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Chapter 74

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Benji's POV

It's been a month now since we came home from tour, since I found out that Sophie was pregnant and a month that I have been doing all I can to win her back. We have been so close this past month if anyone didn't know that we weren't still together they would thank that we where. We've been baby shopping together, out from lunch and even dinner together, I've been to her check up's and scans with her but still it seems I haven't done enough. We've been talking a lot lately about telling our mom's and Sarah and have decided to go back home for the weekend to tell them in person. that weekend happens to be this weekend. I am currently waiting for Gabby to come and drop Sophie off at mine and Joel's o we can go. Gabby was going to me staying at our's with me and Sophie not going to be here they decided to have the house to them selves.

"Joel do you think this is all worth it?" I asked from where I was sat at the kitchen table.

"If all what's worth it?" he asked a little confused.

"Me trying to get Sophie back or do you think I've ruined everything forever, do you think I'll ever be able to get her back and if I do f things will ever be the same again."

"Benj how can you ask that you know you two are meant to be together so there's been a little bump in the road but you two can work through it and fix it I know you can. You will get her back and I know you two will be back together and happier than ever before this baby is born."

"Do you really think?"

"No, I fucking know now stop thinking like this Benj don't give up on your own and Sophie's true happiness."

"You just don't want me doing anything to spoil yours and gabby weekend together." I joked laughing.

"No well yeah that as well but I mean everything I say."

"I know your right bro. I just I really want her back I getting really fed up of having her so close but not actually having her."

"Well you know there only one person you have to blame for that."

"I know I guess I deserve this."

"Deserve what?" Sophie's asked walking in followed by Gabby with about five bags.

"Oh nothing." I brushed off.

"Gabs your only staying for a weekend and you only live down the street you can nip home to get what ever you need when ever." Joel laughed looking at all her bags.

"I know that's what I tried to tell her not that you two will be spending much time dressed anyway." Sophie laughed making me laugh too but Joel and Gabby just glared at her.

"Seriously Gabs I've packed less and I'm leavening the state for the weekend." Sophie laughed.

"What ever just hurry up and leave will you." Gabby joked.

"Oh well fine them come on Benj I know when I'm not wanted." Sophie sighed joking.

"Just kidding you know I love you really momma." She said giving Sophie a hug. That was her new nick name from everyone lately 'momma' or 'hot momma' or 'sexy momma'

"Yeah well momma needs to be going or we're going to miss our flight." I said getting up.

"OK well let's go then." Sophie sighed pulling myself free from Gabby.

"Bye Joel see you when we get back." Sophie said giving him a hug.

"Bye guys." I called to them.

"Be good." Sophie laughed.

"That's negotiable." I rolled his eyes joking as we left.

Sophie's POV

We made small talk on the way to the airport and during boarding. When we got onto the flight and sat in our seats did my usual looking through the movies to see if there was any good ones on and Benji got his ipod out and got comfy ready to sleep.

Twenty minutes into the flight and I got board of the movies there was no good ones on the only good ones that where on I had already seen. I turned to look at Benji half asleep listening to his ipod. I was beginning to get really nervous about seeing and telling my mom about being pregnant. I knew robin would be fine about it and I knew Sarah would be excited about it but my mom on the other hand well she's never really been my number one fan. I leaned over and pulled and ear phone out of Benji's ear.

"I'm scared." I pouted.

"What about?" He said sitting up turning to look at me.

"Telling my mom I know your mom and Sarah will be fine about it but you know what my mom's like."

"Your mom's going to be fine about it and you don't have to be scared or nervous because I'm going to be right here with you." he said holding my hand.

"I know but you know what she's like what if..."

"It's doesn't matter none of it matters if she has a problem with it it's her problem because we're happy and everythings going to be ok I'm going to make sure of it." he said kissing the back of my hand.

"Thanks Benj." I said leaning over placing my head on his chest and putting my arms round his waist.

"No problem hon... Sophie." He stopped himself before calling me honey.

It wasn't long after that we landed in DC. We got a taxi to our mom's houses and went straight over to the Maddens where we knew my mom no doubt would be having her lunch time coffee and gossip with his mom. We knocked on the door and Sarah answered.

"Oh my god. Benji! Sophie. What are you doing here? Together?" She called surprised I'm surprised the whole street didn't hear her. she gave Benji a hug then gave me a hug when she realised me she looked me up and down my baby bump had got quite a bit bigger and more noticeable in the past month me now being five months pregnant.

"Fucking hell Soph." Sarah whispered in shocked and also so her mom didn't hear her swearing. "Are you p..."

"Pregnant yes and our mom's don't know so can you keep it quite for just a little longer so that we have a chance to tell them our selves." I said silencing her. She nodded.

"Come in." she said walking into the house leaving the door open for us to follow her. "Mom, Lisa look whose here." she said walking into the kitchen. We followed seeing our mom's sat at the kitchen table enjoying their afternoon coffee and gossip.

"Benjamin, Sophie how nice opt see you both what brings you here." Robin said getting up hugging Benji them me. "Oh I think I may have an idea." She said winking at me.

"Sophie? What are you doing here?" My mom said suspiciously.

"Er, well you see mom... erm, me and Benji have some... erm, news for you. For both of you." I said nervously.

"Well go on spit it out." my mom said harshly. No change there.

"Ok well you see..." Benji started sounding as nervous as I felt.

"I'm pregnant." I just blurted out getting it over and done with. Benji just nodded smiling glad that it was out.

"Congratulations both of you. This is wonderful news." Robin smiled giving us hugs again and winking at me again.

"Wait a minute the last I heard you two had broken up." my mom said in her usual harsh tone.

"We had, have, still are" I tried to fine the best words.

"So why are you pregnant? Is it his?" she said looking between us disgustedly.

