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Toss in some angst, a dash of romance, mix in a bit of humor, and twist it with some alternate reality stuff and viola!!! A take at what happens when the matter transmutter is used again...

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"Damn them," Destro growled through gritted teeth. He raced across the battle-ravaged field to his dominator, cradling his prize securely beneath his arm while dodging past Major Bludd's vipers. Swiftly eyeing his escape within in reach, he stopped short of his destination. He heard her voice before he felt her hand on his arm.

"Destro....Dahling.. do something. They're gaining on us!" The Baroness clung to him as they heard the boisterous cry of "YO! JOE!" from their enemy approaching.

"I told you we shouldn't follow the Commander's insane scheme," the Baroness wailed, tightening her hold on him.

Scowling over his shoulder at the Joes nearing, Destro fumed. "Get behind me." Flint was headed right for them taking vipers out left and right with the butt of his rifle and shoulder when they challenged him. Deftly dodging those foolish enough to get in his way, he spotted Destro and spurred his men forward. He signaled to Lady Jaye and the others to flank the other side. Failure was not an option for either side in this skirmish, not with the weapon Destro had stolen from the lab. Destro's eyes narrowed in on Flint and his men barreling through the vipers.

"What?" The Baroness watched him unwrap the weapon he'd been carrying under his arm.

"It's the matter transmuter." He raised it, taking aim at Flint who was wrestling his way forward through a pack a vipers.

"He's aiming at Flint." Lady Jaye hissed through her teeth as she fended off a viper. A flash of sunlight reflecting off the weapon had hit her eyes before she flipped the viper over her shoulder and lunged free of another tossed by Quick Kick to her right.

"Quick Kick, cover me!" She shouted above the battle's din before she grabbed up a javelin from her pack. She twisted the shaft counter clockwise, extending to its full length as she placed a foot behind her. "Flint, two o'clock!" she screamed sending her javelin soaring at Destro. It exploded a few yards from him, shifting his aim in her direction. A bright flash lit up the field, momentarily blinding all. Flint watched her disappear behind the light.

"NO!" Flint roared. Breaking free of the vipers, he charged towards Destro. "What did you do?" Shaking him violently in his grasp. "Where did you send her?" he snarled. "WHERE!"


Meanwhile at the same time, but another place...

"So, what now Flint? They've got us pinned. Got one of your brilliant ideas to get us out of this one?" Jaye groaned, training her glare over a boulder to take her shot. She could see several lines of vipers waiting for them. "They're not exactly going to let us waltz out of here with that gun we snatched." She dropped back, snapping another clip in to reload.

"I'll lay cover fire. Jaye, see if you and Snakes can get behind them." Flint nodded to the left as he grabbed a radio. "Alpha unit to base." No response. He stared down at the weapon they had stolen from the M.A.R.S. lab. "COBRA wants this that bad, huh? I'll give them what they want. Hey, Metal Head, looking for this!" He snarled, taking aim. Jaye and Snakes who were crawling on their stomachs towards the enemy paused to see what was happening.

"RETREAT!" Destro roared

Jaye moved to get a better look. "They're running! Way to go, Flint!" She started to head towards him. "What the??? Snakes, come on before he." She disappeared as the bright flash lit up the field, momentarily blinding all.

"DAMN! I should have used that sooner." Flint grinned, lowering his arm from his eyes. He nodded in satisfaction as he watched COBRA in full retreat. Scanning the scene, his eyes widened in horror at the sight of Jaye dropping from the bright light fading behind her. "NO!" He raced to her, rolling her into his arms, ignoring the javelin pack beside her.

"Come on, babe, wake up.. Jaye-hon, wake up." He gently shook her, noticing a small trace of blood running from her scalp and felt a bump. He frantically wove his fingers lightly through her hair searching for more blood and injuries while moving his fingers through her hair to brush the dirt and debris off. "SNAKE EYES! Find the others...we have to get her to Lifeline, ASAP!" He ordered, lifting her up in his arms. 'Please be all right.' He willed her as he swept her up into his arms and rushed to the landing zone where Wild Bill waited in his Tomahawk to extract them. "Let's get back to the PIT." He told the others as they boarded after taking her back into his arms. He cradled her to his chest as the Tomahawk raced back to base. 'This is all my fault. STUPID am I? If I hadn't used that damn gun, she wouldn't be lying here like this---not moving.' He silently berated himself as he looked down at her. 'Allie, honey...please wake up...please. I'm sorry...I didn't mean it...just open your eyes. You can kick my sorry ass...just please be all right.' His head hung low as they returned.


"I SAID. WHAT DID YOU DO?" Flint snarled, lifting Destro off the ground before slamming him against the dominator.

"Flint, over there!" Quick Kick pointed to the portal fading. They saw Jaye fall to the ground.

"Quick Kick, hold him!" He sneered, dropping Destro and shoving him towards him. He ran to Lady Jaye. Rolling her into his arms, he gently turned her face up towards him. "Come on beautiful, wake up...come on...what?" He frowned, looking at blood on his hand as he brushed a strand of hair from her face. "Radio Doc, NOW!" He roared, lifting her to his arms, ignoring the M16 lying beside her. "Quick Kick, drag him and the others along-I want them handed over to Law." Flint spat, sneering at Destro. He carried Lady Jaye to the Tomahawk waiting in the landing zone. Whispering in her ear, "Come on, sweetheart. Let's get you to Doc.. please be all right." He handed her up to Wild Bill while he climbed in, taking her back in his arms he cradled her to his chest the entire flight back whispering to her to wake be all right. He brushed a light kiss over her brow.
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