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because everybody loves chocolate...

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02: c h e f s o p h i e

Soap's POV

As the morning's first rays of sunlight streamed in through my window, I swung my feet over the side of my bed. After running a hand through my hair, I got up and stretched.

Letting out a tired yawn, I glanced at the clock. 6:25.

“No wonder I’m still tired,” I mumbled, walking toward my door.

As I turned the knob, Pete slumped backwards at my feet, still asleep. He quietly groaned, then rolled onto his side.

Tiptoeing past his sleeping form, I made my way toward the bathroom. After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I headed towards the kitchen.

Passing the living room, I noticed the rest of the rowdy bunch.

Andy was sprawled out in front of the television while an infomercial for the BulletBlender flashed across the screen. Joe was spooning Trick on the couch, and by the looks on their faces, they were both enjoying it. Though I was curious, I didn’t want to ask how they had fallen asleep in that position.

While they continued dreaming about new hats, sexy vegans, bags of weed and skinny jeans, I started on breakfast. Pulling out my mom‘s recipe book, I got to work.

Half an hour later, I had 2 large stacks of chocolate chip pancakes in the center of my kitchen table. Satisfied with my work, I poured myself a bowl of cereal and hopped onto the counter.

"Mmmm,” Andy said, rubbing his eyes. “What smells so good?"
"Breakfast," I replied. "Help yourself."

He quickly pulled himself off the floor and walked past me as I ate my cereal.

"These look really good," he said, taking a seat at the table.
"They are good" I smiled. "It‘s a secret family recipe."

All of a sudden, Pete came bounding down the hall.

"Chocolate pancakes?! Why didn't anyone wake me up?" He sat down at the table and quickly piled 3 pancakes onto his plate.

"Huh, what's going on?" Trick asked, awakened by all the commotion. Upon realizing his position on the couch, Trick pushed Joe away, causing him to fall off the couch.

"Ugh...What the hell?" Joe asked, lifting his head from the floor. "...Wait, do I smell breakfast?"

"Mhmm," I nodded. Trick and Joe took seats at the table, dividing the rest of the food between themselves.

As they ate, I placed my empty bowl in the sink and plopped onto the couch.

"Wow, Soap. You know how to cook," Andy said, finishing his last pancake.
"Yeah, those were the best pancakes that I've ever had," Pete added.
"Glad you thought so," I replied, casually flipping through the channels. "I added some special ingredients just for you guys..."
"Pot?" Joe asked, somewhat hopeful.
"No, silly," I said shaking my head. "LOVE...and chocolate laxatives."

They laughed for a few seconds, then turned toward me.

"You're kidding right?" Pete asked.
"Nope," I said, smugly.

Their eyes went wide as they scrambled out of their seats. Then the race to the bathroom began.

Joe took an early lead, but Andy soon pushed him out of the way, taking first place. As Joe tumbled to the floor he grabbed Pete down with him, reducing the competition by half. Though Andy grabbed the doorknob first, Trick dove in and shut the door behind him.

"Now we're even," I said from the couch.

Revenge is a dish best served cold...or in this case, in the form of laxative laced pancakes.

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