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Bedroom Talk

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They danced & danced & danced & danced & danced & danced.

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Author's Note: Ssketchator, you've made it onto my list of FAAAVORITE people. Seriously. Thanks for the reviews.

Chapter 14: Bedroom Talk

Tonight is the night we've been waiting for all our lives, or maybe for just tonight.
-The Starting Line

Pete's POV

I stood on Emi's porch, corsage in hand, and rang the doorbell. Seeing my reflection in the glass, I adjusted my tie. A few seconds later, Ben opened the door with a smile and directed me toward the couch.

"Emi's still getting ready upstairs," he said, taking a seat next to me. "She's been up there forever.
"Well, she wants to look nice for tonight."
"It's prom. Everybody gets dressed up and goes dancing."
"But shouldn't you wear comfy clothes when you dance?"
"Well..." I leaned back into the couch and thought about his question. "Now that I think about it, it's not the most practical thing to do... But everyone looks pretty."

As if on cue, Emi appeared at the top of the stairs.

"Wow," Ben said in amazement.
"My thoughts exactly." I stood up from the couch and walked toward the foot of the stairs.

Emi's usually straight hair fell in soft waves around her face while a silky blue dress hugged her small frame.

"Sorry for taking so long," she said, reaching the bottom.
"It was definitely worth the wait. You" She blushed as I slipped the corsage onto her wrist.
"You look pretty 'wow' yourself," she said, smiling.

Suddenly a bright flash came from behind. Looking back, Ms. Ikuhara was standing there with a camera in hand.

"Mommm," Emi said, rolling her eyes.
"What? You only have senior prom once."

We posed for about 50 pictures in her living room before Ms. Ikuhara let us leave.

"Have fun, you two!"
"Don't worry, we will!" Emi yelled as we made our way to the limo.

Joe, Audrey, Patrick, Grace, Andy and Charlotte were already there when we stepped in.

"Took you long enough," Joe said. "Did you know?"
"Yeah," Emi said, slipping her hand onto my thigh.
"She's a complete freak in the sheets," I said, playing along.
"Well you're the one who videotaped it..."
"Woah, woah, woah," Patrick said, holding his hands up. His eyes practically bulged out of his head while Joe and Andy leaned forward in curiosity.

"Don't worry, Trick. We're just playing," I said, letting out a chuckle. "Em's mom is the reason we took so long. She wanted to take a billion pictures of us decked out our prom attire."
"Yeah," she laughed. "Do you really think that I'd let Pete tape us?"
"Well..." Joe said. "Pete's a really persuasive guy.
"True, but he's not that persuasive." As everyone laughed at her comment, I pressed my hand against her lower back.
"That's what you think," I whispered in her ear.

Pulling up in front of the Palmer House, we could already hear the music pulsing.

"Tonight's gonna be amazing," Charlotte said, planting a kiss on Andy's cheek.

The chauffer parked, and we filed out of the shiny black limousine. I slipped my arm around Emi's waist while Trick opened the door for everyone.

Inside, prom was already in full swing. A DJ was spinning records at the other end of the room while people were dancing/grinding/dry humping to a random song. Emi pulled me onto the dance floor as "Drop It Like It's Hot" started up.

Emi's POV

In the middle of "Fer Sure," I felt something hard against my thigh and it definitely wasn't a cell phone.

Looking up at Pete, I smirked.

"That's about the 5th time your 'friend' has made an appearance."
"Sorry," he chuckled.
"You know, we've been here for about 4 hours now..."
"What are you implying?" he asked, raising his eyebrow.
"I don't know..." I whispered into his ear. "Maybe you can persuade me into something..."

Before you could say "horny rabbits," we said our goodbyes and made our way to Pete's house.

"Are your parents home?" I asked, in-between kisses.
"No..." He sucked on my neck as we stumbled up the stairs and into his room.

"You look so good in blue," he said, falling back onto the bed.
"Wait until I take it off..."
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