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Pills, Thrills, And Things That Kill

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^^ Title sort of explains it. Sorry, I suck at summaries (how many times have we heard that cliche sentence before)

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This story just came to mind yesterday and I actually am growing fond of it. I'll be taking a short break from vampire nights and focus on this one for a while. Hope you like it!


I heard a song playing that sounded oddly like "Roxanne" by the Police. I felt vibrating in my right pocket, jumped, and flipped open my cellphone. I looked at the caller ID-Pete's mom. When I met Pete's mom we had exchanged phone numbers in case something ever happened to Pete or she couldn't get ahold of him, Pete had decided it would be funny to put a song about a hooker as his mom's ringtone. I frowned and answered it.


"Patrick? It's Pete's mother." She said, a sad tone in her voice.

"Hi, what's up?"

"Patrick, Pete's in the hospital." My stomach dropped and hard feeling came into my chest.

"What?" I exclaimed, I had just talked to him yesterday.

"He...overdosed on his medication....He called my on his cell and when I got there...."

"Where's he at?" I asked, immediatly feeling like an asshole. She gave me the hospital information.

"Can I see him now?"

"Yes, I'm here."

"I'll be right there, I'll call Andy and Joe."

"Thank you Patrick...Pete...Pete's lucky to have a friend like you."

"Thank you Mrs. Wentz." I hung up my phone, choking back tears. I quickly left the resturant I had been eating at and ran out to my car.


"Joe. Stop it! I've got a phone call." Joe stopped attempting to steal my wallet and watched me answer my phone.


"Andy, it's Patrick." Something was wrong, Patrick sounded upset.

"OoOoOoOo who is it?"

"Joe shut up. What's up?"

"Pete's in the hospital." He sighed.

"What? Why!?"

"I'll explain later. Can you get to St. Francis in Chicago?"

"Yeah, me and Joe will be right there." I said, pushing the end button on my cell and staring into space.

"Andy?" Joe said in a rare serious voice. "Wha-What is it?"

"Pete's in the hospital."

"What?!" Joe's eyes were glassy.

"Come on, I'll drive us there."


I woke up screaming from another nightmare. Horrible and gorey. I switched on the lamp beside my bed, suddenly afraid of the dark, I had had enough of this. My roomates and close friends, Tristan and Taylor, were gone, most likely at a gay bar-and yes, they were both gay, and dating eachotehr.

I walked to the kitchen, turing on every light I came acrost. I opened the medicine cabinet and removed a bottle of Advil, Tylonel, and my anti-depressiants my doctor prescribed after Bethany's accident. I downed 3 of the tylonel, four advil, and four anti-depressiants and lay on the floor of the living room and waited.

Waited for the end.


Taylor and I entered the house giggling together. I switched on the living room light. Taylor screamed. Roxy had collapsed on the living room floor.

"Check if she's breathing! I'll call 911!"

I dialed 911 with my shaky hands.

"She's breathing!" Taylor called from the living room.

"-what's your emergancy?" Was all I heard from the ringing in my ears.

"My roomate is passe dout on the living room floor!" I shreiked into the phone.

"Sir, please stay calm. Is she breathing."


"Do you know what happened?"

"No. Me and my boyfriend came home and found her like this." There was an awkward silence on the other line.

"Someone will be there soon-"

"Okay bye." I hung up the phone. Immediatly regretting it. I didn't even tell them the adress...but they'd figure it out. I noticed the medicine cabinet was open. I walked acrost the kitchen picking up a bottle of Roxy's anit-depressiants. I read the back label and picked up the advil and tylonel bottles as well. I ran out of the kitchen.

"She overdosed!"

"What?" Taylor asked looking up and giving me a confused look.

"She tried to kill herself using her anti-depressians!"

"Oh no..." We said in short silence, watching Roxy. I noticed falshing lights outside the window.

"They're here."

"Open the front door!" I opened it. The paramedics rushed inside, four ran to Roxy and one took Taylor aside and questioned him.

I couldn't believe it.

Roxy used to always be so happy.
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