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Chapter Fourteen.

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demise?? Maybe?

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Yet another installment of 'The Darkness'. Pretty much one of my best stories. Ahahaa...anyways, I'll shut up before I get started.
I own nothing more than the plot, kay? :]

Jade walked over to them, twirling a long sword. "Come on, show your fear." Frank stepped up, "No. You killed my friends. You show fear." Jade smirked, almost laughing, "You can't hurt me." Frank narrowed his eyes at the sword, "Just watch bitch."

Gerard pulled on Frank's arm, "Come on buddy, back off. He has a sword, you have nothing." Jade taunted Frank, "Yeah Frank, you wouldn't win. Nobody will. And now nobody can." He held the sword up. Mikey, being smart, took a few steps back.

Frank growled and stayed in his spot. Gerard was pulling on Frank's arm, "Dude! Come on! Now is not the time!" Frank looked at Gerard, nearly in tears of rage, "HE KILLED RAY AND BOB! YOU'RE JUST GOING TO RUN?!"

Gerard stared at him, "WHEN YOU HAVE NOTHING IN YOUR HANDS, AND HE HAS A SWORD YES, I'M GOING TO RUN!" Jade was getting closer, walking quite slowly. The sword was in his hand, but by his side, "Oh now don't think about running my dears. This will be over as quickly as it began."

Mikey shouted to Gerard and Frank, who were yards ahead of him, "Hurry up idiots!!" Gerard gave up and drug Frank off, running. After a few protests Frank was running ahead of both Mikey and Gerard. "You guys! Hurry up! AAHH!!" He skidded to a stop as Jade appeared down the hallway, in front of them. Gerard ran into Frank, and they almost lost their balance. But they all three fell when Mikey ran into Gerard. "AAHHH!!" They landed in a heap on the ground. Jade loomed closer.

Jade raised his fist once more. Frank saw this and quickly got up. He heard a 'CRACK' from the wall. He pulled Gerard to his feet, as Mikey was already running. A few pieces of plaster were falling. Frank pulled Gerard, running as fast as he could. They passed Mikey. "Hey wait!" He was trying to run, Gerard grabbed onto his hand.

As they ran the ceiling kept caving in behind them. Frank shouted over the rumbling, "WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO?!" Gerard nor Mikey gave a reply. "COME ON GUYS! WE NEED A WAY OUT!" Mikey replied finally, "BUT WHERE IS IT??" Frank offered no reply this time. Frank was looking back at them, but as he turned he saw Jade with the sword at ready. He skidded to a stop again, but wasn't quite fast enough on the getaway...

Oh wow, this is such a mean cliffhanger. You know you love me. smiles innocently I'm sorry peoples. :( please review??
It would help me write more. :]
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