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Long hot afternoon. Wolfwood and Vash yaoi. Poem about sex and love. Characters belong to Yasuhiro Nightow, not me.

Category: Trigun - Rating: R - Genres: Romance - Characters: Vash, Wolfwood - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2005-04-02 - Updated: 2005-04-02 - 100 words - Complete


Arms enfolding.

In love, holding,

Finally, heart-to-heart with the one he loves.

He kisses whisper soft.

Slow lips graze on warm flesh

Lying languid in the sultry room

His tongue ignites a passion when the trail he paints

Cools in the faint breeze that moves the gauzy curtain.

"Is that good? Better there? Should I use my mouth? My hand?"

Kisses stop his questions and the coupling begins

While sunlight paints his lover's scars.

In a moment in time and space, they come together,

Vash arches back ecstatic

Like an angel in free-fall

Wolfwood, ruined with love, enfolds him again.
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