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When The Stars Go Blue

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Laughing with your pretty mouth, laughing with your broken life, laughing with your lover's tongue in a lullaby...

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I wear my heart on my sleeve just so you can tear it off with ease.

The fresh dew glistened whilst dripping off the numerous blades of newly cut grass. It tickled the soles of her feet, wrinkled by the newfound wetness. A dandelion sunk to the ground under the weight of her dancing feet, its petals shredded, the plant died in shock. Lily soared onto the cobblestone pathway, nearly tripping over the stones that surfaced on the concrete. She knew this place fairly well, maybe all her memory wasn't robbed from her completely. Although the sun had set and people nestled into their cozy beds, it really felt like a new beginning. Lily tiptoed over to a ivory wooden gazebo then slipped into her combat boots

Step by step, her legs soared up the gazebo, although there really only was four steps. A taut smile stuck to her face while she leaned over the edge opposite from the steps, her gaze floating up to the stars. "Mm, blue. Never thought I'd live to see the day when the stars turned ... blue." Lily gave out a sarcastic laugh. The rustling of a few shrubs stole her attention from the skyline, her arms swinging around to support her back. "Can't a girl just enjoy herself for one night and one night only?"

"Is it wrong that I followed you?" Gerard meager voice turned its volume up.

"You come off as a stalker, but it's not like I can stop any of your antics. Just don't go leaving until I tell you, I'm not letting you rain on my parade."

"Yes ma'am." Finger flickering, beckoning, welcoming, Lily gave Gerard a head nod as she turned back to look at the deep purple expanse they called a sky. He carefully followed the rocky path as if the grass had an unwritten law about not setting foot on it, as if this private property.

"Ge-rahrd. Saying your name, straining every last letter, it tingles my spine ... Y'sure that we didn't meet more often when I was, ehm, alive?" Did she have to keep prodding him with these questions? The answer was entirely different for both of them, though they lacked the words to back up their judgments.

"Can't you just figure that out on your own? That's quite possibly one of the main things you've got to accomplish when you're dead, figuring out your past and where you come from. I know the answer and so do you, so figure ... Figure it out," it rolled off his tongue a little sharply. And even though he sounded like a complete fool, Lily held out her right hand, the left one fought to grasp his shoulder. "You make quite the point." Gerard, not knowing what else to do, took her hand in his, the other arm wrapping around her waist.

"I'm not always right, but let's just let that slide. Just this once," Lily cooed. She took a step backwards, then a step to the side, but Gerard was a little stiff when it came to dancing. Loosen up, he told himself, she won't bite. But the sparkle in her eye said otherwise. Moonlight scratched the surface of the plain wooden structure, it clawed to be let in. Each and every piece of filigreed hardened webs of wood gave way to the light, the shadows danced below the two's feet. Inches away, Gerard could feel Lily's breath on his cooling skin. "I'm not making you nervous, am I?"

Gerard replied as quickly as he could, his brain barely allowed him to think. "S'all right! Nervous, no, never."

"Hun, you just gave your emotions away." She leaned in towards his face, but spun him around so she could keep an eye out on the exit. All of a sudden, Lily pulled away, she gasped deeply. In the reflection of her eyes ... Another figure. "I'll take a rain check for our silly romance," those were the last words she uttered before dashing down the pathway. Gerard glared at the stars as he fought the urge to have his fists make contact with the support beams of the gazebo. "No signs from Heaven, they've forgotten you here."

Gerard believed this growling voice to be Lily's, but it was just another punk's. "Hell, Gerard, you were never good at making the girls in your life happy. Your sister prolly ended it so she could get away from you and now Lily is straying from you as close as possible. Next thing ya know, your lil' helper Saint won't be around to save ya! You're too dependant on the opposite sex," He did not recognize this boy with the studded belt and fishnet-clad arms, but that boy knew too much.

"You don't know a thing about my sins," Gerard almost felt as though he was staring into a mirror, but this mirror was just playing glassy mind tricks. Inside he was begging for the morning to come although he knew that the skies tonight would only bear rain, that the sun would crawl into its cloudy cave, too scared to show its face. A shooting star distracted Gerard for only a brief moment and sadly as he turned back to look at the pasty boy, he had already vanished. "She's looking at the same star too ..." Gerard whimpered.

And she was.
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