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Okay, sorry if my writing sucks. Don't worry, it does. But anyway, I just added this for details and to make sure I don't jump around too much with the time. Please PLEASE deal with it, I SWEAR it WILL get good... later. be patient with me, I'm new at this.

/Emily's POV still/

"Touch me again and I swear to Frank I'll kill you," I yelled at the girls dragging me from my makeshift bed to wake me up. The dropped my feet, hard, only to bring in the puppy to lick my fucking face. "GET OFF!" I screamed at the dog, giggling. I'm a sucker for animals.

"Emily, you're being a bitch." Amanda said laughing at me.
"Takes one to know one," I offered.
"Emily... we're going to be late," Lisa said annoyed.
"Emily, we need food." Maria added, I had a feeling she felt a tad left out.
Looking at her I asked, "Why are you here again?"
"You invited me." She said obviously frustrated, to my delight.

"I smell muffins," I said dragging myself up and changing the conversation. "Let's eat." I added as if it weren't already obvious. Stretching slightly, we all headed down to the kitchen.

"Hi mommy," I greeted my Madre as she took the muffins out of the oven. I could see the shocked look on everyone's face when they saw my innocent little mother wearing a My Chemical Romance shirt. She made a face and asked, "What?"
"Your shirt's tucked in again," I said smiling as I teased my mom.
"Deal with it," she shot back smiling.
I laughed.

We all grabbed a shit load of muffins, my mom included.
Bite, Chew, Swallow, Digest.

Uneventful. To say the least.

As everyone got changed into their already planned outfit, I had something else in mind. Well, not really. I basically turned my closet into a shrine of My Chemical Romance, big surprise there huh? Looking at my planned outfit, all I could think was, /"Please look good"/.

Grabbing the hanger, I quickly changed into the clothing items. A faded dark red shirt, plain, tight-ish, pocket in the front and a black hood on the back. On the front pocket it read (in MCR logo writing): I'm not obsessed. Ironic, huh? She managed to find someone who made iron on's and was great with detailing, and luckily the woman let me pay her back slowly. There was an image of a stick figure girl, a.k.a., me. A thought bubble was coming from my head and it continued all the way around the back with images of My Chemical Romance, as well as character's from the Black Parade and Gerard's art from the cover of the second album. There was white writing all over the hood, including "Merci Pour Le Venin," "Check into the hotel Bella Muerte," "My first kiss is synonymous to when I first met Bob."-Frank Iero, and some of her other favorite lines and quotes. I was in love with this shirt, well, then again, I designed it. Looking in the mirror I couldn't help but let out a victorious "Yes!" loving the way it fit. "Months of exercise pays off kids," I muttered to my image in the mirror. Quickly running to the closet I grabbed her dark jeans, slightly worn out but not overpowering, I thought the shirt might be a little bit much as it is. I pulled on my high top black converse with the double tongue, flipping one over so that it was red. I rushed back into the bathroom where I had left the straightener on, quickly clamping it over my uncooperative hair. /"Please for the love of Frank, last this time!"/I told my hair, going over it a million times until it was stick straight. I inspected my hair, since I hadn't seen it since the group of girls known as my friends bleached it. An uncontrollable smile spread over my face, it was awesome. They had bleached the tips of my dark brown hair blonde, but they got a little crazy and put the bleach all over their gloves, drawing bleached designs on my hair, and it looked really really ridiculously awesome. I noticed a few handprints, and some writing... looked like 'MCR,' running down the length of my long side bangs. I was surprised my mom hadn't mentioned it at breakfast...

Stepping out of the bathroom to everyone's look of surprise I nervously asked, "Too much?" only to see a wide smile spread on everyone's face.

"Perfect." Lisa said, admiring part of her work on my dark brown hair that was now a piece of art.

"I'm afraid I might overdo it with my make-up" I said unsure. It was either red eyes or X's through the eyes, which I had already tested out with Lisa at their last concert. "Whaddya think?" I asked again.

"Don't overdo it... make it cool though" Amanda said. I knew Maria was just itching to do my makeup, but I wouldn't dare let her near my face for fear of the pink she was dying to add.

Going back to my room I spilled assortments of makeup on my dresser. Starting with the usual, it wasn't until I got to the eyes that I was screwed. Cautiously, I grabbed the black eyeliner, lining my bottom eyelid. Then I grabbed red lip-liner, which I had converted to eyeliner the moment I bought it. Using that, I lined the top lid of my eyes, semi-thick but not overpowering. I continued with dark shades of eye shadow, feeling in a smokey mood today. Finally, I added mascara and finished the rest of my usual makeup. Walking out of my room, hoping to be perfect, I was bombarded with hugs.

"You really are excited for this," Maria said looking at me admirably and at the same time as though I were a freak.

"Well I love band shirts but I feel unoriginal at concerts wearing them," I said casually. Rather than grabbing my MCR hoodie, I took a light vintage 'jean' jacket that was from the 60's or 70's; it was made with 3 different shades of material, followed by my overflowing messenger bag. I looked them all over, and sure enough, they didn't take as long to get ready.

"MAMA! LET'S GO!" I screamed, piling everyone and everything into the car, including my laptop, which was currently on standby.

"Coming," she said, tired.

"JENNINE!" I called out to my sister, who was coming as well. I secretly hated that she got the cool name, but I'd have to deal.

"Shut up," she said walking down the stairs casually. You could tell she was in her my sister is annoying moods.

We all assembled in the front room. FINALLY! This was the day I'd been counting down to! Unfortunately we talked yesterday rather than filming and typing questions for MCR to give to them when we met them... if we met them, since we knew that any chance of meeting them would be rushed. I forced everyone to pile in the car. My mom drove, Jennine in the passenger seat, and us four spread out in the back.

It was only an hour away.
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