"Of course it's his." I said outraged. Benji, Sarah and Robin all exchanged 'here we go again' looks.

"Well if you're broken up why are you pregnant wishing his child? That's not practical now is it?"

"It's not how we planned no but we're erm well we're working through issues and..."

"This is so ridiculous in my day we wouldn't have had any of this nonsense. You're a disgrace."

"Excuse me." I said failing to hide the hurt in my voice ad on my face. Benji put a protective arm around me.

"Lisa I think that's a little bit overboard. You heard their working through some issues they know what their doing and have it under control."

"If they had it under control, if you had your son under control my daughter wouldn't be a knocked up single mother broken hearted."

"Lisa I think you need to go and cool down a little." Robin said trying to keep calm I could tell my mom had once again down what she was good at and managed to say something to hurt and offend those who she's supposed to be closest to.

"I do not need to cool down but I will be leaving I'm not staying in this company any longer. " She said getting up and storming out almost knocking Josh over on his way in on her way out.

"What was that all about?" Josh said walking in then noticing me and Benji there. "Oh I see now." he smiled looking over to us. "What she said this time?" he sighed rolling his eyes. "You know you shouldn't take anything she says seriously she never thinks before she says stuff." Josh said pulling me and robin into a hug as he could tell it was me and Robin who where the victims of my mom.

"Would you believe that's her way of sticking up for me?" I laughed.

"Yeah I actually would." Robin smiled.

We had a really good afternoon together me and the Madden's catching up and obviously talking about baby stuff and obviously Robin wanted to know about mine and Benji's break up. She even hit him over the head for being such an ass to me.

"So how long are you two here for?" Sarah asked.

"The weekend we go leave the morning after tomorrow morning." Benji replied.

"Are you going to talk to your mom before you go again?" Robin asked me.

"Yeah I supposed I'll have to go running after her like usual." I sighed and we all laughed at the unusual relationship me and mom have.

Later Sarah had gone to bed and Josh was in his room doing some work. Which left me, Benji and Robin still talking about old times together memories of when we where all younger and mainly all the shit me and Benji used to do to each other when we 'hated' each other.

"Ok well we only have Joel's old room spare so Benji you'll have to sleep on the couch because I assume your not sharing rooms anymore." Robin said before she went to bed. "I'm going to bed my self make sure you lock up before you go to bed Benji, goodnight." She smiled.

"Night mom."

"Night Robin." I and Benji said at the same time.

"I think I might actually go to bed now too." I said feeling tired.

"Ok night night." Benji said giving me a peck on the cheek.

"Night see you in the morning." I smiled then made my way upstairs to Joel's old room. This house brought back so many memories Robin never changed it from when we where kids. It was really nice to came back here and remember things the way they where in the good old days.

I lay awake in bed for what seemed like forever. It was more like two hours. My back was killing me and I just couldn't get comfy to sleep. I finally gave up and decided to go downstairs for a glass of water. As you have to go thought the living room to get to the kitchen in the Madden house I tried my best not to make a sound so I didn't wake Benji up who was sound asleep on the sofa looking very un-comfy indeed. I got my glass of water from the kitchen and started making my way back to Joel's room when I heard Benji call my name.

"Soph?" his groggy voice said.

"I'm sorry I tried not to wake you."

"It's ok. Are you alright?"

"Yeah I just couldn't sleep. My back killing me."

"Come here." he said patting the sofa next to him. I walked over and sat down next to him pulling the covers over me too.

"So it didn't go too bad telling them did It." he smiled.

"Nah not really just my usual mom being her usual harsh self. Don't take anything she said seriously I know it's hard but you've got to ignore it because she really doesn't mean it it's like her defence mechanism."

"I know, are you ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine I just don't listen to her full stop anymore. You mom seems really happy about it." I smiled.

"She is she's always wanted grandchildren."

"I love coming to this house you know." I admitted.

"Me too she's not changed it one bit, it's just like old times." He smiled.

"Yeah the good old days, brings back so many old memories." I laughed lightly.

"Yeah like the time I stole Joel's Cake at our birthday party and he got really upset so you smashed it in my face and them gave him mine." He laughed.

"Oh yeah and when you threw me in the pond so Joel pulled you pants down and I dragged you in with me." I laughed.

We shared loads of old memories together cuddled up on the sofa together. It must have got late and we must have been really tired because the next thing I remember is waking up to Robin cooking in the kitchen and Sarah sat at the kitchen table.

"Good morning sleepy heads and what's going on here may I ask?" Sarah laughed looking over to us looking confused. Robin just grinned.

"Ow if my back hurt last night it really does now." I said sitting up stretching and holding my back.

"Ow my neck." Benji said as he sat up and it cracked.

"Well you know if you needed too there was a bed up stairs but we didn't think you where sharing beds." Sarah laughed.

"Now, now Sarah I'm sure their completely innocent." Robin laughed.

"Mom!" Benji and Sarah said at the same time completely disgusted that their mom would suggest something like that.

We had breakfast and for once I managed to keep it all down but it was Robin's cooking after all. Later that day I went over to see my mom while Benji spent the day hanging out with his mom and sister. I and my mom managed to patch things up. Once again she only said all those hurtful things to cover up the shock and upset at first but now she was happy for the to of us.

Later that night Robin had made a really nice dinner for the four of us; me, Benji, Robin and Sarah, Josh had gone back to LA on business.

"So you two are leaving tomorrow morning?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah." Benji said.

"Well it's been really nice seeing you again and having you here. I hope everything goes fine for you and I will be flying out to see my little granddaughter or grandson they are born." Robin smiled.

"It's been really nice being here and seeing you too. Thanks for having us and for all you've done." I smiled.

"No problem any time." Robin smiled.

The next day we said our good-byes and flew back home to LA.
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