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Make You Smile

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[back to third person P.O.V] Stop, listen, take a look around you.

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You're always, always so far away. Don't turn away.

Gerard shuddered at the oncoming storm that loomed overhead. He hadn't heard from Lily or seen in her about three days and the concern for her safety was growing at an alarming rate. Up on top of a monochrome rock, he gazed up at a bland rainbow that had been born from rains of unknown. Lily probably had racked up a couple more deaths, Gerard thought. He still remembered what that voice had said ... Maybe the feeling really wasn't mutual between him and Lily anymore, plus he had lied to her. If she knew that she wouldn't think twice about trusting him. The blue tips in his hair floated in the breeze, his arms crowded around his face up to his nose.

"Maybe I'm just dragging behind a lost cause, maybe she'll never remember who I am. I can't salvage what she never knew we had," his voice whispered. Finally giving up, Gerard leapt off the rock only to return home. A concrete jungle, it was awfully hard to navigate around the city these days. Today seemed extra ordinary, definitely more ordinary than the days of the past week, that was for sure. Dustbins laid on their side, trash skewed out of the cans. To his left, down the road ...


"Lily! I need to tell you something!" Gerard admitted loudly. But she only turned her back to him, taking herself down an alley. His voice was ringing in her ears although she refused to admit it. Gerard closely followed behind her with sorrow in his pale face, his pleas of "Hello?" and "Can't you stop ... for me?" weren't getting through to her. Smoke filled their eyes, Lily flailed through it before coming up to a fence. Not once did she look back as she scaled over to wall of wires and metal. Gerard overcame the wall with ease as well, but fell on his knees, gasping and dripping with sweat. Lily didn't rush to his side nor did she double-take to see him writhing in pain.

"Do you remember where we used to sleep at night?" Gerard coughed, nearly gagging.

"You were always so far away," Lily's head turned to look at her side. "I couldn't feel you." Both were surprised at how she could remember that. Another droplet of rain sunk into Lily's palm, she dashed away from Gerard's body. "This is pathetic ... I'm ... I'm another word for desperate"

"No, hun. You're jus' not tryin' hard enough," Gerard knew this voice ...

"Don't hide! There's truth in your lies, tell me why you're here."

"Lily could ask you the same thing, but I'm not leaving you in pieces."

Gerard sat on his haunches while wiping his mouth so no more dirt would seep in. "So I took your advice from before ..."

"... And it worked. She'll remember you ... when the stars go blue."

"Blue?" but the voice did not respond. One hand stabilizing himself, Gerard lifted himself only to throw his weight down the alley. His eyes never left the sky, night time was approaching. "Where do you go when you're lonely?"

I'll follow you.
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