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The End

by Jamila-B 2 reviews

A girl, fed up with the names she gets called, finishes it all First one...Not that long...

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Hey guys, this is my first story so its not that good. But bear with me...They should (SHOULD) get better later XD
It had been a normal day at school. Well for me anyway. Kids teasing me, throwing things at me, calling me "emo". But I was used to it, I got it every day. I had learned to live with it.
But I didn't want to. I was sick of all the kids calling me emo, sick of being "friends" with a group of people when I knew that behind my back they too called me emo and other sick, twisted names.
So I had found a way to end it. A way to finish all the names, all the cruelty. It was simple. I knew it would work.
I slip into the warm water, the blood from the cuts on my arms and face spilling into the water. Slowly the water turns red.
I grab a knife from next to me and slowly make a large cut in my right arm, the pain relaxes me.
Slowly I write on the wall "Do you love me now?" then sink back into the water.
All I see as I drift to the blackness of death is the red water swimming around me and the writing on the wall, reflected on the water above me.
I hear a scream as someone enters the room, but I'm gone before they can do anything
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