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I love that song... uhh *** "I can't believe he told U!!!!! " Sara says in shocked.

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'Oh my freakin god, it's the devil himself' Sara thought.

/'Oh my god it's the f**king devil herself.'/Gerard mumbled to himself.

" What do / YOU/ Want?" Sara asked.I just wanted some coffee if that's ok with

you?!" Gerard replied. " Look I don't need this crap i can't believe he told you?! After all

your the little blabbermouth in the band!" Sara

shouted. There was no one else in the diner, so

she could make a scene if she wanted to. " Look

b*tch I don't know who you think you are but I

just want some f**king coffee ok so get back to

work and I'll be on my way." Gerard angrily


'I don't know what Frank sees in this crazy

chick. And what was she talking about when see

said i can't believe he told you. Told me about

what?! I swear Frankie has the weirdest


Sara glanced over at him behind the window in

the back. She heard the diner door open and

close but she was too pissed to care. She texted

patrick back There is some freak in the

diner, I hate him.
A minute later she

heard " That's not nice leave Pete alone!!"

Sara came from behind the doors to see Patrick

smiling at her. She jumped the counter and gave

Patrick the biggest bear hug ever!!!

" Get a room! but first gimme my coffee." Gerard

shouted. Sara flicked him the bird.

Andy and Joe appeared out of nowhere "Gerard?!"

They shouted. " Who are they?" Sara asked. "

they are part of my band" Pete said coming up

behind Sara. Sara hid behind Patrick and who is

he?" They are my bandmates from fall out boy."

Patrick said pulling Sara out from behind him.

"That's pete, Andy and Joe."He finished. " Ohh

OOOHHh yea I remember now Those are the people

who took you away from me." Sara feinged a

pout. " Well I'm back for now" Patrick

said. "Will I ever get my coffee?

" Gerard fussed. "hold on this is the freak I

was talking about. Not Pete."Sara said. Pete

looked at Patrick furrowing his eyebrows.

Patrick just shrugged. Here is your coffee. Now

leave!!!" Sara shouted. " No I don't think so I

have some catching up to do with My buddy Pete

and besides I wanna hear your side of the

story." Gerard smirked. Sara scowled at Gerard.

Patrick came over and lead Sara to a booth. "

You can't let him get to you he is just Being a

Jackass." Patrick said stroking her arms.

'Yeah a major jackass' Sara mumbled to


"Hey wait aren't you going with Frank?!" Gerard

asked, Jumping up from the stool by the counter.

Patrick pulled away from Sara. "What??!!"Patrick

said in disbelief. " What no ..I'm not going out

with Frankie, we...eerr.. are just friends yea

just friends." Sara said as she was compleating

whether to break her promise to Frank or not.
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