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Okay, bear with me. Like any story, we need information. I'm also very big on flow, so I'm not cramming every bit of information in the first chapter alone. It'll carry on for a little while, bear with me. So here we go I guess... (excuse my jumping around a lot and casual tone, it won't be like this the whole time, like I said, it's just a prologue.)

/General POV/

"I CAN'T FIND MY FUCKING CAMERA!" a very frustrated Emily screamed throughout the house, her voice echoing through the halls followed by a group of scrambling voices.
Her hands shoved everything to the floor as she searched her desk, under her bed, everywhere. She looked over at her computer to see if it had finally turned off... only to see that camera was still plugged in. "Idiot" she muttered to herself, grabbing it and a shitload of extra batteries before rushing out of her room with a huge bag filled with some of her most prized possessions.
"Uh... what the hell is that?" Lisa asked pointing to the bag. She lifted the lid to the shredded messenger bag that was filled to the top with every single MCR item she owned. Shirts (that she wasn't currently wearing), bio books, CD's, DVD's, everything imaginable. She owned it all. It's actually a pretty interesting story, well, not really, but it's relevant.

See, the first time she had seen My Chemical Romance was back in December 2nd of 2006, Buzz Bakesale. They were headlining, big surprise there. What happened was she didn't really like them until she saw them live, then she thought they were pretty good. It wasn't until January that she would become full-blown obsessive. As a belated birthday gift, her friend had bought her the Black Parade CD, edited seeing as she had bought it from Wal-Mart, and completely sanitized (she had had the chicken pox, hence being a BELATED birthday present). Emily smiled kindly, not so excited, but grateful nonetheless. She took it to her house and listened to it... and the trouble began. The talk wouldn't stop; it was everything MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE and her 'future husband,' Gerard Arthur Way. She felt completely and utterly guilty, because had she bought the CD at the concert she had gone to, she could've MET THE BAND! She started her collection then, buying Life On The Murder Scene/, the live CD and DVD of her recent obsession. /Then came I Brought You My Bullets You Brought Me Your Love/, their debut album. A few months later on April 22nd, 2007, she ended up seeing them once again (with a newly black-haired Gerard), this time bringing her almost equally obsessed friend, Lisa. By then Lisa had claimed Gerard, seeing as Emily had grown wiser and fell head over heels for the rhythm guitarist, Frank Anthony Iero. Who would've figured? Anyway, at the concert she couldn't resist buying a tour shirt and a gray starry jacket with the MCR logo on the hood, while her friend bought a marching uniform hoodie and her mother even bought a gray clock shirt. Her sister decided to go for the Muse shirt, since, as amazing as My Chemical Romance is, their shirts could be a little disturbing. Unfortunately, there wasn't a chance to meet the band this time. Even though Emily had /Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge on her Ipod, she decided to fully support the band and buy the official CD anyway. Did I mention it was summer already? Emily and her sister went off for three weeks to a college program, but that's a different story. However, when she got back there were 2 packages awaiting her, the Pencey Prep CD and T-shirt she had ordered had arrived while she was away. Who could resist buying merchandise from Frank's old band? A few days after she had arrived home, her friend Amanda decided to invite Emily to go to the mall with her. Big surprise there. Emily ended up taking Amanda into F.Y.E. to look for posters, until a black velvet box caught Amanda's eye. It was none other than the Black Parade Special Edition/. Emily freaked out, she had seen it online but thought it was out of stock. Surprise surprise! Well, actually, it was no surprise that she ended up spending all of her $50 to buy the sacred black box, including pictures and a 72 page booklet on making the /Black Parade as well as a copy of the CD. Feeling kind of bad for spending that much money (yea, she's cheap, get over it), Amanda gave her $20 in exchange for the pictures. Feeling a bit better, she realized that she had already owned the physical CD itself, and decided it was going on Ebay. She could probably get a god $10-$15 out of it, seeing as Amanda also physically owned the CD. She was obsessed too, did I mention? Lisa felt it wasn't a complete obsession since she only really knows the Black Parade, but Emily still loved her. Anyway, so now she owns everything. She even claims that she feels incomplete without the pictures, but to let Amanda keep them since she's a great friend. After their splurge Amanda bought them both matching shirts (which Emily later paid her back for, since she was at a loss of money at the time).

Fast Forward, August 9th 2007. The day before her 3rd MCR concert, a part of the Projekt Revolution tour. Big sleepover at Emily's house, containing her 3 best friends, Amanda and Lisa whom you should be familiar with already, and Maria.

"Why are you getting all this shit anyway?" Lisa asked her.

"You know how before a wedding there's a rehearsal dinner? Yea, well this is a rehearsal concert. 'Kay?" Emily shot back at her friend.

"Okay, sleep now. Someone's getting a bit too cranky" Maria said looking at them.

Emily sighed, "Fine" she said, sliding the messenger bag off of her shoulder and carefully onto the floor. Everyone climbed into their respective mattresses laid out in the open area upstairs.

She sighed, "Frank" she said outloud, cracking a smile as she her head fell on her pillow. She heard a few small laughs as Manda followed by muttering Ray's name, and Lisa with a small "Gerard... but seriously guys, they're like 17 years older than us."

"Speak for yourself," Emily said, "Frank's only 12 and a half years older. That's hell of a lot better than 17," she said smiling into her pillow.

"Whatever..." Lisa added.

Emily yawned to signal the end of the conversation. "We need sleep if we want to have energy for tomorrow" she added before everyone drifted off to sleep.
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