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Chapter 76

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The end of my fic. i hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as i did writing it. thanks to everyone that has gave the time to read my fic, please review any feed back is appriciated.

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Sophie's POV

"So what's this thing your making me go to tonight then?" I called to Linzi from the bathroom where I was finishing off doing my hair after my shower and she was in my room getting dressed and doing her makeup.

"It's some cocktail party that they have for all the employees to bond or some shit like that but you know we're just going for the free food and drink and to have a laugh making fun of all the snobs." Linzi called.

"So remind me again why you're torturing me making me come with you, who may I just remind you is six months pregnant and a. can't drink and b. is shattered and moody, when you could have took Gabby instead or maybe Ryane?"

"Because Ryane's busy and I couldn't get hold of gabby I think she's with Joel somewhere. Anyway it's our tradition to go together besides getting out the house will make you feel better."

"Linz I'm heavily pregnant, tired, aching in places you don't want to know and moody as hell why the funk do you want to be around me." I laughed.

"Because I love you." she laughed.

"Aw thanks I love you too Linz." I laughed too. "So when are we leaving?"

"The limo's going to be picking us up in about half an hour."

"A limo seriously?" I asked, shocked that the company would pay for a limo for us to go to some cocktail party. I walked out of the bathroom now all ready I just need to put the finishing touches on my make up.

"Yeah the company went all out this time." She said i couldn't help noticing thought hat she wasn't as dressed up as she would usually be for going out. it was like she couldn't be bothered making too much of an effort. "And you look absolutely stunning you hot momma you." she laughed.

"Thanks." I smiled but getting a little suspicious of something might be going on but I didn't know what. It just all seemed a little funny how I couldn't get in touch with anyone today none of the guys where around and they weren't answering theirs phones to me. Linzi dragging me and insisting that she brought me to the 'cocktail party' that we have a limo picking us up. Her company never hires limos to pick you up your lucking if you get a taxi and that's on rare occasions. Then there was why she wasn't too dressed up but I didn't want to bring that up in case I offended her or something.

We finished off getting ready and right on time the limo pulled up outside the apartment to pick us up.

"You ready?" Linzi called to me.

"Yeah coming now." I called walking to her at the door. We walked together and got in the limo the driver getting the door for us.

"So where is this thing at?" I asked Linzi on our way to where ever it is.

"Erm... I can't remember the name of it. The driver knows where he's going though don't worry about It." she brushed off, again with the weirdness.

"Hey do you know where the guys have been all day it's been really wired I've not been able to get in touch with ay of them and none of them are returning me calls. It's really wired because I speak to Gabby and Joel at least once a day."

"Your full of questions today aren't you."

"No I'm just curious everyone been acting a bit wired this week and today has just been completely wired. What's going on Linzi?"

"N...nothing's going on. What m...makes you think there's something going on." she stuttered suspiciously not making eyes contact.

"Ok come on Linzi what the fucks going on, what's going on with everyone and where the fuck are we going?" I said getting annoyed now.

"We're going a cocktail party and how am I supposed to know what's going on with the guys I'm sure it's nothing."

"Bullshit tell me what the hells going on or I'm getting out of this limo."

"Calm down Soph there's..." Linzi started but then the limo stopped.

"We're here." the driver said.

"We're where, where are we? What's going on?" I said but then the door was opened and there stood a very hansom looking Benji in, I can't believe it, he was wearing a suit.

"OK now seriously what the fuck is going on." I turned to Linzi wide eyed.

"Go and find out." she said grinning nodding the direction of Benji holding his hand out to help me out of the limo.

I took a deep breath and took Benji's hand to let him help me out of the limo. When I'd got out he said a thank you to the driver and Linzi and then closed the door and they drove off. I looked at my surroundings everywhere was really dark and we where stood outside a really tall old abandoned building.

"Benji what the fuck's going on?" I asked slowly and quietly wondering really what was going on.

"You'll see, just come with me." he smiled holding his hand out for me again. I took it and aloud him to lead me into the building. By this point I was very confused but just went with it anyway.

He led me right up to the top of the building we must have gone up twelve flights of stairs he keeps stopping every so often to check that I was ok to carry on up the stairs which I was.

When we got to the top at first it all looked like the rest of the building, a scrap heap but then we turned a corner and it couldn't believe my eyes. There was a table for two set up with candles, blackest, pillows and flowers. It looked like something out of the movies or a fairy tale.

"Benji..." I whispered speechless I didn't know what to think or what to say.

"Will you have dinner with me?" he grinned.

"Of course I will how could I turn this down." I smiled making his grin even bigger.

"We sat and ate dinner making polite small talk and admiring the amazing view of the city from the roof top. When we'd finished the amazing dinner that Benji served out for us he turned serious. He'd looked nervous all night and was a little fidgety but now he looked more than ever.

"OK so I'm guessing you're a little confused about all what's going on?" he asked I nodded. "Ok well I've planned all this today with help from the guys that's why they've been acting a little wired. I wanted to do something really nice and special for you and for it to be a surprise." He said reaching over taking hold of both my hands.

"Well you did all of those things. This is I can't even find the words for it. It's so nice and so sweet of you. I really don't have any idea what I've done to deserve all of this."

"You have done plenty to deserve all this and it's my way of saying thanks to you and also showing how much I care about you, Sophie, my best friend, the mother of my child and most importantly the love of my life." He said then he got up and came over and knelt down on one knee next to me. I knew what was coming yet I still didn't believe it.

"Sophie will you marry me?" he asked the biggest question in the world. I looked at him in shock at first I froze in the spot caught up in his gaze. My mind went to jelly but before I could think the answer just come out of my mouth like a gut reaction.

"Yes." I smiled shaking.

"You will?" he said shocked almost as if he didn't believe it.

"Yeah I will, I'll marry you." I smiled giving him a kiss. He stood and wrapped his arms around me kissing me long and romantically. When we pulled a part we held our gaze in each other eyes.

"Erm aren't you meant to put that on my finger." I laughed lightly pointing to the ring.

"Oh yeah, I hope you like It." he said getting the ring out and putting it on my finger.

"Benji its lovely, I love it." I said taking a look at the ring. I stood up so I was face to face with him stood about two inches apart. "And I love you more than anything in the world." I breathed and then closed the gap to kiss him again which he gladly returned this time we kissed with more passion.

I was stood by the edge of the building looking out onto the city all lit up in the darkness of night time. Benji was stood behind me with his arms around me waist his hand son my belly where the baby was. He rested his head on my shoulder he breath tickling my neck slightly and I relaxed me head beck onto his shoulder slightly.

"I was so nervous about to night. I've been a nervous wreck all week, I been doing all the guys heads in." he laughed.

"Well it's all over and I hope you got the outcome you wanted."

"I certainly did." he said kissing my neck. "By the way you look amazing tonight, sexy momma." He smiled against my neck making me laugh lightly as it tickled. Just then the baby kicked.

"You fee that?" I asked turned my head slightly so that I could see his face.

"Yeah what was it?" he asked.

"You baby kicking." I replied smiling this was the first time he'd felt it kick.

"Oh my god really?" he asked his face lighting up.

"Yeah, put your hands here and feel." I said placing his hands over the spot where the baby was kicking.

"That's amazing, wow. Does that not hurt?" he asked slightly worried.

"Nah it just twinges a little." I said. We got back into our position from before him stood behind me his hands on my belly feeling the baby kicking and both of us looking out on the city. This was pure bliss.

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