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It Never Gets Easier

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How do you live with yourself after all these sins?

Category: Horror - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Drama, Horror - Published: 2007-07-07 - Updated: 2007-07-07 - 917 words

So I'll say what I should and hope you believe me.

Two Irish Setter puppies poked their noses out of the dog door, they sensed danger, trouble, something, anything. The female whined loudly, her brother followed suit. Upon hearing the cries of his "children", a lean man still dressed in his pajamas emerged from his bedroom. "Rin, it's okay girl, and Kody, you settle down too," he brushed his hands over their silky fur with ease and sympathy. Lately his dogs had been acting a little off from their usual behavior. "Hopefully you two aren't sick ... Is it common for your breed to act this way?" the man, Tyler, asked his dogs. Rin's hazel eyes softened Tyler's, causing him to grin and pat her lightly on the head.

The light cry of rain, the clouds wept causing the grass to get slushy and cars to swerve sideways. "M'afraid you two'll just have to stay inside for the afternoon," Tyler suspired. Noses raised high in the air, the two dogs picked up the scent of heavy potpourri laced with honeysuckle and stargazer lilies. Tyler noticed that the air reeked of it as well but settled with the conclusion that the wind was carrying the scent as it tickled their noses. Kody paws left claw marks the second Tyler locked their dog door, their only gateway to freedom had become entirely blocked off.

"Nihil ex nusquam, sum nemo," quite possibly the wind was harboring something or someone else. Armed with a carmine gasoline tank and a matchbook, Lily peregrinated down the desolate private street. Just holding the gasoline made her nervous, if not twitchy. Memories of sorts came to mind when she laid her eyes upon the onyx top that made the color of her wan skin stand out like a sore thumb. "Capio alium animum hodie. "her possessed mouth spoke in a language foreign to herself.

Somehow Lily could not resist thinking about how she'd lost her path ... Somewhere she made the wrong move. Maybe when she signed that deal, maybe when she denied Saint Jimmy what he wanted. Perhaps it was when she opened up to the boy who was growing vaguely familiar. And something else told her that one of the men in her life was lying to her. Sharp pangs of guilt mauled her ribcage, disdainful uncertainty fogged her eyes. She now had to murder a single man who probably lived alone in his quaint little neighborhood and he'd never get a say in his death. A black wind was taking Lily's better judgment on this situation away.

Lily fumbled with the cap of the tank, she took her sweet time to douse the cookie cutter-like house in the clear liquid. When that part of her task was completed she backed a few feet away from the vicinity as she struck the match against the strip on the back of the book. Without warning, she tossed the flaming stick over to the house and took cover at the neighboring house. In a flash the house became engulfed in flames, they licked at the tiles on the roof. Lily cringed as her insides, as well as the house, turned to ash.

Tyler flailed inside his cozy living room, at first believing that the heater had been mistakenly turned on but then coming to the sharp realization that he was trapped in a burning cage. Kody snapped at the dog door while Rin dug her nose into all windows to see if there was a crack that led to freedom. Rin finally aided Kody and helped him tear through the floppy rubber door. "Puppies, s-spare me! Save me!" Tyler pleaded once it was too late. The threads of fate unwound and caught fire as the stitches of his shirt could no longer save him from the heat. He crumbled and stained the floor a hideous melanoid color.

Meanwhile, Rin and Kody stood distraught on the front porch while the flames grew higher. Luckily an opening was spotted where the fire was a little low, but shot up every now and then. The two pups did not have the time to rationalize the problem at hand, they headed straight for the orange inferno. Rin hopped as high as she could over the incandescence but Kody was not so fortunate. He indeed made it over, although his fur was eaten away by the charring blaze. Also, he had been blinded and weakened by the embers that trailed behind him. Each step pained him horribly as he followed the sound of Rin's voice. On the sidewalk in front of their trashed abode, he collapsed, sighing one final time.

A perplexed frown spread across Rin's face. She nudged her brother's limp body in an attempt to wake him up. Rin whined loudly which turned into a growl, slowly fading into a sob. Curling up beside him, Rin rested her head on his backbone, the warmth from his body losing strength. Lily stepped over to them and let her hand wash happiness and hope over Rin's head. "I'm sorry, dearest, your brother is now with the dearly departed and I, too, must depart." Rin cocked her head in confusion and barked when Lily trekked off into the sunset. She nestled on top of her brother and let herself fall asleep with the fumes of the fire dying out in her nose.

"Wake up, brother. Master will feed us soon. Wake up." had the dog owned a voice, she'd be crying in fear.
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