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Roxanne Locke has lost her sister in a car accident. Everything falls apart until she meets an oddly familiar boy at a hospital.

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I stared at the hostpital, holding back tears. My best friend Casey was rubbing circles around my back.

"It'll be okay..." She said, but I wasn't convinced.

"Miss.....Locke?" My head shot up.

"Yes?" I said hopefully. The nurse frowned. My stomach dropped.

"I'm very sorry-" I finished the sentence in my head before she even got the words out of her mouth."You sister has passed." Tears were already silently rolling down my cheeks. Casey hugged me, I could hear her crying as well.

"Does my mom know?"

"She has been informed. I'm very sorry, we did all we could." The pain and emotional shock stole the happiness in my chest. I got up from the seat, accompanied by Casey.

"Is it okay for her to leave?" Casey asked quietly. The nurse nodded.

We walked through the hostpital parking lot together. I looked up at the sky, then around us. Casey wasn't looking at me, I looked to my right, there was a boy on a stretcher. He had messy black or dark brown hair, and looked oddly like Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy, the band my sister Bethany had loved so much. She would still love them if it wasn't for that car accident.

"Roxy? You okay?" Casey asked me.

"I think it'll be okay." Casey didn't dare force a smile.

"Babe, it'll get worse before it get's better, but it will get better, I promise." I loved how she didn't lie to me.

I opened the car door and sunk into the front seat next to her.

"Roxy? You''re trembling." I realized I was scared behind the wheel of this car.

" must be cars...."

"Oh...I'll drive slow."

"Thank you." I watched Pete, or the boy who looked like him, enter the hostpital doors. I prayed he would make it out alive.

Because I knew my sister was never coming back.
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