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Chapter 6: Instantly Gratified

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"Ask yourself, 'does it matter to you?' Rainbow face is all I can do. " Don't stay sheltered for too long. You could wind up weak. *Lyrics from People in Planes' Instantly Gratified.

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Lori watched at the side of the stage.

"Babe, we're gonna get ready. You okay being here for a little while?" Pete asked.

Lori nodded, not turning her attention away from the stage.

Pete watched with her. "His performance is becoming a lot better..."

Lori sighed. "Yeah."

Both eyes watched as the figure on the stage staggered from side to side.

"My sister was gonna meet us next week at the PNC arts center."

"Alright." He said. "Well, I need to get ready. See you in a few." He kissed her lightly on the lips.

The Academy Is... concluded on the set and ran backstage. "You guys did great." She said, smiling.

Mike fell back onto a chair. "The crowd was really into it. Don't you think?"

The Butcher nodded. "That's usually the case on the kick off of the tour."

Lori smiled. She glanced at William. He seemed happy. He wasn't completely stable yet but he was getting there.

But what Patrick said might've been right. He's probably just holding it in. Lori shook off the thought and watched as the band mates headed back to their dressing rooms.

William stayed behind. "Can-I talk to you?"

"You can talk to me about anything."

He sat next to her and breathed deeply. "I'm so messed up."

She looked at William with concern. "We tried to help you. You just wont let us."

"I know, I know. Mike doesn't like hanging around me anymore, Butcher's watching me 24/7, Michael avoids me and Sisky thinks I hate him. You guys are the only ones trying to help me now... but you don't live with me."

"Even if I did... I would try to help. But can you tell me... why are you doing this even though you know it's bad for you?"

"It's these damn girls I've been going out with. I asked... your sister for a date and she left me off pretty cold. It damaged me... Really bad...."

Lori hugged him, not letting go. "She's hiding something... I know her well enough." She released him. "On the phone she can't stop talking about you guys... mostly you."

"I know why she doesn't want me though. She thinks I'm a fag and she doesn't know that I'm doing this because of her."

Lori giggled. "She doesn't think your a fag. She doesn't want to go out with you because she's afraid it'll ruin your relationship with Pete."

"I don't give a fuck... I mean. Nothing will happen between us."

"I've tried to convince her. But she's stubborn."

William rubbed his wrist. "It hurts like hell."

Lori frowned. She shook her head. "I know..."

The members of Fall Out Boy walked out and Lori was once again in Pete's arms.

"Everything alright here?" He asked.

William shut his eyes and nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine." He opened them and winked at Lori, showing off his teeth for a second.

Pete's hands slid to Lori's stomach. "When do we go on?" He asked.

Patrick looked up. "Uhh... 10 minutes."

Lori leaned back on Pete. She exhaled and turned her head, focusing on Pete's face. He wasn't looking at her, but at his friends. Switching between Sisky's angry facial expression, Mike's distance from William and William's worried expression, looking all around the room. Avoiding any of his band mates eyes. He kissed the top of her head. He pushed the hair out of her face. "Well, we should start getting ready." He kissed her cheek. "Love you."

"Love you too." She replied.

He loosened his grip around her, letting her stand up. "Let's go..." He let go of her hand and walked with his band mates to their area.


The tour bus was on the way to their next venue. Lori was laying next to Pete.

She couldn't sleep. She turned her head at the black curtain.

Too many things were on her mind.
Things that she had forgotten about until now.

What's gonna happen to us?

What about William?

This baby is the only thing I'm living for at the moment.

What if something goes wrong?

What if I lose it?


I've been writing this one since this morning.
Talking to friends, my gaia, my aunt who needed me to do something SO urgent for her that took 5 hours.

But I got it.
Now, be a good ficwad and upload!!

Elena(wuz hurr)
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