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Chapter 75

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Another month later and I'm now six months pregnant and defiantly showing. I don't know what it is but n the last months I've really blown up. It's like I've gone from just looking like I've out on a few pounds to looking more pregnant than ever. The sickness was finally starting to subside and I only felt a little nauseous in the morning that pasted by lunch. Most of my other symptoms had gone too but now the other signs of pregnancy where coming as in back aches, mood swings and sore boobs to name a few. Me and Benji where now getting along so well we where like best friends and he had managed to prove for the past two months that he had changed and that he really was the one for me which I knew all along really.

"So what's up with you and Benji lately you're getting very suspiciously close. Anything I should know about?" Gabby smirked as we sat at the kitchen island talking over breakfast.

"No nothing you should know about we're just getting along well." I said.

"You love him though don't you?" she said. That's gabby for you always forward.

"Yeah I do love him."

"Are you in love with him?"

"That's a good question. I do love him love him and he's proved so much to me over the past two months. He's been really great but I don't know..."

"Would you take him back if he asked you?"

"Yeah I think so." I finally answered after a slight pause.

"You don't seem too sure."

"It's not that I don't think we're meant to be together or anything I love him and I now he loves me it's just he needs to do something."

"What do you mean like to make you fall IN love with him?"

"Yeah exactly I mean I know he loves me and I love him it's just there's something missing from what we had before and it's nothing to do with all that shit we're over that now."

"He just needs to do something to make you fall for him again." She smiled.

"Well yeah." I nodded.

"Oh Soph you act all tough and hard but really your just a big old romantic really aren't you." she teased.

"Shut it you don't mess with me, I'm a hormonal pregnant woman here." I laughed.

Benji's POV

"So will you guys help me?" I asked Joel, Josh, Billy, Paul, Tony and Wes. All the guys had been helping my plan this for a few weeks now ever since me and Sophie got back from DC.

"Of course we will if it means getting you and Sophie back together it'll be a relief for all of us." Billy said.

"I'm being serious guys this is really important to me."

"Benj we know how important it is to you and we will help you. What ever you need." Joel said.

"Thanks guys. Ok so Wes you've got place sorted?"

"Yeah I know a guy who owned me a favour..."

"Stop there I don't want to know about any of your dodgy deals."

"Hey my dodgy deals just helped you big time."

"OK, ok thanks, I'm sorry. Paul you and Josh can get all the food and everything sorted?"

"Yeah we'll get it all ready for you too." Josh smiled.

"Thanks so much that would be a big help. Billy you sure you can get Linzi and Gabby to get her there with out her knowing?"

"Yeah there as excited as we are to make this plan work." Billy said.

"Good thanks so erm Tone Limo?"

"Already done and covered." He winked.

"Ok so that just leaves..."

"You to sort out the ring." Joel said.

"Shit a ring, Joel you gotta help me."

"Don't worry about it I will I spoke to some jewellers and we can go down to day and their going to show you some of their best stuff."

"Thanks bro. thank you all so much. I won't be able to do this with out you."

Me and Joel went to the Jewellers that afternoon and I picked out the perfect ring, as soon as I walked in there was a case full of them but only one stood out and I knew instantly that was the one so I bought it. Then we all met back at mine and Joels later that day.

"Ok so are you sure everything's sorted?" I asked them for the millionth time that day.

"Yes Benj will you calm down we've got it all under control will you just go and get your self ready and stop worry everything's going to be perfect." Tony said.

"Are you sure though I meant it I'm really nervous now." I said seriously.

"Don't worry about ti bro everything's sorted just go and get ready." Joel said patting me on the back.

"Ok." I agreed walking towards the stairs to go and get ready. "Wait how are you getting her there?" I asked suddenly remembering we actually need to get Sophie there for all of this to work.

"Got that all under control Linzi's with her now getting her ready and don't worry she hasn't got a clue about what you've got planned." Gabby said.

"What did you tell her to get her to go then?" I asked more curious than worried now.

"Linzi said she's got to go to a works cocktail party with her." Gabby laughed.

"She'll love that." I laughed sarcastically knowing how much Sophie hated going to any of Linzi's snobby works parties but she'd always go anyway. I'm not sure whether it was for the free food and drink, the party or just to go and have a good laugh with Linzi making fun off all the snobby people.

"Will you just go and get ready before you make your self late." Billy pushed. I went up stairs to get ready.

I'm so nervous; I just really want everything to go perfect tonight. All this tonight means so much to me and I don't want anything messing it up. I just hope that at the end of tonight I'll have the perfect answer to the perfect evening that I have planned for me and Sophie.

"OK guys I'm ready, will I do?" I asked nervously walking into the living room to get he verdict from the guys and Gabby.

"Fucking hell Benj you really did pull out all the stops, I never knew you owned a suit." Wes laughed.

"You'll do more than do you look very charming and I'm sure that Sophie will agree." Gabby smiled.

"Thanks guys." I smiled taking a deep shaky breath. "Ok well I guess this is it, I better get going."

"Ok, good luck bro don't worry everything's going to be great." Joel said.

"I hope so." I said and started to leave. Everyone else called good lucks to me as I left. This is it.
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