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You and Me

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screaming at your girlfriend isn't always a bad thing.

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Chapter Thirteen: You and Me

You and me we couldn't stand being normal. That's why we make a good you and me.
-Plain White T's

Emi's POV

With a Frappuccino in one hand and the steering wheel in the other, I pulled into the school parking lot. After shifting into park, I looked at myself in the rear view mirror. My hair was messily pulled into a bun with random strands falling in my face. Dark circles hung around my eyes. It was apparent that I pulled an all-nighter.

Resting my head on the steering wheel, I contemplated whether or not I should skip my first class. "AP Psychology can kiss my ass," I mumbled. "But the whole reason I stayed up all night was to get the term paper done..."


I reluctantly gathered my things and headed into school. Upon reaching my locker, I leaned my head against its cool metal surface and turned the dial on my lock. Five...Seventeen...Seven...

"Good morning," Christina said, causally taking my coffee and having a sip.
"Hey," I sleepily responded. Grabbing my AP Psych book, I wished that I bought a Red Bull to school.
"Finish your paper?"
"No, of course I didn't," I said, sarcasm dripping from every word. "I stayed up all night just for the heck of it."
I closed my locker and turned to her, paper in hand. "Tell me again why I took this class."
"Because it looks good on your transcripts and Mr. Irving is a kick-ass teacher."
"Still, I'm tired as fuck right now..."
"I can tell. You look like you're gonna pass out."
"I just need to survive first period...After that, it's smooth sailing--Creative Writing, lunch, Digital Imaging, then Photo."

The bell rang, indicating that homeroom was about to start.

"I guess I'll see you later." Christina handed the Starbucks cup back to me, then headed toward the opposite end of the hall.

Homeroom was nothing out of the ordinary. Slumped in a cracked, plastic seat, I briefly discussed the plot of Scrubs with Jeremy.

Then off to first period I went. Stepping into the room 228, I saw that I wasn't the only one who lost sleep over the term paper. More than half the class faced the front of the room with sleepy eyes. The other half had some sort of caffeinated drink on their desks, yawning as they took sips.

I took a seat next to Marissa. She looked like she had more sleep than all of us combined, which was probably a grand total of 2 hours.

It was clear to Mr. Irving that we weren't going to be a fully functional class. After collecting our homework, he asked us to pull out our notebooks and finish analysis on studies that we'd conducted during the past week.


Participants in the study would rather affirm their belief (statement that all facedown cards were even) rather than try to find a counterexample...

I wrote another paragraph, finishing my analysis. Mr. Irving hadn't issued any other work, so I pulled out my iPod and rested my head on my desk. It wasn't the most comfortable position, but it was better than nothing.

Soon enough, the shrill ringing of a bell signaled the beginning of second period. Feeling somewhat refreshed after my 30-minute nap, I half-smiled as I walked toward my next class.

Creative Writing, lunch and Digital Imaging were all big blur. Luckily, by the time Photography class came, my brain was actually in a functioning mode.

Mr. Topher walked in, pushing a projector cart toward the front of the room. Nate and I doodled on each other's hands while photos illuminated the white projection screen.

Inez Van Lamsweerde. Ellen Gallagher. John Baldassari.

Nothing that I hadn't seen before.

Flipping the lights back on, he explained our next project. We'd have to imitate the technique of one of the photographers using objects around the house.

"Black and white film. 2 rolls, processed by hand in the lab. Give me at least 4 prints. Scan and photoshop if you want to, but I want the unedited photos as well as the manipulated ones."

It seemed simple enough. I chose Lamsweerde because her work in M/M Paris was mind-blowing. He gave us the rest of the period to plan out our projects and begin shooting.

After jotting down ideas of what I'd shoot, my cell phone started to vibrate. I inconspicuously checked the screen and saw the peterpanda flashing across the screen. I left the room, saying that I was going to "look for a tripod."

"Hey, Pete," I said from inside the girl's bathroom.
"Hello, lovely. Just wondering if you wanted to go somewhere after school."
"Depends where we're going."
"That, my dear, is a surprise," he said with a chuckle. "But wear sneakers."
"That's all you're giving me?"
"Yep. Are you in?"
"Yeah, I'm in," I said, curiosity getting the best of me.
"Great, see you in 15 minutes."

As photography ended, I made my way to the front of the school. Shadows of trees danced across the pavement while I waited. A smile tugged at my lips as his car pulled up.

"Hello, sexy," he said as he leaned over to open the door.
"Yeah," I replied, closing the door behind me. "If sexy means 'having the appearance of a sleep-deprived monkey'..."
"So your hair's kinda crappy and you didn't get much sleep. I still think you're gorgeous." I sighed at this comment.
"You're an idiot."
"You're fucking stubborn as hell."
"You know you love it," I smirked.

He sighed in defeat as I planted a kiss on his cheek.

"Sometimes I hate it when you're right..." He laced his fingers with mine and pulled out of the parking lot.

"Where are we going?"
"Didn't I already tell you that it was a surprise?"
"I was hoping that you changed your mind."
"Well I haven't."

For the next half hour or so, I sat in the passenger's side trying to figure out our destination. At around 3:30 we pulled into a CVS parking lot. After shifting into park, he got out and opened the door for me.

"What are you up to, Pete?" I asked, stepping down.
"Just follow me." He slipped his hand into mine and we started walking down the block. As we turned at the corner, a huge illuminated sign came into view. "No fucking way..." I said, stopping in my tracks.


"This show has been sold out for months..."
"Happy Birthday."

Pete's POV

Emi stood there for a moment, counting her fingers. After verifying that she was in fact 18 years old, she looked up, not knowing what to say.

"I--" was all that she got out before our lips collided. Her tongue massaged mine as I parted my lips.

Pulling away, she smiled and looked up at me.

"I can't believe I forgot my own birthday..."
"Well your amazing boyfriend remembered, and that made all the difference."
"I love your modesty."
"I know."

The next 2½ hours were a blur of laughter, poking and stolen kisses. The line wasn't too long outside the Congress Theater, but by the time 6:00 rolled by, people were filed up and down the pavement.

After our tickets were scanned, Emi grabbed my hand and practically sprinted past the merch booths. We secured spots on the barricade, dead center of the stage.

After the concert, Emi and I were covered in sweat and silly string. Forrest, Jesse, Marcus and Chris definitely knew how to put on a show. As the crowd dissipated Emi took my hand into hers and smiled.

"Thank you so much, Pete," she said as we walked down Milwaukee Avenue.
"No problem. You deserve it, Em," I said. "But to tell you the truth, I had an ulterior motive in bringing you to the concert..."
"Oh really?" she asked, clearly curious.
"Yeah, but plans kind of fell through..."
"Exactly what were you planning?"
"There was this one song I was hoping they'd perform. But since they didn't, I guess I'll have to..." I cleared my throat and began.

"Prom is coming up, it's on the 29th of May!" I screamed.

Emi's eyes lit up as she realized what I was doing.

"And I've got a message that I want to convey!
I'll buy a nice suit and you can wear a pretty dress!
You will watch me dance and realize I am the best!

Will you go to prom with me?!
And dance and dance and dance and dance and dance and dance?!"

"Yes I'll go to prom with you!" she screamed back.

We received a lot of strange looks from people across the street but we didn't care.

We were going to prom.


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