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Part 4 - Let It Go, There's No Way You Can Save It Now

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Stacy places everything she wants in an entire kiss

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Patrick kept his grip tight upon the leather of his steering wheel as he parked outside the club, a baseline filtered throughout the night time atmosphere and made the stars seem almost enchanted. Patrick sighed and took a glance at the objects that resided in the seat beside him; an invitation written in the conjoined scrawl of Stacy and a mask that would hide his give away features. He frowned his head out of somewhat confusion and reached over, picking up the laminated card in his hands and letting his eyes smoother the writing.

You are invited to mine, Stacy Lee's, 22nd Birthday Masquerade Ball.
All guests must wear mask.
No exceptions.

On the back in a similar writing was the address and time, Patrick double checked that he had the correct place that Stacy had obviously been saving up to hire. For a fleeting moment he wondered why, after almost two months of no word, Patrick was invited to her birthday. It seemed peculiar that Stacy kept her lapse of silence for so long, only to be broken by an informal splash of alcohol and music. Perhaps she had finally realised that what she was doing was separately she and Patrick further apart and perhaps neither of them wanted to do so. Patrick had a twist in his stomach causing anxious knots to pass throughout his insides. He was excited to see her; he had a tour in only days and so many confessions causing whittling thoughts that just a glimpse of her would satisfy him.

Patrick dragged his eyes to the back seat where Stacy's present was standing still and solitary. Picking it up, he peeled himself from out of the car and began to crunch the way to the front of the club where he stood in front of a red velvet roped door. Patrick placed the mask upon his face, showing the invitation to the bouncer who merely nodded his head and let Patrick through. With a small smile Patrick entered but soon was immediately lost in an array of jumping beats and flashing lights. When he looked around at the floor he realised how hard this was going to he, everyone was in hiding behind their new faces. Each mask coveted familiar faces and only the eyes were peeking through. He could not see anyone who seemed to be his friend or anyone he recognised. He craned his neck over the dancing mass to try and spot someone but alas this task was hard. Patrick's sights hit the details of the bar at the far back and with a decision to himself he skimmed the outskirts of the floor to make his way over. On the way he dropped the present on a pile that stood firmly before the bar and ordered him a cool soft drink.

Patrick reached behind him and took off the mask and looked down deep into the ice filled glass that he was now holding. He was obviously in despair but nevertheless he was hiding it from the barrage of people that laughed and joked around him. In a desperate attempt Patrick gazed heavily into the crowd and again a blank canvass was painted on their features. It was at that moment that Patrick met the stare of another, a woman, staring straight at him. He smiled weakly and watched as she pushed apart the torsos to make her way to him. He stared over her features; her circling hips were just the right size and her breasts were plentiful. He could not see her face due to the mask she was wearing yet he could tell her eyes were sea blue. Her legs were long but were covered from the knee up by a black dress that faltered out at the waist, only slightly so her curves were emanated. She was a perfectly normal size just bordering on thin. In any other context Patrick would have enjoyed this attention her eyes were throwing at him but he could not think of anyone bar Stacy. Patrick simply rolled off the stare by turning around back to the bar. Before he knew it the woman had slid into a stool next to him.

"Hello," She muttered hazily with a section stuck heavy to the greeting. Patrick smirked shyly and lifted his hand in a response before turning back to the watery substance he held in his hand. "You're not wearing your mask?"

"I don't really feel like it," Patrick muttered trying not too look at her as his cheeks were burning.

"You're all hot," She said placing her hands against his cheeks to feel the scarlet fire on them. He could feel her eyes bore into him and soon her lips were pressed next to the softness of his ear and her hand had slipped into his. "Come outside with me."

"What?" Patrick protested as the woman had managed to drag him from his position so that he was following her. He was enraged at the forwardness she showed him and yet he felt powerless to stop. Fidgeting in her grasp, he allowed himself to follow her, a voice inside him slightly intrigued. She pushed open the fire exit and pushed him outside as she shut the door behind him. Patrick stumbled into the handle bar at the edge of the outside seating area. The breeze cool against his skin and failed to make him cold. He gripped the bar as he began to feel afraid of this woman's prowess. She walked forward in her perfect steps and cupped his face in her hands. Without a second thought she pressed her lips into his and Patrick stared wide eyed before loosing himself in the kiss. She was a beautiful woman after all and before he knew it he had closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around his waist. He moaned into her as their lips made long drawn out circles with each other. The wind enveloped them with a breeze and the woman broke the kiss. It was then Patrick allowed her taste to wash over his tongue, it was salty like tears. He was still holding on to her as he saw a trickle of black river fall from beneath her mask and drop slowly onto the black rose that sat between the strap and top.

"So now you want me," She whispered and pushed him from her. In the darkest bewilderment Patrick stared as the woman reached beside her and removed her mask. Her hair fell along her shoulders and her tears were fall with a mixture of make up and perfume. Patrick wished to step back in shock and his eyes open wide in disbelieve.

"Stacy?" He wildly gasped as he in took her newly formed body. She merely glared at him and he looked into her eyes with a muster of confusion. "Wow."

"Save it Patrick," Stacy said and folded her arms. Patrick could sense her anger as it began to burn his flesh. He felt guilt squirm all around him and she stepped forward to show the full force of her rage. "I invited you her so I could finally let you go."

"Stacy don't you think we should talk about this?" Patrick called as Stacy turned to walk back into the club. She ignored his sentence and he pulled forward and twisted her arm around so her body followed. She stood shocked. "Please."

"No Patrick," Stacy wriggled out of his hold and pushed him further from her, he stumbled back into the rail. "Watch me Patrick."

She began to walk to the door again and took hold of the handle. She turned around one more time and looked up and down at Patrick's sadness take hold of his expression. She whispered before disappearing;

"Watch me leave you behind."

Ciao Bella
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