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Chapter 7: Can't Be Saved

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He was holding it in the whole time. "I'm stuck in a coma, stuck in a never ending sleep. Some day I will wake up and realize I made up everything." -Senses Fail, Can't Be Saved

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I just feel like ranting on something for a little while...
I forgot what it was though. Did you notice that my smoking dog series is kinda like that episode of Billy and Mandy with the farting duck or something? XD
Okay. That was a great episode. 'IT'S NOT ME YO! IT'S THAT STUPID DUCK!' LOL! Done...


"Somebody was tired." Andy said, peeking up from his comic book to look at Lori.

"I couldn't sleep." She confessed.

"It is hard to sleep when your on a moving bus, ain't it?"


"Look on the bright side, today's our day off."

"Which probably means more dilemmas."

"You're probably right." He said, smiling.

Lori rolled her eyes. "Any clue on what we're doing today?"

"Well... we were going to go to a bar. But you can't come because you're pregnant."

This made her laugh. "I need a drink."

"But you can't. But you won't be alone. Sisky's still not able to do it and William's in no condition for it. No matter how much they complain, don't give in."

"I'm stuck with them?!"

"It's not a bad thing. I mean, you get along with them... don't you?"

"Well yeah, they're my best friends. But they're fighting and I'm gonna be stuck in the middle. I suck at giving advice. I don't like fixing relationships. That's your job."

"Well, you don't have to stay with them, unless you like being alone. Pete doesn't like you alone. Even when your unconscious."

"You're an expert at making me feel bad, you know?"

"I try."

"Where's everybody else, anyway?"

"They all ran off to break up a fight between Mike and Bill."


"Oh, shit. Sorry. I wasn't supposed to tell you that."

"Why aren't you there?"

"Pete doesn't like you alone, remember?"

"They're gonna get killed out there." Lori ran to get her jacket, Andy grabbed her wrist.

"No, Lori. Pete would kill me. Stay."

"But-they can't!!"

"Trust me. They'll be back in a minute."

"But... what were they fighting about?"

"What do you think? William's condition."

"But-yesterday he was fine."

"Apparently not... he was taking those pills. He had a spare can in his suitcase."

"Oh, no... no, no, no." She sat next to Andy. "fuck no!"

"Lori... we don't know what to do with him. If we can't help him, we're gonna have to give him professional help or something."

Lori put her face in her hands, crying.

"Don't cry... we're trying our best." He hugged her.

"I know... this is... I can't even tell if he's fucking lying to me! He's being a total asshole!"

"You're the only one he seems to be listening to."

She looked at him. "Then why the hell is he still doing this?" She wiped away a tear.

"We don't know. But-he's been spilling a lot of guts to you."

Lori nodded. "You're right."

Patrick and Joe walked through the tour bus, emotionless. Whispering stuff to each other. Avoiding Lori's eyes.

"Everything alright?" Andy asked.

Joe ignored the question. Patrick stared at the two puzzled faces. "Yeah."

"Lemme go talk to them." Andy said.

Lori turned around and lifted the shade on the window. She found Pete and William at each other's throats. Pete's eye caught her. She quickly turned around and grabbed her stomach. Covering her mouth with the other hand. 'Things were a lot better when I was unconscious. Here every thing's just as worse.' She watched as her three friends, spoke quietly to each other. She peaked out the window once more, William sitting on the floor, in tears.

"Where's Pete?" She thought out loud.

Pete walked through the door, the first person he lay eyes on was Lori. He approached her, taking her into his arms. "Babe... I'm sorry."

This made her cry more. "What the hell is happening? Why is he crying... what happened?" She burst out.

"Baby, it's alright. Hush..." He said, letting her cry into his shoulder.

Patrick stared at them, Pete looked back. He shook his head. She parted from him. "Just... please tell me."

He played around with her hair. "William and Mike got in a fight. It's over..."

"Why were you yelling at him."


"Why was he yelling at you? What the hell happened?"

"Sweet... he wasn't thinking straight. It was the only way to knock some sense into him."

She put her head on his chest.

"We're trying to help him..." Patrick barged in. "But he won't tell us what his problem is so we can't. We really are."

Lori didn't answer.

"We need to talk about this. Are you alright staying here alone, for a while? We're only going to their tour bus."

"I'll be fine." She mumbled.

Pete kissed her lightly on the lips. "We'll be right back."


She looked out the window once again, William was still there. He didn't even notice the members of Fall Out Boy walking past them.

She continued to watch him. He wasn't doing anything. Rocking back and forth. She watched as Sisky approached him. He knelt down and put his hand on William's shoulder. They interacted for a few minutes. Kindly. William shook his head, as Sisky nodded. He started walking towards Fall Out Boy's tour bus.

She turned once more. The door opened and Sisky walked in.

"Hey, Adam." She greeted, pleasantly.

He smiled. "How's everything going?"

"Good." She said, obviously lying. "Why aren't you with them?"

"I'm not in the mood to talk about that kinda shit right, now..."


"Or that." He grinned.

Lori smiled also. Sisky always made her feel some sort of happy. He was the youngest one of their group. He was easy to talk to, also. Very understanding. He didn't like becoming upset, or seeing other people upset. So she knew when and when not to mention things.

"They tell you why they were fighting?" He asked.

Oh shit... "No. Their trying to keep my stress level down."

"Eh, me neither. Apparently... I worry to much." He replied.

"Wha-what about William. He alright?"

"He's just rethinking everything... he wanted to be alone."

"He's not mad at you..."

"I know. It's the bitch that is. The part that isn't him."

Lori smiled, small. "I've been in his place before... I know what it's like." She peaked out the window once more, he was still there. "I wanted to shut off. Fortunately, Pete found me before anything happened."

"Well, I'm glad he did. Where would we be without you?"

"Thanks. Can always count on you for lifting my spirits."

"One of the reasons I'm here." He smiled. "I'm gonna go check on him again..." He said.

Another good thing about him. He wasn't careless. He cared about everyone of his friends and he wouldn't let a stupid fight get in the way with the people he loved.

She turned around to see Sisky helping William up, though he was still rather upset.

Lori smiled, knowing that this was the calm before the storm.
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"I'm stuck in a coma, stuck in a never ending sleep. Some day I will wake up and realize I made up everything."

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