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flahbacks & goodtimes

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“ Ok man me and Frank will be right there to pick you up.” Ray said. “Frank man let’s go!!” Ray yelled into the back of the bus. Frank had taken Bob to the back to tell him about the “incident.” His reaction…

”Are you serious, Man I gotta tell Mikey about this.” Bob laughed.
“What no man you can’t tell anyone, I’m trusting you with this.” Frank said.
“Aww man that’s no fun. But ok, …not even Ray.” Bob smirked.
“Especially not Ray” Frank said.
“Especially not ray what?” Ray said.
“Are you sure you wanna know?” Frank said questionly. Ray nodded his head.
“Well I just didn’t want you to know about this.” Frank grinned as he held up some woman’s oversized grandma panties. That said ‘ray I love you’ on the back of them.
“Eww get those away from me” Bob and Ray said at the same time. Frank laughed and threw them on Gerard’s bunk where Mikey was currently napping.

“Oops they landed in his mouth.” Frank said in disgust.
“ I’m not touching them “ Bob shrugged. Ray just walked off laughing. Frank and Bob followed. They started the car and drove to the diner. As they approached they saw the FOB bus.

“Gerard could’ve told me that Pete’s crazy, screwed up self was gonna be here!!” Ray sighed, as they all climbed out the car. As they entered they seen Joe and Andy sitting beside Gerard facing Sara. Who was in the booth next to Patrick. Who was sitting across from Pete? Who was busy typing away at his sidekick.

“You know one day you are gonna get carpal tunnel from that thing.” Frank stated.
“Yea right” Pete said without even looking up to see Frank standing beside him. Sara glanced up at Frank then looked at Gerard who had the expression ‘busted’ on his face. Sara just glared at Gerard.

“Hey Sara what’s up?” Frank asked as he sat beside her. Sara just smiled and shrugged.

“Gerard why are you staring at Sara?” Ray asked.
“ Because I think she’s a slut.” Gerard replied.
“What!” Joe and Andy said.
“Yeah I said it. Because isn’t she going out with Frank.” Bob opened his mouth and remember not to say anything. “Yea, before Ray and the guys showed up she was all over Patrick. But now that Frank’s here She has completely ignored Patrick.” Gerard finished. Andy and Joe just laughed.

“What?” Gerard asked.
“They’re best friends you idiot!” Joe said. “ They have been bff’s since pre-k.” He finished. Gerard felt like a fool. That made perfect sense, it explain her behavior. But still he thought it was a little weird why she stopped when Frank came. Something was going on between the two.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Flashback on how Patrick and Sara met
“ Oww l-leave me alone” Patrick whined. Patrick had followed his favorite bouncy ball into the “big kids” playground during recess.
“Shutup little baby and we’ll give you your wittle baby ball back.” The older boy laughed with is friends.
Sar had looked up from her sandcastle (really just a pile of sand.)

“Hey leave him alone” Sara said her little 4-yr old voice.
“Watch gonna do about wittle girl?” The older boy’s friend said as he teased Sara.
“ First off it’s pronounce little,” Sara said rolling her eyes. “Second is this!” Sara kicked the boy where the sun don’t shine. She remembered what her older brother told her to do if she ever was made fun of when she felt threatened by an older boy. Patrick snatched the ball from the boy as he was trying to help his friend.

“Run!!” Sara said. As she reached for Patrick’s hand. He grabbed on and ran as she led the way back the pre-school playground. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Flashback complete…
A/n **

I know Typical flashback But isn’t that how most friendships are made when your little, well when you believe in what’s right?
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