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Part 7 - Did You Get what You Deserve?

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Stacy places everything she wants in an entire kiss

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AN: I Am so sorry I posted Part 8 before this, so heres a transition thing......

The tour seemed to go longer than Patrick had anticipated; perhaps time had slowed down within his mind as he painfully ached over letting Stacy leave his grasp. He fell into himself more than he ever did, moping around the tour bus without a single word to anyone. People would notice and ask but he would merely shrug it off or lie, saying that he didn't feel too well. Most people took it on the chin while others would press so far that he was close to flipping out at them. In the long run, they just grew to let him wallow in his own self pity. The roll of the tour buses was coming to a slow steady stop and before he knew it he was over and he was left in the empty contents of his home, praying for release.

He slammed the suitcase down within the hallway whilst holding a thick barrage of letters in his hand. He flipped throughout all of them and pressed the button on his answer machine and delved himself further in hoping there was some content from her. Alas, apart from the usual suspects within his post and calls there was no word from her. Deep down Patrick knew he should let it go, let her heart filter from his grasp and finally see the sunlight beam down on her. He wished that he could walk down the same path but they began to fork at the point where he did not take Stacy within his grasp. Where you thought she was not good enough for you, Patrick told himself bitterly. All these voices were silence though but a simply instinct that screamed at him, What if? There was something that was urging him in his pursuit for her that a shimmer of hope was telling him that Stacy was in love with him, still, even after nearly a year of silence between them.

Patrick refused to let it go and started to punch in numbers into his phone and placed it on speaker phone as he tore open an envelope of bills with his thumb, stopping to listen to the constant ring that Stacy's line emanated. The answer machine he was so used to hearing flickered on;

Hey this is Stacy,

And this is Brian.
We can't come to the phone right now but please leave a message after the beep, BEEP.

Patrick cocked his head out of disbelief at the message. Not only was it smothered in laughter but it was synchronised and joyful, with the beep beginning said with a fit of giggles. Patrick dialled the number again to listen more intently, there was no mistaking there was a man there, and Stacy sounded truly happy. Patrick repeated his actions and repeated the message so much so that the last time he dialled Stacy's number it was answered. Patrick slammed the phone off so the other line would just hear a dead line.

Patrick scraped his keys from the kitchen side and rushed out of his home, his heart pulsating in the deep pit of him. The floor beneath him crunched as he made his way to his car and slammed the keys into the ignition. He sped off without a care of the speed that he was travelling at, the wind whistling as he curved throughout the roads, dodging other vehicles with just a second of air between them. He found himself just outside Stacy's place of work and without haste he shoved himself throughout the heavy doors.

"Where is she?" Patrick nearly shouted in the silent café causing the few customers there to turn around in shock. Michelle stood with her hand placed upon her hips, she turned her head to one side and stared at him in utter disgust. Patrick tried to plead with her through his worried breath and blinks but her eyes were blank and unhelpful.

"She isn't here Patrick," Michelle said with a tone of truth and honesty, "And you shouldn't be here either, it's over Patrick."

"Bullshit" Patrick replied indignantly, "I know she is here, where is she?"

"I'm telling you the truth, she isn't here" Michelle monotonously replied, cleaning the tray that she was carrying with a single swipe of her snow white cloth that now turned a murky stain of brown, "She's sorting out her engagement party."

Michelle slammed her hand across her mouth as she shook her head obviously not wanting to tell Patrick. Patrick's mouth flailed open and shut, "What did you just say?"

"I said she's engaged, ok?" Michelle muttered, again taking her stance with her hands placed on her hips. From the backroom the doors began to open and Pierre came out of the room and stared cold and hard at Patrick, no longer showing the warmth he showed his many customers.

"Where is she having this party?" Patrick begged Michelle.

"I'm not telling you, you can't ruin it for her this time," Michelle refused, placing her hands up into the sky.

"Please Michelle, where is she having her party?" Patrick said grabbing hold of Michelle's wrist as she shook her head, refusing to tell him. "Michelle, I need to know please tell me."

"I will tell you, Patrick," Pierre said causing both Patrick and Michelle to let go of their tussle, turning to stare at him in shock. "She is having it at the same place she had her birthday, the name escapes me. But Patrick let me tell you this, you caused her heartache, you made her unhappy. Stacy is the happiest I have ever seen her. She deserves that, non? Don't ruin that. You can go now."

Patrick's chest heaved heavily against his rib cage as his heart beat thumped wildly against him. He let go of Michelle's wrist and let his eyes begin to shimmer again, he nodded slowly at the two of them and backed his body throughout the door. The sunlight had begun to be masked by the heaviest of clouds. Patrick waited for the rain to come fast upon his skin, but they didn't. Bitter wars were being waged deep inside him as intricate memories swam through him, from the beginning to the last of her kiss, the warmth that she had constantly gave him now replaced by the vicious cold he was receiving. Patrick felt anger boil up inside him as he began to wonder if he and Stacy were meant to be together, even though she was promised to someone else. If Stacy was truly happy, wasn't it time she moved on as friends with Patrick, instead of ignoring him completely? There still had to be something there. Patrick began to walk slowly with a new found determination in him; he was not prepared to loose so easily.

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