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While hacking in computer data, Ax stumbled upon a Yeerk program... or is it? Code Lyoko/ Animorphs crossover.

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A/N: I know the thoughtspeak is slightly off, but it won't let me use greater-then and less-then, so I used only greater-then.

Chapter one

"Okay, so you hacked into some French nerd's computer... why?" Marco asked.

>I was merely trying to search for a possible yeerk connection to anything out of the country. I did not mean to search directly into his computer,> Ax clarified. >I would not call that hacking.>

"Eh, call it what you want."

"What is it you found, Ax?" Jake asked.

>There is an intricate computer network of a higher level than that of human intelligence could create. I am most certain that the Yeerks created it. It seemed to be some sort of virtual reality.>

>Humans have VR, Ax,> Tobias pointed out.

>Ah. But, it did seem 'high-tech,' as you humans would put it, enough to be of some interest. Even to the point that the Yeerks would have created or stolen it,> Ax explained.

"So, what you're suggesting is that we fly to France, hope French class paid off, and find this program? Or the programmer?" I asked, rolling my eyes.

>It seems logical to do so.>

"If there's a possible connection to the Yeerks..."

"Why are we jumping into this without more information?" Marco asked. "What exactly did you find?"

>I discovered a computer network that allows living creatures to be virtualized into this computer; for what purpose, I do not know.>

"Maybe... Maybe we should check it out. No way humans could do that," Cassie pointed out.

"Alright, how about a vote?" Jake asked.


"I thought it was impossible to hack your computer, Jeremie," Odd said, taken aback by the news.

"Odd has a point. You've got a better firewall than the government's," Ulrich agreed.

"Actually," Jeremie said, working on his laptop, "I don't think they were tapping my computer directly. I think they were hacking into-"

"The factory?" I asked.

"Precisely, Yumi. The supercomputer there is connected to my computer, and I just got the news from Aelita. She thinks it might be a XANA attack, considering she was the one who discovered it."

Speaking of Aelita, she appeared on the laptop's screen. "Any news, Jeremie?"

"Aelita, do you know where the hacker originated?" Jeremie asked her.

"I can't quite trace it, and even if I could, I wouldn't know where they come from. I barely know anything about your world," Aelita responded.

"We don't think it's Jeremie's computer that was hacked into," I explained. "We think it might have been the supercomputer in the factory."

"That's perfectly possible. It would explain why I noticed it."

"But do you think you could try to find an estimated point of origin?" Jeremie asked.

"I'll do my best. There haven't been any pulsations, by the way."

"Thanks, Aelita." The connection closed.

"Maybe XANA was trying to hack into the super computer. He could be trying to stop you from finding the devirtualization program," Odd suggested.

"Sure, Odd. XANA's trying to hack into himself. Right," Ulrich said. "Think realistically."

"It was just a suggestion," Odd pouted.

"Maybe it's connected to those exchange students from America that are coming," I mentioned.

"Exchange students?" The other three said in unison.

"They're coming for their French class. Apparently they needed extra credit."

"And how do you know this?" Ulrich asked.

"The geography teacher told me after class. She said I could help them out," I explained.

"How many kids are coming?" Odd inquired.

"She mentioned five names, but I think there are six. Jacob, Cassandra, Rachel, Marcus, and Tobias," I said, remembering their names.

"What makes you think there are six?" Jeremie said.

"I don't know, it just seemed as if there were an even number because she said something about them fitting equally into the dorms," I shrugged.

"Hey, I have my own dorm," Jeremie pointed out.

"That's because you requested it. I doubt they have enough dorms to give exchange students their own."

"She has a point, you know," Odd said.

"Maybe we should check them out. When do they get here?" Jeremie asked.

"Sometime next week."

"I just hope XANA doesn't attack anytime soon."

"Got that right."
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