asked me.
"We agreed it was to be kept quite for the sake of the group, didn't want it to be weird. Worked out well don't you think?" I smiled pathetically.
"What you gona do about gee?" frankie asked me softly. I inhaled deeply, putting my hands in my jean pockets.
"Talk to him I guess, explain."
"And bob?"
"It's over." They all nodded in agreement, Mikey stayed quite since he found out about me and bob. "I've gota get going, wana lift franks?" ray asked looking at his watch. "Yeah, thanks, good luck." Frank added and gave me a hug. Once ray and frankie where gone it was just me and Mikey stood there. "Are we cool?" I asked him timidly "yeah! It'll take a lot more than this to stop that, it just surprised me." Mikey gave me a hug tightly "if it gets to much just give us a yell yeah?" he said into my ear. We let go and I nodded in thanks and understandment. Time to talk to Gerard.

OOOOOOOOO! What's going to happen? Read and find out! P.S. I don't know! Next chapter I'm gona writes out of ash's head. Possible that could be too personal if I wrote it in her head savvy? R&R!
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