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Part 5 - We Just Met, And I Know I'm A Bit Too Intimate But Something Huge Has Come Up

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Moving on up

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Stacy flattened the blouse as she struggled out of her car with her high heel shoes on. Her eye lids were heavy from the amount of alcohol she had consumed the previous night at her birthday but she had no strength to care, she was finally moving on and as she rushed her way into work with a clatter of heels, a smile still beamed from her face. The happiness mixed in with the morning glory. A bird song played merry tunes in the background that truly set a scene and deep in her, her heartbeat thudded sharply against her as her stomach began whispering to her. Something amazing is going to happen.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry," she rushed in, pushing the heavy entrance open and waving her hands apologetically. A chorus of eyes were met as soon as she entered and still she was not afraid of the judgement Pierre was going to throw at her.

"You're late Stacy," he muttered as she quickly throw her bag on the coat hanger for customers instead of out back with the rest of the staff. She flung an apron around her waist and tied up her hair. Pierre merely looked at her from over his glasses. She flung a sheepish smile at him and grabbed a waiting tray. He placed a cup of coffees onto it and winked at her too show that he was not going to be harsh with her. "Table 5"

With a small skip in her step she headed to Table 5 where a man sat writing small words onto a note book. He glanced at her and an instant beam came shimmering from his lips. The crinkle around his blue eyes made him attractive. She placed the boiling cup onto the table top and out of a new found shyness placed her hair behind his ears. He gave her a grateful praise and hurriedly she rushed away from him and straight back to the counter where Michelle was too waiting.

"You're cheeks have gone so red," Michelle said and craned her neck further to see who was sat upon the table Stacy was just at. Stacy jokingly hit her arm to make Michelle turn back around and the girls burst into a fit of hormonal giggles. "He isn't that bad, kinda cute, keeps looking this way. He's been coming in every week since, ever. And I'm no super model. It must be you."

"Pfft" Stacy scoffed instantly with another sneaky look back at the person. She dragged her eyes over his appearance. Soft comfy jeans held in thin tall legs and a belt lay loose across his waist. A light blue shirt with splattered pattern hung on his torso and a denim jacket smoothed across his arms. Stacy took her time but when he looked up at her from his hurried hand writing she blushed and turned her head back at a smirking Michelle. "I don't attract guys that way, I'm not attractive. At all."

"Stace, have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately?" Michelle said with a grin upon her face. "You're hot stuff nowadays."

"What is this I hear when we are supposed to be working? All I hear is Stacy being, how you say, 'hot stuff'" Pierre looked up from his staring into nothing to show an almost empty café as though it were heaving with. His elder eyes twinkled with lost youth and flirt. "Michelle is right you know, Stacy you are looking good pretty girl, you have lost a lot of weight."

"Thanks guys," Stacy said flattered and overwhelmed by the barrage of compliments thrown her way. She allowed herself to day dream of being fantastically beautiful, with lavish fame and glory, where some truly loved her, no matter what. Perhaps even before they saw her. For the first time she was felt she was finally on her road to peaceful tranquillity. Amidst her daydream, the man at Table 5 had ordered another drink with a simple hand gesture and without asking her Pierre had shoved another coffee onto the tray and beckoned her to go, not listening to her silent pleads. Stacy strolled over unaware that she had started to swivel her hips in a cute seductive way. She tucked a loose strand again behind her ears and stood above him, waiting for a reaction.

"They are right you know, you have lost weight." He murmured into the table before looked up at her taken aghast. Both of them had started to heat up around the face. Stacy began to stutter and completely forgot she had his new drink. He reached up his hand; unwillingly Stacy took it and started to shake it. He laughed at her, "I was actually reaching up for the drink,"

"oh god I am sorry," Stacy said beginning to take her hand away from him.

"No no," the man said grabbing her hand again, giving it a firm shake, "this means that we are getting to know each other, I'm Brian."

"Stacy," she said in barely a whisper. "You heard what they were saying?"

"Yeah of course I did," Brian replied looked her deep in the eyes, "and it's true, you look amazing. It's not like you didn't before mind you."

"Huh?" she almost grunted out of shock, confused at what meaning he was taking or where his conversation was heading. She still stayed adamant to his road though, the lights around her shining greater than before and her head pressure finally floating off into the atmosphere.

"Oh I've been coming in for a while now," he nodded, "I just always get served by Michelle, but I've always been infatuated with you. Stupid I know, but you just seem like such a great girl, whatever size. There is always a smile on your face. I love that."

"Thanks," Stacy couldn't help but stretch her lips into another smile. She bowed her head almost embarrassed and dropped the drink to the table. Brian turned away from her and began to scribble onto the pad. He tore of the paper and forced it into her hand.

"I was wondering, if it's not too forward or anything," Brian said now feeling the same bashful emotion overcome him. "If I could take you out some time."

Stacy ran her tongue around her teeth that still smiled. She couldn't help but think of Patrick, and every shard of her heart that he had left in the darkest pit of her soul. She held the number between her index finger and thumb, an actual number resided in her hand. She looked up and electricity swam between them; "Sure, I'd love that."

Ciao Bella
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