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I Never Told You What I Do For A Living

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gerardie and vivi get into a fight and a bunch of drama occurs =0. it gettsss GOOD in this chapter.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2007-07-05 - Updated: 2007-07-06 - 718 words

We were now in the car, me trying to clean off his head wound with a cheap first aid kit i bought at the closest 'Rite Aid'.
'Gerard, no more secrets. No more!' i said, he flinched as i put alcohol on the wound.
'No more secrets, baby,' he agreed, half asleep. He was majorly hung over and i could tell.
'Than tell me what happened to your face!' i snapped, angry at him.
I fuckin sacrificed everything for him, and still, he treated me like some cheap girlfriend he meet at a bar.
'I just...fell,' he replied, lamely.
i slapped him across the face, despise the injury.
'You bastard!' i sobbed, throwing the bandages at him. 'wrap it yourself'.
I then walked out of the car, so fuckin angry and upset, i felt numb.
I heard Gerard get out of the car as he followed me.
Our car was parked outside of Rite Aid, so there wasn't really a place to walk to...the rest was highway. i was stuck.
'What??!' i shouted, as he ran up next to me.
'You fuckin hypocritical bitch,' he snarled. 'DO YOU THINK I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU DID BEHIND MY BACK?!' he yelled, looking at me in utter rage. I stare at him, the blankest expresion across my face.
'i know what you do when im out working. you sick bitch,' he said, gving me a look of hate.
i felt like crying so bad. i loved him. i hated him.
i didn't even know.
'Gerard...' i started to say, tears in my eyes.
'You know that guy who...' he continued. i looked away from him and turned to cry.
'I knew he wasn't fuckin raping you. i knew you saw other men,' he said. his voice was no longer angry, but sad.
''s not what you think,' i sob. i let my long brown hair cover my tear stained face.
'It's not what i think?' he spat, glarring at me.
'gerard! i didn't do it cause i wanted to see other men!'
'then why? why?,' gerard yelled.
'IT'S CAUSE YOU BLEW ALL OUR MONEY AT THE BAR! fuck gerard, we barely had money for shit, and you blew it all at the fuckin bar. so..i...i,' i couldn't even finish my sentence. i was so fuckin ashamed.
'you slept with men for money?' he said, erily calm.
'Gerard...i wanted another job, believe me, but i dont even have a fuckin highschool education! And Mikey, your brother, he had a spot opened know,' i replied. god, we were so fucked up.
'my brother?' he whispered. gerard then colapsed on the rite aid parking lot.
'Gerard!' i shouted, trying to help him up.
'I'm fine,' he snapped, moving away from me. His wound was bleeding again.
'Shit, sorry. okay? im sorry! but you never open up with me! it's always secrets..secrets..secrets, ever since freshman year when we started dating, you were always so distant with me. and FUCK! im not even sure if we're dating or not cause you've NEVER done more that kiss me!' i shout, more tears spilling.
'Oh, so you slept with other men because i didn't satisfy you?' he asked, coldly.
'Dont do that, Gerard! Do not make me the bad guy! i did it cause you blew all our fuckin money on drinks...and shit, i even knew you did some of the crack you said you were gonna sell,' i screamed. god, he could make me so mad. i loved him so much, but no matter what i did...i dunno. fuck.
'Vivi, did it occur to you i never slept with you because i wanted it to be special...cause i loved you?' Gerard asked. i could tell i hurt him, but he hurt me too. he deserved it. i still felt guilty. 'i wanted to wait till we got married...'
'FUCK THIS SHIT! you bastard. you fuckin bastard. YOU BLEW ALL OUR MONEY FOR MARRIAGE ON DRINKS AND CRACK. you fucker!!!!' i screamed.
the people inside rite aid were looking at us through the glass, obviously appalled.

~to be continued~

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