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Just Sleep

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Thank You to everyone who has read this and will continue to bear with me. Every story needs a base line and I thank you all for understanding. Still, feel free to criticize, I know I tend to be redundant in my writing and I hope to stray away from that. Um... I guess I'll write more now :) Sorry if it's short.

/Emily's POV/

Despite what I had said, my eyes were wide open.
Couldn't sleep.
Never could.
At least not when it was important...

Maria was the first to fall asleep. Then again, that's not a big surprised. Followed by Lisa, and then Amanda. That had been at least an hour and a half ago. It felt like forever.

I looked over at the other beds, someone was stirring...
I heard her faintly muttering in her sleep. Straining my ears I could make out "...Christopher..."

I smiled, that was a story for the car ride. Although, I was probably the only one that knew who the fuck Christopher was.

I turned the opposite direction, snuggling into my covers to attempt some form of sleep.
"This is not good," I thought to myself rather frustrated.
Again, it wouldn't work.
Sighing, I quietly climbed out of bed and into my room, hating that damn creak the door made whenever I opened or closed it. I crept to my nightstand where the holy Ipod was and grabbed it before heading back to the mattresses.

Popping the headphones into my ears, I tried shuffle. Didn't work. Much as I love Reel Big Fish, Sellout probably wasn't the best music to sleep to.
Neither was MCR.
So what?

I scrolled to My Chemical Romance, hitting Sleep/, but the song wasn't exactly soothing. It would have to do though, maybe if not to serve as a lullaby, but to at least calm my nerves about the day ahead. I had to be sure I was familiar with all the lyrics, although, that was a no brainer. I had screamed every word of every song at my last concert, my voice still intact nonetheless. I smiled, remembering how I had even /tried to lose my voice, but I never could. It was probably a good thing too, but at the time I really didn't give a shit.
Crap. Thinking probably wasn't the best idea, since it prevented me from falling asleep.

I pulled the covers over my head, frustrated.

It was about 3:30 am on August 10th, 2007 by the time my eyes finally closed.

So shut your eyes,
Kiss me goodbye,
And sleep.
Just sleep.
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