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Every New Beggining Comes From Some Other Beggining's End

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Patrick gets a crush...OoOoOoOo

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I sat next to Pete's hospital bed and watched him sleep. How could this happen? Why would he do this? Thoughts raced through my head.

"Uhm..sir? I need you to leave." I looked up, startled.

"Oh. Sorry.." She smiled at me and I realized she was very gorgeous. As I brushed past her on my way out the door I got goosebumps.

"How is he?" Asked Joe.

"Joe you've asked that almost twenty times now." Said Andy, irritated.

"He's fine. He'll live, he's just recovering slowly."

"I cant belive he would do this to himself." Said Andy, looking at the ground.

"Life's stressful, you can't blame him." They both looked up at me.

"I'm not saying it was the right thing to do!"

"I know." Said Andy, returning his eyes to the ground.

The girl from earlier walked by again, I watched her walk by. I didn't even think she was a nurse, she wasn't dressed like one anyway. She looked like a college student.

"Thank you Casey." Said a nurse as the girl walked by her.

"No problem. He didn't seem to have a problem with it."

I raised an eyebrow, what were they talking about?

"I just have a hard time telling people they have to leave the patient they're visiting ever since I got bitched at by a ninty year old lady."

"Hillarious Amy. I'll see you later."

"Bye." They parted. The girl-Casey, stopped smiling, or at least stopped forcing her smile. She looked like a sweet girl, I felt like talking to someone else anyway.

"Hi." I said, a little nervous, I never really was great with females. She turned around.

"Hi!" She said, forcing her smile again.

"This sounds kind of stupid you want to sit down and talk or something? I-I mean..I'm getting a bit bored and-never mind..."

"Sure I'd love to." She said. Either she was a great actor or she was delighted to see me. I followed her to another waiting room and sat down on a couch next to her.

"You look a little familiar, do I know you from school?"

"Oh-no...probably not.." I was starting to wonder if she was a fan or something.

"Oh. This is a little personal but, what's your friend here for?"

"He...overdosed on medication." She gave me a surprised look.

"He's not crazy or anything he just-"

"No. It's just weird best friend is here for the same thing."

"Wow." I couldn't speak. Here was somebody, who was not only beautiful, but understood the situation I was in.

"She lost her sister in a car accident four days ago."

"Oh. That's horrible."

"I know. She can't stand people who drink now. Me and a lot of her other close friends have stopped for her sake."

"Wow-I-sorry, I just don't want to sound stupid."

"You don't sound stupid. I'm just glad she'll live. She's going to be miserable with the fact she'll have to go to therapy though."

"I wonder if they'll do that for Pete too..." My phone rang. I took it out and Casey smiled sadly.


"Where are you?"

"Who is this?"


"Oh, I'm still in the hospital."

"I'm aware of that. You just followed that girl like a lost puppy down the hall."

"Goodbye Joe." I said irritably and hung up.

"That's Roxy's theme song." said Casey, close to laughing.


"Roxanne. The song, her sister Bethany used to love this band called 'Fall Out Boy' who redid it and Roxy's loved that version forever, even though your ringtone was the one by The Police."

"Oh. Wow. Weird coincidence." I wanted to make a joke asking whether her friend Roxy was a hooker but I didn't want to offend her.

"So your friend is a Fall Out Boy fan?"

"Sort of, her sister loved them more. Roxy's been listening to their Cd's a lot since Bethany died though. She's in love with the lyrics."

"Are you a fan?" I asked. I felt a little odd asking this.

"They're pretty cool. I'm more into other music though."


"We'll, I'm a huge Prince fan."

"No way!"

"What?" She asked me, pretending to be offended.

"I love Prince!" I exclaimed, then calmed myself.

"He's amazing!" We sat, laughed, talked, and exchanged cell numbers for a while until a nurse inturupted it all.

"You can visit your friend again if you want." She said to Casey.

"I think I will." She got up and started walking torwards a room and turned around, looking at me.

"You can come too." She offered.

"Nah, I probably need to go see Pete. Tell her Patrick sends his best wishes on her recovery." I said.

"I'll call you later."

"Okay...bye..." I turned around and smiled.

Maybe good things do come out of tragedies.
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