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Deep dish diner.

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Sara pulls the lateshift at the diner.

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After the concert Sara told Tiffiny, The whole entire story from slurpees to Evil eyes. " are you serious??!!" Tiffiny said. " Yes I am.. oh snapples I forgot my purse crap!!" Sara slapped her self on her cheek. She turned around and headed back to the grounds. She found the purse underneath the tree. As she turned around she saw The big, poofy, curly headed dude again. " Hey uhh you would'nt have happened to see Frank have you?" Ray asked. " uhh nope sorry.. My name's Sara by the way." Sara added. " Ohh sorry I'm Ray well I better try and find him." Ray said. "ok See you later" Sara said as she walked away. ' wtf... see you later??!! Ooh Frank might introduce later on if they will continue the relationship. Too bad she was kinda cute..' Ray thought as he searched the bus for Frankie. Tiffiny waited for Sara at the gate. " Finally what took you so long?" " One of the band members stopped and ask me something. Don't worry about it." Sara says
as they walked to circle k. As they approached the building, Sara noticed this guy following them. The mysterious man was wearing a huge pullover and had audrey hepburn style sun-glasses on. " Uhh tiffiny you dropped something" Sara whispered. Tiffiny stopped and turned around. The guy smirked and waved at her, then pulled up his shirt to reveal the costume that Mcr was wearing tonight. Tiffiny turned back around. "Your little friend is hereee." Sara turned and saw Frank. " You ready?" he asked. " Yeah sure." All of a sudden Sara's phone vibrated. It was her reminder to go to work. " Oh sorry I can't go tonight I have to go to work... Uhh do you think you could...perhaps...errr." "Drop you off to work?.. sure why not we can talk on the way there. And besides I need to know where one is just in case the fellas get hungry." Frank finished. Tiffiny just laughed to herself. " she is soo shy So you'll have to excuse her." " I should know especially since that incident which I'm sure she told you about." Frankie joked. Sara stood behind Frank glaring at Tiffiny. " coughs well I'd better get on home. I'll call you tomorrow Sara." Tiffiny said as she walked back to the grounds to get her car. Frank opened the door for Sara. As they got in She sat on a leftover ketchup packet. Sara didn't pay attention though she was too busy having second thoughts about riding in smelly, old car with someone she didn't know. I mean, after all would you get in a car with a guy you know nothing about? ( welll almost nothing winks*) " ahh don't be nervous about me."Frankie smiled at her. " how you knnow I was nervous?" Sara asked questionly. " well one sign is your about to fall out the door. " Frankie laughed. Sara looked and she was as far away from Frank as possible. If any farther she'd had to get out the car. " soo about that incident." Frank started.
When they got to the diner Sara and Frank had an agreement they wouldn't tell anyone well except one person. Sara already told her one person, but it wasn't the one she wanted to tell, but it was too late. As She stepped out she asked if they would do a secret handshake or something. Frank just shook his head 'no' at her. ' She is amusing, Now who should I tell??" Frank pondered as he drove back to the tour bus. Sara walked in the diner to find it empty except there was a group of two but they were tooken care of already. " your skatin on thin ice Miss Dae. Now get to work!" yelled the nightshift manager. Mostly the only thing that was served in the diner at night was coffee. So the night manager left her to lock up at the end of her shift. Usually Sara sat in the back listening to her music and the occasional texts until someone came in for coffe after work. Or late night arguments with their spouses. She had good advice so they didn't just come for coffee and a late night snack. But tonight it was empty So she went to the back and check her messages./ Hey sara sorry bout earlier call when u get dis txt msg. patrick feels icky ;P/ Sara decided to call. "Hey sara " " Patrick I'm gonna kill you!!" " What for??!" " You called me back right when the crowd was silent and stupid Gerard way was about to sing!" " That's your fault not mine. You shoulda cut your phone on silent." " But.. I guess your right. Oh someone just came in the diner hold on. Hey I gotta go I'll text you back ok?". Sara finished. "ok bye" When Sara Walked through the double doors Guess who she saw.

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