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Chapter 4,56--the last chapter(WARNING:may cause cataract)

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I lied in the last chapter,Girl is actually constipated,not pregnant...FOOLED YA!

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Grim and Girl in a retirement home

"Wow,Girl,I can't believe it's been 100,5 years....and you still haven't got a name!"

"I know,Grimmy-poo it's just the Author is an idiot.... a gay idiot!"

"I know,outing on the Internet?!What a moron!"

"I wonder when will I die..?"

"Very soon and so shall I....too bad Ellen DeGeneres is the new Grim Reaper"

And so,23 minutes later,Grim and Girl died,and went to Hell,where they were confined to a world of neverending fanfics.

SCENE 6:5678920305359388235383838392294040400413244200400046436564989 YEARS LATER
Grim and Girl(still nameless) sitting on a bench with Harry Potter

Harry:Wow,this sucks.if I wanted to sit with a skeleton and a tranvestite,I'd go to the Sitcom world and sit with Eric McCormack and Debra Messing.
Girl:Oh,stop whining!You're here because of the hemorrhoids,so stop complaining.
Grim:How'd you get hemorrhoids from f**ing with Hermione and Nancy Drew?
Harry:Let's just say I felt good inside Nancy,as she felt good inside me...
Grim:Yuck.Man,this is boring,is there anything to do around here besides f****ng and crossing over?!
Girl:Yeah!You'd think getting down on Buffy would never bore you,but...
Harry:Hey,if you're that bored,you can always...hey,you're right!
Harry:Well,since that's the case,I'd better go find Marge Simpson...she's a MILF!
Grim:Just go,you perverted freak!
¨Girl:Come on honey,lets go.

And they lived fanficly ever after,until Marilyn Monroe banished them to the World of fecal matter because of insulting her momma.


Author:But,I'm still here....!
Reader:We are so fu*ked....
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