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Part 6 - I Dreamed I Held You, Held You In My Arms

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Stacy places everything she wants in an entire kiss

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The roll of the wheels began to thunder across the road. Patrick heard it as loud as a true clap of weather and it was keeping him from falling asleep within the tour bus bed. He kept his eyes fixated on the ceiling as he lay fully clothed on top of the covers. His hands were strewn on his chest as he breathed in heavily and deep. He would close his eyes for just a bare second and yet again Stacy would come filtering through and inhibit any other thought. He couldn't concentrate on anything but; not his music, not his producing and not his friends. The only activity he could do that would not delve him further into his heart was doing the shows and not a word from anyone he would disappear back into the rooms and within his secrets. Patrick gave in to his emotions and closed his eyes snapped shut, letting memories focus at centre point.

Patrick grabbed hold of the cup of coffee and made his way throughout the streets, his heart beat racing as the time ticked by faster than he realised. He stepped on the pavements clipping along with the bustle and hustle of the business world. He kept one hand covering the spills from the coffee and weaving his body throughout the humdrum crowd. He was careful not to bang into anyone as he was running behind for a meeting. It was at that moment he could see his destination roll into sights and a small smile came creeping onto his face. However he fell straight into someone and in one collision the coffee came spilling into the air and landed straight onto the person he fell into. There was a small yelp from her and Patrick stood back to assess the damage.

"Oh I am so sorry," Patrick muttered lifting his hand as though he were to clean her but there was no way he could, it covered all of her blouse and trousers. She stood aghast with her arms wide, staring down at her shirt. She removed some headphones she kept permanently plugged into her ears and stared at him. Patrick shuffled from side to side; part of him wanted to run to his meeting and leave her stood in the lurch and the other wanted to ignore the meeting at all and aid her distress. She was evidently annoyed at him.

"Oh yeah thanks asshole," she muttered underneath her breath and with a newspaper in one hand began to flick out beads off coffee from her sodden shirt. "These are my goddamn work clothes."

"Look I said I'm sorry," Patrick said starting to get infuriated with her, it was purely an accident and yet she was still throwing daggers at him. He bent down and picked up his coffee cup from the floor.

"Yeah next time be careful, you see those things in your eyes, they are called eyes, use them next them," She said and Patrick had enough of her. He sharply placed the cup within the trash and started walking off from her. She rolled her eyes at the attitude he had started and she simply pushed beside him with her shoulder. He groaned and headed off, trying to brush of the tone that she had given him, he couldn't stand peoples flippant behaviour. He made it to the meeting on time.


Patrick rubbed his face within his hands as he stepped out into the sunlight of the day. He said his goodbyes and headed off in an opposite direction, in need of a caffeine intake as quick as possible, only one that he kept off the streets. On his way he couldn't help but notice the coffee that still stained on the floor and a smile crept from his lips as he remembered the girl he had bumped into, he was desperate to apologise to her. Patrick shook his head, remembering the rage he had caused and carried on. His sights were focused on his bright shoes and soon a new aroma of naked coffee beans filtered throughout the air and he breathed it in with a new bout of fresh air, letting it cleanse his pours. He let his eyes find the source, a kooky out of place café. He stared at is as he realised he had never spotted this place before, French violin came following loudly and he decided he was going to buy a drink here. He pushed the heavy doors open and was greeted with the sense of warm homeliness. A smile came from behind the counter as a middle aged man stared at him with open welcoming hands.

"Hello young man, and how may I be of service?" The man said in a heavy thick French accent. Patrick couldn't believe how friendly this place felt and wondered why he had never sought it out before.

"Erm just a small black coffee please," Patrick replied with a somewhat low friendly voice.

"Oui, certainly, Stacy please get this young man a small black coffee," the man said as Patrick handed over the loose change into his palms. Patrick waited at the front of the counter while a buzz of coffee machine was heard from behind. A swing of auburn hair was made and a clatter of steps on to where Patrick stood. Patrick stood slightly shocked at the presence of the girl, he let his eyes drag over her big body and a small smirk play on her lips. The man stood between the two, staring from Patrick to the girl, "Stacy, why are you not handing this man a drink?"

"I would Pierre, but I'm kinda afraid he's going to spill it all over me." Stacy said with a little giggle to let Patrick know she was being light hearted. Patrick was still stunned, he didn't know whether to laugh or be enraged.

"Look I am really sorry about that," Patrick said and Stacy simply chuckled, showing her true personality.

"No, its fine, really, accidents happen. I'm sorry I was so flippant with you. Here-" Stacy held out her hand for Patrick to shake it. He took it and gripped hold off it, shaking it up and down. "There lets just let things go, friends?"

"Friends," Patrick chuckled.

What followed was a case of the perfect friends. Patrick overstayed at the café till closing as he and Stacy exchanged likes and dislikes. They had similar music tastes, from the admiration of Ray Charles to the obsession with Prince. They quoted movie tastes with each other and finally swapped numbers, become firm allies. Patrick leant down and removed his glasses and placed them on the side before turning over to one side and lying on the pillow. He couldn't help but wonder if it were fate he and Stacy casually bumped into each other, and fate he should so happen to walk into her place of work. He couldn't help but realise that he had feelings for Stacy even from the beginning, her contagious happy nature setting fires deep in him, ones he never knew until now.

Patrick tried hard to close his eyes, anything to stop the new trickle of tears come fast from his eyes.
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